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the glass onion archive

The Glass Onion Archive Is Moving
to the Archive Of Our Own

The Glass Onion Archive is moving to the Archive of Our Own (AO3) so that it can be available to the widest possible audience for the longest possible time, no longer reliant solely on one person to maintain the server and archive website. The archive will be maintained as a separate collection at AO3 and authors will be notified by email and thru the AO3 and Open Doors news announcements. Authors will be given an opportunity to claim their works and decide if they want them to remain available in the collection and will have the ability to edit and/or remove their works from AO3 at any time.

The archive is currently in a queue to be imported and it will be several months before that process starts. I'll post more detailed information here so keep an eye out and watch for an email. If you're no longer using the email connected to your story in the archive, please watch this page for instructions on how to claim your story.

-- alice ttlg, archivist
July 24, 2017