Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated May 28, 2002

  1. What is this list for?
  2. What is this list not for?
  3. What about discussion of episodes?
  4. What are the fanfic posting guidelines?
  5. Is there an archive for stories? How do I get my stories included?
  6. Is there an archive for posts?
  7. What's a nailing?
  8. What's all this about a bookmarks section?
  9. Can I link to the Glass Onion archive?
  10. How do I contact the list mods or the archivist? Where can I find a copy of the faq?
  11. How do I unsubscribe? How do I change my settings to web-read only?
  12. What the hell is a glass onion anyhow?
  13. What if my question isn't answered here?
  1. What is this list for? top of the page

    Glass_Onion was originally founded by Jintian and Sophia Jirafe to be a multi-fandom fanfic and discussion list. We welcome all fandoms, all pairings, and all ratings.* Discussion topics related to writing and fandom are all welcome, as are public feedback and recommendations, requests for beta, and update announcements for fandom/fanfic projects such as websites or new mailing lists. Crossposting of fandom/writing related discussion from your blog or livejournal is encouraged; links to fandom/writing related entries on other people's blogs or livejournals is also allowed (unless stated otherwise by the blog or LJ owner), and/or your own thoughts about the linked article. You're also welcome to post an intro about yourself when you join the list.

    [* There are two major exceptions to this rule: real person fic (stories written about real people) and stories featuring underage sex (any sexual act beyond kissing where one partner is younger than sixteen years old).]

  2. What is this list not for? top of the page

    This list is not for discussion of your personal life or the personal lives of actors, writers, directors, producers, anyone who is not a fictional character. Also, any non-fanfic post that has not somehow been applied to writing or fandom is considered off-topic. List members who violate this rule will receive a warning from the moderators. List members who continue to violate this rule will be put on moderated posting status.

    If you have a question about whether your post is off-topic, contact a list mod before sending it to the list. Labeling it OT and posting it anyway is not okay.

    We don't impose any limits on number of posts, but we do ask that you keep the "me too" posts to a minimum, especially if you have nothing else to add to a topic. When possible, combine replies! Also, when quoting, be sure to cut everything but the relevant parts of the original posts. This is a courtesy to list members with limited bandwidth or mailbox capacity.

  3. What about discussion of episodes? top of the page

    Episode discussion is more than welcome, but for the sake of list members in different time zones and overseas, we ask that you indicate in your subject line that there are spoilers for new episodes airing in the US. The same applies for overseas list members who have access to episodes before the US, as in the case of the Farscape S3 final four.

    This should be done for at least one week after a new episode airs. Please also provide a few lines of spoiler space at the top of your posts. As a courtesy, if you post fan fiction that spoils current seasons, indicate that in your headers/notes as well.

  4. What are the fanfic posting guidelines? top of the page

    Since this is a multi-fandom list, we ask that stories be identified by fandom in the headers and subject line of the post. When posting, please use the following acronyms to label your stories:

    ATS - Angel: The Series
    BtVS - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    B5 - Babylon 5
    DS - Due South
    FK - Forever Knight
    FS - Farscape
    HL - Highlander
    H:LOTS - Homicide: Life on the Street
    HP - Harry Potter
    L&O - Law and Order
    LFN - La Femme Nikita
    QL - Quantum Leap
    Ros - Roswell
    S:AAB - Space: Above and Beyond
    SN - Sports Night
    ST:TOS - Star Trek: Original
    ST:TNG - Next Generation
    ST:DS9 - Deep Space 9
    ST:VOY - Voyager
    ST:ENT - Enterprise
    SV - Smallville
    SW - Star Wars
    TP - The Pretender
    TS - The Sentinel
    WW - West Wing
    XF - The X-Files
    XM - The X-Men comic series
    XMM - The X-Men movie
    YR - The Young Riders

    If you don't see your fandom here, feel free to make up your own acronym.

    It would also be courteous to indicate the rating of the fic in the subject line. Anything else, including character pairings, is extra.

  5. Is there an archive for stories? How do I get my stories included? top of the page

    All stories posted to the list will be archived at the Glass Onion Archive, which is updated as stories are posted to the list.

    You can also use the Upload page at the archive to post your stories to the list and archive them. The Upload interface will conveniently split your story into posts of 800 lines so that it won't choke any member's email software. It'll also archive your story immediately so you're not left waiting on the archivist. For information on how to format your story for the archive and the list, please check out the Upload Help page.

    Permission to archive is assumed unless specifically noted otherwise in story headers (e.g., "Do not archive at Glass Onion.")

    If you posted stories to the list prior to September 24, 2001 and did not email the list mods to give permission to archive, we have not included your stories at the site. If you do want them included, would like to change anything about the way your stories are listed if they are already there, or would like your stories removed from the archive, please contact the archivist. Stories that were posted as introductions when the list began will not be included on the archive, unless they premiered on Glass Onion. Neither will stories posted for Nailing (see #7).

  6. Is there an archive for posts? top of the page

    You can read and search for old posts on Yahoo!Groups. The list archive is accessible only to subscribed members. It is located at

  7. What's a nailing? top of the page

    List members may offer up one of their stories, which may be previously-posted or in progress, for public criticism on the list. The name refers to Martin Luther's nailing of a list of complaints against the Catholic Church to the door of the Wittenburg Church. However, the goal of GO Nailings is helpful, constructive critique, not unrelenting negativity.

    Guidelines are as follows:

    • Use "I" statements. With the exception of grammatical errors, most criticism is simply a matter of opinion. Therefore, please try not to phrase your comments as absolute truth. For example, "I think this sentence could have used a little more editing" is always preferable to a blanket "This sentence needs more editing," simply because there is still the implication that what YOU think is not necessarily what OTHERS might think.
    • Try to address the specific concerns the author brings up, rather than taking a "free-for-all" approach. For instance, it's not all that helpful to only comment on characterization if the author asks for plot criticism.
    • At the risk of preaching to the choir, put yourself in the author's shoes. Read back over your comments before you hit that send button. If you were the one meant to receive them, how would they make you feel? We're not using the term "nailing" literally, remember. Criticism can hurt, but it doesn't have to get personal.

    To post a story for Nailing, put "Nailing" in the subject line and post it to the list. If you have any questions, please e-mail the listmods at

  8. What's all this about a bookmarks section? top of the page

    The Bookmarks are a database of fanfic-related links at the Glass Onion archive. They are moderated and organized by Cassandra, although any list member may submit a link which will then be subject to approval by the Glass Onion admin team in order to make sure the links pages don't become cluttered with non-working poor quality websites. Any inquiries should be addressed to

  9. Can I link to the Glass Onion Archive? top of the page

    Sure! Link buttons and banners for the archive are available here.

    Linking guidelines:

    You are welcome to link to the home page of The Glass Onion Archive ( I urge you NOT to link directly to the stories because I may move them or change file names at any time without warning or notice and your link will go dead.

    Please do NOT link to the Upload form, Search Engine, or any results of a search, this could cause bandwidth problems for the archive that could result in the archive being closed. Be kind to your archivist!

  10. How do I contact the list mods? Where can I find a copy of the faq? top of the page

    To contact us, you can use the Contact form or send an email to:

    You can always find the FAQ (and our promotional banners!) at the group page, which is here:

  11. How do I unsubscribe? How do I change my settings to web-read only? top of the page

    To unsubscribe, send an e-mail to

    To change your settings, go to the "My Groups" section of Yahoo!Groups and change your delivery option to "No Mail/Web Only." This option is handy for vacations, folks who read the list at work, and those with limited time or mailbox capacity.

  12. What the hell is a glass onion anyhow? top of the page

    Beatles, White Album, track three:

    "Looking through the bent backed tulips
    to see how the other half live
    looking through a glass onion..."

  13. What if my question isn't answered here? top of the page

    Contact the list mods with any other questions and we'll do our best to answer them.

    To contact us, you can use the Contact form or send an email to:

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