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Gingerbread Party, The

by Meret

Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 5:31 PM

     Title: The Gingerbread Party
     Author: Meret
     Fandom: Smallville
     Category: Gen, Humor
     Disclaimer: These characters are owned by Millar/Gough, the
     WB, and DC Comics. No profit or infringement is intended.
     Many thanks to Jayne Leitch for her helpful beta, especially
     on the ending.
     Summary: Lex goes to Clark's gingerbread party.
     This story is dedicated to Shelley for generously putting up
     a mirror site for me. Yay, Shelley! 

Lex turned the car off and looked at the Kent home. A gentle snow had started falling a little over an hour ago, and the house looked as if it were covered in powdered sugar. He was more than a bit late, but when he called from the plant to explain why he wouldn't be there and apologize, Clark had told him to come over no matter the time. He firmly believed that the surprise EPA inspection today had been set up by his father, as his latest gambit in their ongoing battle.

The lights from the house shone cheerfully as he walked to the door, carrying his gift. He hadn't been sure what to bring to a Gingerbread Party, and Clark had been suspiciously vague about it. Since he doubted most of the guests at the party would be over the legal drinking age, wine was out if he ever wanted the Kents to let him in their home again. He'd finally settled on a large red amaryllis. Clark probably wouldn't be impressed, but Mrs. Kent should like it at least. Wiping his feet, he was about to knock on the door when Clark opened it.

"Lex! You made it!"


"Come on in."

He stepped into the house, and was immediately enveloped by warmth and the smell of ginger. "This for you and your family," he said, offering the plant.

"Thanks! Mom will love it." Clark beamed brighter than the moonlit snow outside as he put the flower on the counter.

"I'm sorry I was late."

"Better late than never," he said, hanging up Lex's coat.

Lex hid a smile at Clark's unconscious imitation of his father as he was greeted with various degrees of enthusiasm by Chloe, Lana and Pete at the kitchen table. Except for Lana, they all had traces of what he assumed were the ingredients of gingerbread on them, including Clark, who had so much flour in his hair, he looked like he was going prematurely gray. They were happily talking as they worked on

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