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by fran58

Date: Friday, January 03, 2003 8:34 PM

     Title: Addiction
     Author: fran58
     Fandom: X-Files
     Category: V 
     Rating: R
     Distribution: Wherever - just let me know.
     Spoilers: nada
     Disclaimer: Characters owned by Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen
     Productions and 20th Century Fox.
     Feedback: Oh, pretty please?
     Summary: This is her drug of choice; she wishes no other.
     Author's Note: Un-beta'd , so you can only blame me.  I
     wrote this in the midst of something else.  And it's bugging
     me, so I'm posting it.  Now, it will go away, and all will
     be better.


He moves over her until she is nothing but electrified nerve and breathless hunger. She has no thought. No past, only present. Adrenaline and languor simultaneously course through her body. She feels no pain, only the pad of his finger in place of the pinch of a needle.

This is her drug of choice; she wishes no other.

Down into her marrow he sends his narcotic, addictive as any on the street. She absorbs it all. Muscle, blood, and bone, drink it in. There will be no going back.

Cell by cell, she begins to buzz with liquid heat. Ankles, legs, pelvis, chest, until her brain is stoked. Wrist, arm, shoulder, neck - she is boiling over. Surely, she will die. The need to explode is overwhelming. Her vision clouds and reality fades. The pounding in her head reaches an apex and the fragile membrane restraining her eruption shatters. She catapults into what seems like endless time.

The walls and ceiling bleed together. She gasps, and for one glorious, ephemeral moment, the universe is distilled.


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