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by Halrloprillalar

Canon: Movies
Rating: R
Summary: Sam can't sleep.
Distribution: Archive anywhere. Email forwarding allowed.

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January 5, 2003

by Halrloprillalar <>

At night, they watch. Frodo watches the Ring. Gollum watches Frodo. And Sam watches them both, the curve of Frodo's spine as he curls up around himself, Gollum's hunched shoulders and hungry eyes.

They should be sleeping. But Sam can't sleep while Frodo is awake and Gollum is watching. He wants to pull Frodo over, turn him to face Sam, keep him away from those eyes. He wants to put his arms around Frodo and hold him, stop him from thinking about the Ring, about Gollum.

Sam's eyes are heavy and he bites his lip to stay awake. At last, Frodo's limbs go slack and his breathing slows. Sam leans over to look into his face, to see his hand still clenched around the Ring.

And then he catches Gollum's eye. Now Gollum watches Sam and Sam still can't go to sleep.

Gollum creeps nearer to Sam, lamplike eyes blinking in the dim. He begins to whisper, and Sam fears Frodo will wake.

He wants it, Gollum hisses, Smeagol knows. Smeagol knows.

Sam would protest, he doesn't want the Ring, but he doesn't trust his voice and Frodo needs to sleep.

Can't have it, Gollum says. Poor hobbit. And now he's close to Sam and his long fingers are plucking at Sam's cloak. He does know, after all, and Sam feels the blood rise to his face, strangely hot in the chilly night.

We helps, good Smeagol helps, says Gollum, and his hands are on Sam's belt now and Sam can't stop him, can't even look away.

Gollum's hands are skilful and his mouth is clever and Sam's body betrays him all too soon. Sam digs his fingernails deep into his palms and almost cries from bitterness and shame.

Gollum doesn't speak again, just slinks off into the darkness.

Sam fastens his breeches and listens to Frodo breathing. When he does drop off to sleep, Sam dreams of manacles and chains and a vice that squeezes him until his breath is gone.

The next night is just the same.


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