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A Starving Man 1/1

by E.L.

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Just as well, no room in the house anyway.

Author's Note: Man, I hope somebody else on this list knows who I'm talking about here.

You're the only one who'll say yes and mean it, JD. Wholeheartedly. Whatever I ask.

/Twist my hand and slide down your cock watch you shudder grab my arm/

The only one out of six men who'll fight and bleed when I tell `em, but never without reason. For the job, for the thrill, for the people we protect, for the money. 'Cause it's the right thing to do. Not just `cause I say. It's the job, it's the life, it's the death. It's everything about a day to day and a nine to five where your life depends on the man next to you.

/Squeeze hard feel you thrust moan into my throat low wet heat shaking shaking/

Maybe it's hero worship and maybe it isn't. Maybe it's `cause you're young. Maybe I'm takin' advantage. Maybe you keep comin' back `cause you don't know any better. Maybe this is what you want and what I need and you said. Yes. The only one, JD.

/Fall back against the door grab the back of your head watch your neck arch red slick mouth trembling/

I've had loyalty and I've had friends and I've had Sarah and Adam and now you're the only one who reminds me of that whenever I look at you. You followed me because I said no and you stayed because I wouldn't and everyday when I see you I see you saying yes. Yes, it's me. Yes, I choose this. Yes, I will.

Yes, Chris, yes.

/Hear you moan long and loud high and keening bruise my arms with your fingers slick in my hand and hot trembling faster faster/

Yes, I'll stay late. Yes, I'll work harder. Yes, I'll try. Yes, I'll do it. Even when you argue, it's still yes. Yes, I believe you but this, and yes, I know that an' I don't care. You always say yes.

/words breathy gaspy words oh oh oh there there please harder faster crush you close and squeeze bite your neck hear you howl/

Didn't even ask and you still said yes. Walked into my room and took off your clothes and waited. Yes when I pushed you. Yes when I held you still and . . . and rubbed. Yes when I scratched your chest. Yes when I fisted your cock. Yes when you looked me in the eyes.

/faster faster watch you jerk wet on my leg weak in my arms writhe slide to your knees open jeans pull out my cock pretty pretty mouth so wet/

Yes when I ask and whenever I ask.

/hot suck and long slurp in and out bulge in your cheek shuddering and thrusting and oh uh tight wet and willing big brown eyes meeting mine smiling hard suction faster faster burn moan and push in and out and freeze watch you swallow/

Yes when I don't ask.

/slide to the floor lean on you heavy breathing soft soft skin/

Say it again, JD. Please.

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