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by Victoria P.

  Subject: [glass_onion] FIC: Rush: 1/1: R/L (drabble)
  Date: Monday, August 05, 2002 10:43 AM
  Title: Rush
  Author: Victoria P. []
  Summary: "It's a rush like nothing else she's ever 
  Rating: R
  Disclaimer: All X-Men characters belong to Marvel and  
  Fox; this piece of fan-written fiction intends no 
  infringement on any copyrights.
  Archive: Lists, Muse's Fool.
  Feedback: Rings my chimes
  Notes: Thanks to Jen, Pete/Melissa, Dot, and Meg.  I 
  tried to write smut in 50 words, as Eil challenged, but 
  couldn't. So I did it in 100. g 


Slick, wet heat.

The brush of hair against her peaked nipples.

Straining up against him, legs locked around his hips.

The exquisite pressure spiraling up, swelling and breaking through her whole body. Eyes closed as the world explodes into bliss.

It's a rush like nothing else she's ever felt.

"Logan!" she cries as she comes, clenching her muscles around his cock.

He growls his own release into her mouth, the scarf between them so sheer as to be non-existent, then rests his head on her breasts, sated.

"Love you," he whispers, gathering her close.

"Love you," Marie answers, already half-asleep.



Cordelia: "I learned, um... men are evil? Oh, wait... I knew that. I learned that LA is full of self-serving phonies. No... had that one down, too. Uh... sex is bad?" Angel: "We all knew that." Angel

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