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Love of a Good Man

by Maidenjedi

TITLE: Love of a Good Man
AUTHOR: Maidenjedi
ARCHIVE: List archives, otherwise please ask. SPOILERS: Grave
KEYWORDS: Willow, Xander
DISCLAIMER: All hail Joss and Mutant Enemy. I am merely a humble viewer with too much time. SUMMARY: He wasn't useless after all.

I feel like being cheesy. This one is for my own best friend. I love you.

Author's Notes at the end.


He stood there like an idiot, letting Willow blast him with all her might. He was looking at his best friend and hardly recognized her, and part of him cringed at the sight of this woman he had been unable to save. He had let all of his friends down, hadn't he? They all seemed to think so. And this angry, tattered version of his best friend was proof.

He was useless, and Willow was telling him so.

He took it, every blast of power and rage she threw at him, and just told her "I love you."

She flinched.

"I love you."

He thought about kindergarten and the yellow crayon and how he was lost to her even then. Willow was his girl, the one woman who always understood him and always backed him up. They could love other people and still have this to come back to, this friendship and this bond.

She was losing it, losing a little of the power. He tried again.

"I love you."

Were those tears standing in her eyes?

"I love you."

She crumpled, and he went to her. He was bleeding and sore; she had hurt him. But he went to her, his Willow.

Stooped low on the ground, he held her close, tightly as if he wanted to absorb her. He wanted to take the hurt away, make these tears stop.

But the way she clasped him, twisting his shirt in her small, feminine fingers, told him he had done his job. He saved her, just by loving her. Standing firm and remembering the girl she really was instead of the girl she had tried to become. She would've slipped for good if he hadn't come to hold her together.

Good to know he wasn't useless after all.


A/N: For Michael, even if he never reads this and even though he didn't see "Grave".

I haven't written a thing in almost a month, and I doubt this counts. Here's hoping the muse will come and speak to me soon.

Don't bother criticizing this one.

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