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by Liz Barr

From: "Liz Barr" <> Subject: [glass_onion] FIC: Destined [HP, PG-13] Date: Friday, June 21, 2002 6:20 AM

by Liz Barr
rated PG-13
characters: not mine

Christine challenged us to write a fic in the future tense; fifteen minutes later, this was the result. Striking while the irony is hot. Or something. Short, highly stylistic, melancholy.

(she knows this)

He will save them. Severus. Will save Lily and Harry.

James will die.

(this is a certainty; charges of recklessness are not without foundation) (she knows that he could never stand by and let someone else protect them) (and perhaps he is right; perhaps it's not a job for one person) (perhaps there have to be two people, so that one can die)

James will die, and she will live, because Severus will have saved her.

And Harry.

(she loves James, but James is an adult, while Harry is completely dependent on her)

She will be protected by Dumbledore, and Sirius will comfort her as she mourns for James. She will mourn for a long time, until the world defines her by her widowhood. She will mourn, and he will be beside her.

And then.

When the tears have dried, and her son can speak, walk, fly. Then. Then, she will turn to him.

He will love her, as far as he is able. She will love him, to a much greater degree.

The point is, they will love each other to the fullest of their respective capacities.

(she knows this)
(she doesn't necessarily like it)
(but she knows it as a certainty)


"Not. Happy. Jan."

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