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Ben's Dream

by Jemima Pereira

Author: Jemima Pereira <> Filk: Ben's Dream
Original: Pilate's Dream, from Jesus Christ Superstar Series: BtVS
Notes: This is an excerpt from a full filk of Jesus Christ Superstar, available at:


I dreamed I met a Californian,
A most amazing girl.
She had that look you very rarely find, The haunted, hunting kind.

I asked her to say what had happened,
How it all began
I asked again - she never said a word,
As if she hadn't heard.

And next, the streets were full of wild and undead men. They seemed to hate this girl.
They fell on her, and then,
They disappeared again.

Then I saw all of the Scoobies
Crying for this girl
And then I heard then mentioning my name, And leaving me the blame.

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