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Unlikely Beginnings

by Christine and Carrie

[Story Headers]

'Unlikely Beginnings'
by: Christine and Carrie

Harry Potter had a lot of things on his mind as he reached the front grounds of Hogwarts. As he strolled aimlessly through the cool November air, he wished he could let the breeze blow away the things he counted off in his mind. The ever present threat of Voldemort, Cedric Diggory's death, his on again-off again relationship with Cho Chang, life without his godfather, Sirius Black, and whether or not he was prepared to take his NEWTs exams this year. His life was full and chaotic for a seventeen year old boy.

He knew he was The Boy Who Lived, and with that came the great responsibility he held proudly, but sometimes, mainly late at night when he couldn't sleep, he wished he was plain old Harry Potter. Just plain old Harry; Magnificent Quidditch Seeker, piss poor student at potions, and best mate to Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

Of course, if he had been plain, ordinary Harry, he wouldn't have had so much on his mind. No, no. He would have heard the non-discreet footfalls behind him, stepping closer and closer. And, if he had heard that, he wouldn't have, as easily, been pushed from behind. Harry squinted, his eyes partially shut in a cringe as he held his hands out to ease his fall, not really succeeding with that, and thudding painfully onto the ground. With a groan of mild discomfort, he turned over only to see the smirking face of his major annoyance, Draco Malfoy.

Harry opened his eyes and blinked to clear his head and make the image of the blond in front of him appear less blurry, or maybe he should just wipe that fingerprint off the lens of his glasses. He tried not to squint past the smudge as he looked up into Draco's eyes. "Malfoy? Why the bloody hell did you do that for?" Harry didn't exactly wait for an answer before he set about getting himself back on his feet, brushing bits of grass off his robes in the process.

"I was bored," Draco stated, as if Harry had asked the stupidest question. "Do I ever need an excuse to torment you, Potter?" Draco gave an almost happy half-smile, which came off more as cruel amusement, as per usual.

Harry rolled his eyes at the slightly wistful tone in the other boy's voice. "Whatever, Malfoy." Harry gave one last brush of his hand to his robes and moved to brush by Draco on his way back to the school. "Why don't you do the world a favor and go rot somewhere?"

Draco frowned and stepped after Harry, reaching a hand to cup over the dark haired boy's shoulder and spun him back around. "Is that the best you could come up with?" Draco challenged, stepping into Harry's personal space. "I do believe you're losing your touch," Draco said, smirk growing wider by the second at the pissed off look on Harry's face.

"Piss off, you wanker," Harry growled before turning on his heel to head on his way again. He didn't get very far before he found himself flat on his face again with an angry Draco sitting on him, holding him down. "Guh! Get off, you arse!" Harry yelled as he tried valiantly to dislodge Draco's hands from his head, which were currently smacking it into the ground, repeatedly. With his attempts to throw the other boy off, Draco was becoming more aggressive and exerting more strength into the process. Annoyed with his victim's struggles, Draco got up quickly, only to flip Harry onto his back.

Draco grabbed the collar of Harry's robes for more leverage than his hair gave, and continued banging the seemingly offending head into the ground. Glasses askew and barely hanging onto his face, Harry tried to raise his arms back to push Draco off his person, but to no avail. The only thing it provided him with was sore shoulder joints. Harry wiggled his arms forward, instead of back, trying to reach Draco's head.

He succeeded in pushing himself onto his elbows, Draco seemingly not to have foreseen this potential move on Harry's side, and was temporarily at a loss at what to do. Harry reached an arm over his head to Draco's and grasped silky, silver blond hair between his fingers. Giving out a resounding yelp at the rough tug Harry divvied out, Draco stuck his knee into the middle of Harry's back, pushing him back flat to the ground. Harry groaned in pain when his shoulder joint was bent back awkwardly as his hand was pulled behind his back, Draco holding it down and resuming the initial torment.

The blond had a good four inches and ten pounds on him, and not knowing what else he could do; Harry squirmed his wrist free from under Draco's knee and moved it to the lower regions of Draco's body, grabbing at his groin. All other movement was ceased on Draco's part as his eyes went wide in shock at the new and quite unexpected contact.

Harry was about to yank viciously on the cloth covered flesh in his hands, when a moan of pleasured pain was elicited from above him. His eyes rivaled that of the most terrified House Elf's, to beat even Draco's at the moment, when he felt the item in his hands stiffen and grow. With a startled cry, he tore his hands away and tried to remove himself from his now a lot more awkward position underneath Draco.

When the warm hand over his privates moved away from his groin, Draco opened eyes he apparently hadn't realized were closed, in time to register that Harry was trying to scramble out from under him. He dropped down on his hands again as he crawled back over top of Harry, pinning him down. "Where do you think you're going?" Draco leaned down, breathing the question against the skin behind Harry's ear. Harry had never heard Draco sound this way, though he couldn't say it was really a surprise. "You think you can get me hard and not finish what you started? I think not."

Harry didn't really want to turn to face Draco, but he'd have a better chance of crab-walking it away from the unwelcome shelter he'd attracted than he would of crawling on his belly like a snake. Draco allowed the movement of Harry rolling underneath him, becoming perhaps a bit optimistic of the thigh that brushed over his erection as Harry shifted.

"What are you playing at, Malfoy?" Harry pushed his eyebrows together in confusion as he looked up at the other boy. "I don't know what planet you're living on, but my intention was definitely not to arouse you," he said as he continued trying to disentangle his robes from Draco's and to relieve himself of Draco's weight pushing down on him.

Draco pursed his lips in thoughtful anger before reaching a conclusion in his mind, as he reached for his wand up his sleeve. "Teasing me, are you, Potter? Let's see what you think of this," he said before he began to mumble a charm that began to pin Harry's wrists above his head on the ground. Harry let out a startled cry as his wrists moved of Draco's accord, and he tried desperately to loosen the invisible cords that held them.

Finding himself stuck, he began to toss his body side to side in earnest to get the slightly larger boy off him. Draco groaned once more in surprised pleasure as Harry continued his thrashes, unwitting of their effect on the blond. Uttering another charm under his breath, Draco divested them of their trousers and pants, leaving them both naked from the waist down. Harry gasped in alarm at suddenly finding himself flapping in the wind.

"Draco," Harry began, almost breathless still as he looked up at the predatory face of the Slytherin above him, "Someone is going to see you doing this!" After their Care of Magical Creatures class was over, Harry went with Hagrid to his house, but was shooed back for lunch, and knew Hagrid wouldn't be out for at least an hour and a half. Everyone else was inside having lunch.

Draco paid no heed to Harry's concern or worry, but he did comment as he took advantage of the naked limbs in front of him. "Oh, heaven forbid Crabbe and Goyle miss lunch, Potter," Draco tutted. "They won't be out looking for me for quite some time, got to fill their mouths with something if there's no intelligent speech in there, you know."

As he finished saying that, he lifted Harry's thighs up to present Harry's arse to the cool breeze and leaned down until his face was only centimeters away from the small opening. Draco savored the shocked stillness of Harry's body when the dark haired boy realized what was actually happening, and ran his tongue experimentally up the exposed cleft. "Oh, god!" Harry shouted. "Malfoy, what the...," he paused as he panted and was rewarded with another teasing lick, "fuck... are you doing?" Harry gasped out, and continued to pant heavily each time the blond ran his tongue across Harry's quivering hole, and finding himself unconsciously pushing back towards Draco's efforts.

'Oh, yes,' Harry thought, and his thoughts paused a moment before they could form any further than that. 'I've provoked this, haven't I? Yes, I'll just attempt to buck him off with my pelvis. That seems a right hetero thing to do.' Harry would have rolled his eyes at himself if they weren't already shut against the onslaught of Draco's tongue against his hole.

Draco pulled his tongue from Harry's arse, licking his lips in the process, only to replace it with his right index finger. "I'm rimming you, or haven't you noticed?" Draco replied belatedly, turning his head to the left, and saying to himself, "Bollocks, I must be losing my touch if he's still coherent enough to ask bloody questions." He muttered to himself before removing his finger from within Harry to once again lick and suck at the slowly loosening hole.

Harry continued to moan and gasp at every flick of Draco's seemingly experienced and talented tongue. He was almost on the brink of orgasm when Draco pulled away completely, making Harry's eyes snap open and his brain almost come back to reality at the sudden loss. Making a slight face, Draco spat a glob of spit into his hand and bringing it to his erection, slathered it all over himself as ceremoniously as he could. Using his dry hand to grab one of Harry's sprawled legs, he pushed it up towards Harry's chest, the other following suit on its own. Draco smoothed one cheek to the side, opening the other boy as wide as he could as he lined his cock up against the loosened hole and began to push forward.

Harry let out a tense grunt of pain as Draco slowly penetrated him. He wasn't particularly thrilled about losing his virginity where anyone out taking a stroll could spot them, and he definitely never pictured giving up his innocence to Malfoy, of all people. Harry unclenched his jaw once he felt Malfoy stop moving, finished pushing his way into Harry's body. The ache of newly stretched muscles was beginning to fade, and become less painful as it had been a few moments ago, but it still felt like a dull ache in his arse. He closed his eyes as his jaw slackened even more to let out a breath of air, trying to get some form of pleasure out of being used, when he felt Draco slowly slide out before thrusting back in.

Draco grasped his bottom lip and pulled it inside his mouth, biting down on it to keep himself in control. He wasn't about to come so quickly like an eager little virgin, and he didn't want to end this too soon. It had been a few weeks since he had last slept with anyone, and he wanted this to be good. Even though he didn't particularly like Potter, really, he didn't want to cause the other boy any harm. Fucking hard was one thing, but being brutal was quite another. No matter what people thought of him or his family, he was not the type to permanently injure someone. At least, not intentionally.

As Draco continued to thrust, his thoughts weren't completely focused on what he was doing. Still being careful not to hurt Harry, even by squishing him, Draco leaned down onto his elbows over top of Harry. He didn't want to mislead the other boy into thinking this was any type of romantic thing, but keeping to his no-harm motto, he felt inclined to make it good for Harry as well. It wasn't as if Harry was really struggling to get away at the moment, either. His thoughts began to break up as his physical reactions caught up with him, leaving him murmuring. "So tight," he gasped out at first, feeling his warm breath bounce back at him from the side of Harry's neck, adding to the flush that was creeping up over the rest of his body. "So hot."

Harry whimpered out something unintelligible, which pleased Draco, considering his earlier comment. Harry alternated those whimpers with low cries of pleasure, gasping or yelling out, "Oh, god," as Draco thrust into him. They continued this way for a good while until Draco pushed himself in particularly deep, warranting the loudest cry from Harry yet. Not wanting to give up that deep throbbing pleasure yet, he tightened his muscles around Draco's cock, trying to hold it in instead of letting it be pulled away.

"That's it," Draco whispered down to him. "Clench tighter for me," he demanded, giving a teasing little lick along Harry's jaw line. Harry did as he was told, though not necessarily for Draco's benefit. A moment later, after twin shuddering moans from the both of them, Harry began struggling at his invisible bonds. Draco was planning on letting him pointlessly tug at the spell when he heard the most frustrated whimper from Harry. Understanding dawned on Draco as a slow smirk formed on his lips, though parted to gasp in air, he muttered the reversal charm. He watched, eyelids barely drawn open, as Harry spared barely a second to rub his wrists before a hand sought out his erection. As he followed the hand with his eyes, knuckles skimmed his chest, making a shiver run straight down to his buried cock before he was promptly made aware of Harry's hard-on.

Draco looked back up to Harry's face just in time to see the undecided motor response to where his other hand would go. He stared at the hand that seemingly wanted to wrap around the back of his neck, pulling him towards Harry for a kiss. Unsure of whether he wanted that or not, Draco made the effort to lift himself back onto his hands, looking down to watch Harry rapidly stroking up and down his weeping length.

Harry was quite studiously ignoring the grass rubbing against his lower back, and he managed to push it out of his mind completely when his hands were let loose. He wanted to almost hug Draco for the small mercy he'd allowed, but when he caught sight of those lips in that devilishly tempting smirk, his mind stalled. Suddenly, the aftermath of this excursion posed a thousand questions in his head. He was thankful, though, that subconsciously, his brain was still going along with the original plan, and sending a hand down to wank himself off. Would Draco pretend it never happened? Would they be an 'item'? He doubted it. A kiss, though? How would Draco react to even that, at least while they were fucking? He'd never dream of walking up to his supposed enemy in the halls and laying a big smacking kiss on his lips. But what about right now?

The decision was taken away from him due to his delay in action, as Draco put more distance between them. He seemed to be making up for the gap, a silence and never admitted apology for no kiss, by thrusting a bit harder. Draco knew what Harry was thinking of doing, and he had thought about it himself, as well, but he decided he didn't want to go there. This was just sex, after all. Admittedly, it had been unplanned, but it's still sex, either way. He had no desire to get 'close' to Harry, other than the instance laying before him.

His head lolled back a bit as he gasped, feeling his orgasm approaching. It seemed Potter was experiencing the same, as his hand sped up, wanking himself harder and faster, bringing himself to the edge of his own release. Not wanting to come before the boy beneath him, Draco shifted a knee, angling his thrusts a bit. He smiled to himself when a long, drawn out moan erupted from Harry's mouth. 'Wonderful thing, the prostate,' Draco mused to himself as he continued bumping the head of his cock against said swollen gland.

Draco wanted to finish this up quickly, as most students would be done with their lunch by now, and might wander outside. He wouldn't have necessarily been embarrassed by being caught, but with Potter? He didn't want rumors spreading. Harry let out another loud cry when his completion came, his cock twitched with spasms in his fist as jets of white spurted out, coating his hand and getting a few drops on his shirt. After a couple more thrusts, Draco came due to the clenching of muscles in Harry's arse. A bit weak, Draco slumped down over Harry as they both caught their breaths.

Moments later, being not too comfortable laying with Potter, Draco carefully withdrew his cock from Harry's body. He leaned back to sit on his haunches, looking down curiously at the other boy. Harry pushed himself onto his elbows, looking misleadingly relaxed and carelessly lounged due to the bliss of orgasm. With one last odd look, Draco stood up and reversed the charm he'd used to take their trousers off. Harry barely registered that only Draco's reappeared, that he'd have to do it himself for his own.

Draco smoothed his hands down his thighs to get rid of any wrinkles hiding there, paying no attention to the boy still laying on the ground, until he said, "Well, thanks for that. See you around, Potter." Draco turned and walked away, towards the castle, hoping he'd be in time to grab a bite of lunch before afternoon classes started.

Harry watched him incredulously, wondering if he was actually just going to leave. It wouldn't be unlike Malfoy to do that, he realized, but he couldn't make himself move. All he could think about was the smirk firmly etched on Malfoy's face before he turned, leaving Harry to wonder what the fuck just happened. Besides the obvious, at least; but Harry wasn't sure Draco would give him that much credit.



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Fandom:  Harry Potter
Title:  Unlikely Beginnings
Author:  Christine and Carrie   [email]
Details:  Work-In-Progress  |  NC-17  |  het *slash*  |  17k  |  07/13/06
Characters:  Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Blaise Zabini, Voldemort, Lucius Malfoy
Pairings:  Draco/Harry, Ron/Hermione, Severus/Remus, Neville/Blaise
Summary:  A spur of the moment liason leaves both parties with more than they bargained for, while hairy armpits, dirty secrets and the blatantly obvious help to blossom humble beginnings into a relationship to remember. D/H, R/Hr (m/m slash, het and mpreg)
Notes:  Warnings: Slash, Het, Mpreg, Non-Con
Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, First Time, Established Relationship
Disclaimer/Other:  Author's Note 1: The first half of the title was created by both authors, and the latter half was suggested by Carrie. Also, this story takes place in their seventh year at Hogwarts.
Author's Note 2: "How come we always use your disclaimers?" Christine asked. "'Cause they make people laugh. Or, snort derisively; whichever," Carrie replied.
Author's Note 3: This story was first written back in 2003, before Half Blood Prince came out. But contains spoilers for Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix.
Disclaimer: All persons, places and potions are the intellectual property of J.K Rowling. We are not receiving anything of monetary value for this piece of fiction, and as much as Carrie would like to make with the hardcore sex with Draco, no one would pay to see that anyway.

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