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The Shower

by Sophia Jirafe

[Story Headers]

"I said SHUT the broom cupboard, you knobs!" bellowed Ron, sounding uncannily like Oliver Wood.

Five pairs of Gryffindor eyes looked up at him as he marched across the pitch, then back down at the sad piece of wood lying on the grass, ripped off at the hinges.

"How does SHUT the broom cupboard mean BREAK the broom cupboard?" Ron demanded as he arrived, glaring around the circle.

"We -- we were seeing who could swing the longest," volunteered Timothy Bell, their new third-year Chaser.

"And I won," said Ginny, hands on her hips.

"Did I SAY to see who could swing the longest?" Ron shouted at his sister. "Did I SAY to break the bloody broom cupboard door? NO. I said PUT YOUR BROOMS AWAY AND SHUT THE CUPBOARD!"

"Oh, HONESTLY, Ron," Ginny said with a huff. She bent down, pulling out her wand, and pointed it at the hinges. "Reparo!"

The door flew up and back onto the cupboard, swinging shut with a smart snap. The hook slammed down into its eye, and it creaked with something akin to smugness.

Ron's mouth twisted as he and Ginny engaged in a brief stare-down, which he lost.

"Hit the showers, then, you lot!" he told the little group. They trotted into the changing rooms, Ginny sticking her tongue out at him over his shoulder, and he covered his eyes with his hand, heaving a sigh.

"Something wrong?" Harry asked, coming up on his broom with an errant Bludger under his arm.

"Oh, nothing at all," Ron answered, hand still over his face. "We're up against a shockingly good Hufflepuff team next week, we're one game down in the Cup tournament, and my team must be the most useless wankers Gryffindor has ever seen. And Timothy Bell has run his broom into my shin no fewer than seven times this week. I think he's doing it on purpose. D'you suppose he's a Slytherin spy sent to infiltrate the team?"

Harry dropped from his broom, wedged the wriggling Bludger into the box at Ron's feet, and gave him a quick punch to the shoulder.

"Buck up, mate," Harry said. "It could be worse. It could be like last year."

Ron looked up at him with exasperation. "Harry, sometimes I wish you were still captain! Maybe you'd be abl