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Only You

by monkeyshine

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Title: Only You
Author: monkeyshine
Category: Slash; PWP
Fandom: Teen Titans comic
Pairing: Bart/Tim
Rating: R
Summary: Tims efforts to comfort Bart turn into something else. Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Dc Comics; Im just taking them out to play with them. Archive: WWOMB; Anyone else please ask permission first. Authors notes: 1) Written in response to Darkladys _ walked into a bar on the DCcomicsslash list and further inspired by PEJAs Valentines Day challenge on WWOMB; 2)Thanks to the following for beta: Peaches, Amber, Kim and Jennie; 3)If there is positive response to this story, (for that matter, if there is any response) I may write a sequel.

Bart Allen walked in a bar and glanced around for his date. Racing from one end of the room to the other, he skidded to a halt across from a booth and slid in next to the handsome raven haired man already seated. Ive really missed you, Eric, Bart said breathlessly as he leaned over and kissed Eric on the cheek.

Hi Bart, his boyfriend replied distractedly. I, uh, I missed you too, he added almost as an after thought. Listen. I hate to do this to you especially since we havent seen each other in almost a week, but I have to cut our date short.

Bart groaned, <i> Again</i>? This is the second, no, <i>third</i> time in a month. If I didnt know better, Id swear you were up to no good. he grumbled. I promise Ill make it up to you sweetie, Eric wheedled. But, honestly, I only have time for one drink and then I have to go.

But its Valentines day, Bart pouted. We were supposed to, you know, <i>spend it together</i>. He raised an eyebrow meaningfully.

Eric sighed, I know, babe. But Professor Iverson handed me and Brantley a new research assignment two days ago and I cant afford to alienate the man; you know my graduate school admission depends on his recommendation. and his recommendation depends on my completing this assignment. Ive going to be spending at least the next couple of weeks in the lab so this is our last date for a while.

Some date! Bart complained. You might as well be dating Iverson for all the time you spend with him. Eric had the grace to look embarrassed. Im sorry. I really am. But it cant be helped. Look, as soon as I finish this, Ill take my vacation and well go away for a weekend. A week if you want.

Bart stared at him sulkily. Promise?

Promise. Now lets order our drinks and forget about Iverson for a while, okay? Bart nodded reluctantly.

One hour later, Bart sat and stared into his glass of beer. //You knew when you started dating a biochemistry major, there would be times like this,// he reminded himself. //Doesnt mean I have to like it, though.//

Penny for your thoughts? Tim Drakes voice interrupted Barts musings. Youd want change back, Bart joked lamely. Join me? he invited, gesturing to the empty bench opposite.

Sure. So why are you sitting here looking so, Tim hesitated, Dumped? he finished.

Technically I was stood up, Bart sighed.

Technically? Tim queried.

He showed up but he left about thirty minutes later, Bart said morosely. Suddenly he realized what he just said.//Oh crap. I hadnt told any of the Titans about Eric.//

Yep. Id say that qualifies as being stood up, Tim replied sympathetically. At least you had a date, brief as it may have been. Me, Im beginning to understand why Dick calls Valentines Day Singles Awareness Day. Bart responded with a pained snort of laughter.

Sooo. He? Tim prompted.

Bart sighed. His names Eric McDermott and hes a biochemistry major at UC San Francisco. We met when I was touring the campus last spring. Weve been dating for maybe six months but... Bart trailed off. Are you mad? he asked timidly.

Hell yes Im mad. Tim growled. The guy leaves you alone on Valentines Day of all times.

I mean, are you mad that I didnt tell you before now? Bart said anxiously.

Well sort of , Tim admitted. Mad isnt really the word. I guess Im disappointed that apparently you didnt think you <i>could</i> tell me.

I wanted to but Eric said he wasnt ready to come out. I had to consider his feelings too.

Tim nodded. Yeah, youre right. But youre one of my best friends, Bart. That isnt going to change because of who youre dating. You do realize that, dont you?

I do now, Bart said with a soft smile. Thanks.

Tim grinned. Come on. Since were both single tonight, how about we head over to Dantes Inferno?

You asking me out on a date? Bart teased

Im asking my best friend to go out on the town with me, Tim replied sincerely. Then he grinned wickedly, But Im telling you upfront; I dont put out on the first date. Bart nearly choked on his beer as he burst out laughing.

Whoa. Head rush, Tim muttered as Bart decelerated to a sudden stop and deposited him on the sidewalk outside Dantes Inferno.

Sorry, Bart grinned cheekily.

Yeah, right, Tim said, not so playfully whacking his friend on the arm. Bart stuck out his tongue and gave Tim a raspberry. Tim cheerfully gave him the finger in reply. Laughing, Bart threw his arm around Tims shoulders and the two walked into the club. Snagging a table near the bar, the pair sat down and surveyed the crowd. What do you want to drink? Tim asked Bart? Tim turned to see what had caught his teammates attention.

Oh God, Bart moaned. His face was deathly pale. He lied to me, he whimpered. Before Tim could ask what he was talking about, Bart jumped up and fled, leaving Tim thoroughly flummoxed.

Bart? Are you here? Tim called as he entered Titans Tower. Acting on instinct, he went to Barts quarters and knocked lightly. Bart? he called again. He tried the doorknob and found the door unlocked. As he opened the door, he saw his friend curled up in fetal position on the bed. Bart was rocking back and forth, crying. Without hesitation, Tim went over to the bed and lay down behind Bart, wrapping his arms around him.

He lied to me, Bart whispered. He told me he had to leave to go to the lab. But I saw him at Dantes. He... Bart broke off, sobbing.

Shh, its going to be all right, Tim tried to reassure him. He gently kissed Barts hair and hugged him tightly. Bart turned to face Tim and plastered himself against Tims body. Tim rubbed circles on Barts back and shoulders while Bart sobbed into Tims chest.

Eventually Bart sat up and wiped his eyes. Aint love grand? he asked sarcastically, settling back against the headboard.

When its really love, it is. Or so Ive been told, Tim smiled and grazed Barts cheek with his thumb. Bart suddenly leaned over and kissed Tim who yelped and pulled back in surprise as their noses collided.

ImsorryohgodImsorry, Bart blurted out, flushing with embarrassment.

Im not, Tim said quietly. Ive wanted to kiss you for a long time.

You have? Bart whispered. Why didnt you?

I wasnt sure if it was what you wanted. If <i>I</i> was what you wanted. Tim said nervously

This <i>is </i> what I want, Bart declared. And <i>youre</i> what I want. I was afraid to say so because I was afraid of your reaction.

What about Eric? Tim asked softly. What about your feelings for him?

Honestly? I was attracted to Eric mainly because he reminded me so much of you... at least physically. I think I transferred my feelings to Eric because he was available and I didnt think you were, Bart admitted.

Come here. Tim whispered as he put a hand behind Barts head and tugged him closer. Bart whimpered as their lips met for a second time. He moaned as Tim slid further down on the bed, pulling Bart down on top of him. Tims hands cupped Barts ass as he slowly ground his body against Barts. Bart clutched Tims shoulders and grunted as Tim began humping furiously. Bart screamed something that might have been Tims name as he came. Tim eased Bart off his body until he lay curled into Tims side. Smoothing back Barts sweaty locks, he pressed a kiss to his temple. Bart mumbled sleepily,Stay?

Of course,Tim replied. He wrapped his arms around Bart and held him tightly. Matching his breathing to Barts, Tim soon fell fast asleep.

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Fandom:  Teen Titans
Title:  Only You
Author:  monkeyshine   [email]
Details:  Standalone  |  R  |  *slash*  |  7k  |  02/22/05
Characters:  Tim Drake(Robin) Bart Allen(Kid Flash)
Pairings:  Tim/Bart
Summary:  Tim's attempt to comfort Bart turns into something else.
Disclaimer/Other:  These characters are the property of DC Comics.I'm just taking them out to play with them.

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