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Warm light on a winter's day

by Te

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Warm light on a winter's day
by Te
May 27, 2004

Disclaimers: So very much not mine.

Spoilers: None, really. Timeline... a fuzzy point somewhere before Batman 423.

Summary: Jason likes visiting the Tower. A lot.

Ratings Note/Warnings: NC-17. Content some readers may find disturbing.

Author's Note: I was playing a looser version of the crack game with the Jack, and couldn't do anything with any of the challenges Jack gave me... so I used one that Jack hadn't managed to use.

Which, weirdly enough, turned into a bunny Jack gave me ages ago.

Acknowledgments: To Livia and Reilael for audiencing.


He doesn't get to spend too much time at the Tower.

It's not really against the rules, or anything -- Bruce doesn't actually seem to have all that many rules for him, considering. Don't jump in without looking, don't drive the car without him, do your homework before your training. A few others. On the surface, even with being Robin, living with Bruce is way better than any other life Jason could have expected to have with two dead parents and no other relatives.

Still, there are a lot of things that no one really talks about -- and one of them is that Bruce would rather he stay close to home. Closer than New York -- even though he kind of gets the feeling that, like, everyone is really relieved that he gets along with Dick.

He guesses that makes sense, though. It's not like there's a whole lot of precedent for sidekicks being... replaced.

He doesn't really like that word. For a lot of reasons.

Jason shakes it off and heads into the living quarters. Dick has his own place -- a real one, even -- but Jason would never go looking for the guy there first. Dick was trained -- and raised -- by Bruce. And he's pretty sure the only thing keeping Bruce from living in the Cave is Alfred.

There doesn't seem to be too many people around, but there are all sorts of things he's picked up in his time as Robin, and one of them is how to get a feel for a place. The Tower isn't empty. He knocks on Dick's door, and the sound of footsteps makes him feel a little smug, like when he reaches under just the right file cabinet and gets the shell casing or whatever .

The feeling lasts right up until the door opens, and Starfire's... really just right there. In that way she has. That way that has nothing to do with her being present and everything to do with her wearing nothing but a towel on her head and a robe that would probably be just the right size for someone who isn't six-four and stacked.


"Uh," he manages, but it's okay. He's being really thoroughly hugged, and lifted, and spun, and he's got time to do better. She smells like expensive girl-soap and that weird-but-nice tangy-spicy thing that's probably just her. "Hey," he says into her shoulder, and she squeezes him tight enough that it's a little hard to breathe.

He can't decide if it's better that he's in civvies or not. The shorts don't hide anything, but they're also tight enough that it's difficult to get really happy about things. Thankfully, she lets go before too much time passes, and Jason steps back and tries to catch his balance. And gets caught.

Two big hands on his shoulders and the same smell of girl-soap and something else altogether under it -- and then Dick is leaning in over his shoulder and grinning at him. No towel for his hair, but it's obviously wet, and Dick's not wearing anything but a pair of boxers. And... right. "Heh. Bad time?"

He watches Dick and Starfire -- Kory -- share a look. A warm one, but when they turn back to him, the smiles on their faces are still easy and natural. "You're fine," Dick says, and squeezes his shoulders. "What brings you?"

"Oh, uh." And this is when he wishes he could say something about crime or whatever, but a) he's in civvies, and b) it's not like he doesn't feel like this every time. "Nothing much. Just... you know."

If anything, it makes them both smile wider, and Dick lets go just long enough to throw an arm over his shoulders and pull him into a casual hug. "Kid, I like the sound of that."

"Hey, it's just a visit," he says, but he doesn't really need to see the looks on their faces for that to know that it isn't the point. Or is. Sometimes he thinks all the older heroes are just watching him for signs that he's becoming Bruce -- Batman. They all seem so relieved when he's really just not.

Like it's something special and good that he's no one but himself. He smiles to himself and leans in to Dick's touch a little. And gets squeezed again, and led toward the kitchen.

"Are you hungry, Jason?"

"What? Oh, no. I ate on the train. Could use a soda, though."

And really, they need a taller fridge. Or Kory needs... right. He tries to find something else to focus on, and winds up looking at Dick's hand, and the way it hangs loosely over his shoulder. It really is just a hand, but it's not like he sees Dick out of uniform all that often, and he really is seriously out of uniform.

"Er. Are you sure it's not a bad time?"

Dick grins at him, slow and lazy and knowing -- knowing exactly what Jason's trying not to stare at. "Relax," he says, and punches Jason in the jaw -- gently -- with his other hand.

There's a lot in that 'relax,' most of it having to do with the long, not-as-awkward-as-it-should'vebeen talk about Tamaranian customs the second-to-last time Jason had been out here. Jason nods and tries to will himself not to blush. And completely fails when Kory spins around with his can of soda fast enough that her robe... gaps.

Not gapes, but... the golden curve of one breast is really intensely visible. He takes the soda and chugs back half of it, wishing for a beer. When he lowers the can, Kory is frowning at him, half-curious and half-sad.

"You're uncomfortable," she says.

"What? Oh, I..." He is. He really is. He wishes he was just uncomfortable. He forces himself to shrug, feeling the way Dick's arm shifts. "I'll get over it."

She closes the distance between them. It's only a few steps, but it's also one of those times when he can really buy that Tamaranians are descended from some sort of cat. Her legs look like they're about six miles long, and she cups his face. Her palm is cool from the soda can, but her fingertips are warm.

Not as warm as her smile. "Uh..."

"We can help you with that," she says.

Dick coughs, loud and artificial, and clearly a signal. Kory frowns. "He's attracted to us, Dick. Both of us."

See, the thing is, a trip to the Tower is usually almost entirely relaxing. Like a little vacation among the former-sidekick set. He's not feeling very relaxed.

"I know your senses aren't very powerful, and I know I'm not supposed to proposition all the people who would probably enjoy themselves, but --"


She sighs, and looking down just means he can really see that sigh, and her fingers start to slide down and off his cheek. And it's one of those moments, like just before the punches start getting thrown, when he's surrounded by thugs and it feels like he can see everything. Which one has to fall first to make that one run first. Which one Batman will decide he's not ready for, and which one Batman will just stand back and let Jason hurt.

Only now it's about the slow slide of Kory's fingers, and the way the tension in Dick's arm starts to relax, and how if he doesn't say or do anything, it'll be awkward for several minutes, and then Dick will lead him out of Kory's sphere of influence and they'll... watch TV or something.

So even though he isn't really thinking when he reaches up to catch Kory's wrist, he's also kind of thinking about everything.

"It's okay," he says. And clears his throat, because it really came out pretty weak. He turns to look at Dick, and this close he can smell both of them, and maybe how it smells when they have sex. He swallows. "I mean... you know..." I'm not a kid, he doesn't say, because that's the best possible way to get treated like one. He tries for his own kind of knowing smile, instead.

Dick blinks at him. "Jason...?"

He shrugs again, and looks back at Kory. The lack of pupils would make reading an expression difficult if she wasn't, well, Kory. As it is, the surprise and pleasure just rolls off of her, and makes him feel like...

People should do everything in their power to make her happy, and not just because those starbolts could fry a guy where he stood.

"Hey, I'm not insane," he says, and grins at her.

"Yes! That's precisely it. So many of you are not well." And Kory twists free of his loose grip and cups his face, beaming at him.

Dick laughs quietly and doesn't really let go so much as slide his hand to the back of Jason's neck and stroke the short hairs there. And Jason has just enough time to shiver at that before Kory's kissing him, deep and wet and -- not soft. Not hard, but not even remotely hesitant.

He hears himself make kind of a squeaking noise, and then she's tilting his head back -- and back. She's got at least eight inches on him, and he can feel every one of them. And she kisses like... like his mouth is really a bowl of milk or something, short stabbing licks and Jason knows he's being tasted.

She hums into his mouth and stops, and Jason tries to get his breathing to sound a little less like gasps. Her eyes are almost glowing, and when she licks her lips Jason's really happy he's not in the shorts, because they'd be painful right about now.

"Dick," she says, never looking away from Jason's eyes.

"Mm-hmm." There's amusement in his voice, and his hand is still on the back of Jason's neck, thumb pushing in to his hair and rubbing. And then his other hand is on Jason's hip, pushing him forward a little. "Lean back. I've got you."

"Oh. I." Words are so not happening. He leans back, and Dick slides the hand out of his hair and around his chest, holding him steady while Kory comes in for the kill.


Something. It is easier in this position. Or more comfortable, because 'easy' doesn't seem like the right word when Dick's hand starts moving between Jason and Kory, and the robe is suddenly open, and Jason can feel her skin. Through his clothes. He moans into Kory's mouth and reaches up, fumbling with the towel she still has around her hair until it's gone, and her hair falls in a damp, heavy tumble.

It doesn't really feel like hair. It feels something like fur, and something like alive, and Dick's mouth is against his ear. "Makes you just want to push your face into it and breathe, doesn't it?"

He jerks and Kory bites his lip and Dick's hand tightens on his hip. "You shouldn't fight, you know. She'll fight back."

And it wasn't like he was planning on it, but he can see it. Kory just grabbing him and throwing him down and -- biting his lip again hard before pulling back to grin with feral joy over Jason's shoulder. "He likes that idea, Dick."

"Why am I not surprised?"

He should say something. He should --

"My turn," Dick says, and spins him around, hauling him up into a kiss that starts out hard and winds up lazy and slow and... still hard. Dick's kisses are brief and deep, one after another, and Kory is stroking Jason's back, and then scratching his back. Not hard enough to draw blood or rip his shirts, but close.

"Jesus, I --" Have a mouth full of Dick's tongue, and when he sucks on it a little, Dick pushes close, shoving him back against Kory and pushing his shirts up, stroking his chest. No, it's Kory. Or both of them. And then there are hands at his fly, and he doesn't know who they belong to until Dick pulls back and looks at him.

Wet, soft mouth, and serious, questioning eyes. Jason looks down and sees one of Dick's hands wrapped around both of Kory's, which are about two beautiful fractions of a second from getting his pants open.

When he looks up again, Dick has an eyebrow raised.

"Do it," Jason says, and doesn't really have time to appreciate the heat that comes into Dick's eyes before Kory bites the back of his neck and one or both of them open his fly and shove his pants and boxers down. "Oh. Oh, fuck."

"Yeah, kid," Dick says, and Jason knows it was both of them, because their hands are wrapped together around his dick. "How do you like it?"

"Hard," Kory growls before he can answer, and Jason lets his head fall back against her shoulder and lets himself moan. Because it's true. Because it's fucking perfect, and Dick is almost studying his face.

Jason reaches up to hold on to Dick's shoulders, more just to feel the way the muscles move than to hold on, because Kory has him and he knows she won't let him fall. "Fuck," he says again and their hands are hot and tight on him, just like he likes it, just like --

Kory bites him again and he can thrusts into their fists.

"Gonna come for us?" Dick's voice is low and rough, and yes, yes he absolutely is. Especially since Kory's tongue is in his ear, flickering fast, in and out again.

"Play with his mouth, Dick," she growls, right into his ear. "His nipples --" And she bucks hard against Jason's ass, and Jason's groan turns into a shout because Dick follows orders, shoving up under his shirt to pinch and scrape at Jason's nipples with short fingernails before pulling out and reaching up to fuck into Jason's mouth with his thumb, over and over.

"Like that?"

"Yes," Kory says and makes Dick jerk Jason faster, harder.

Jason sucks Dick's thumb and lets Kory set the rhythm of his hips, and she doesn't have a dick, but the feeling is almost the same, the way she's moving him and --

"Jesus, that's hot," Dick says, and leans in over Jason's shoulder. He can't see them kissing, but he can hear it. Wet sounds and the way Kory won't let Dick lose the rhythm, and, "Mmph, Jason," Dick says, and kisses him around his thumb in Jason's mouth, and Jason gives up and comes all over their fists, letting his knees buckle and shooting a little more when Kory wraps her other arm around him and squeezes him tight.

Definitely not letting him go.

And then lifting him again, and he gets a brief glimpse of the mild and hungry surprise on Dick's face before Kory flies them out of the kitchen and back into the bedroom.

She drops him on the bed and tosses her hair back over her shoulder, and Jason's too blown to figure out whether he wants to focus on the muscles of her neck or the way the rumpled bed smells like sex. And then Dick walks in and looks at him, looks him up and down and grins before bending down and ditching his shorts.

Both of them are extremely naked, and the fact that Jason is still, technically, wearing all of his clothes seems abruptly both meaningless and unfair.

And then Kory crawls up over him and straddles Jason's waist and -- she's wet. He can feel her. Wet and -- how had he not noticed? Hairless down there, probably naturally, and he can feel Dick working on his 'trainers and socks and.

Maybe everything else, too, but he has no idea, because Kory grabs his wrists and shoves them back against the mattress and leans in, breasts swinging tantalizingly close. It seriously doesn't matter that he just came, and they both clearly know it.

Or just don't care. Or -- "Oh God. Oh fuck, Dick --"

"Is he tasting you, Jason?" Kory's hands tighten on his wrists in a greedy kind of threat.

"Yeah -- I -- oh fuck --" Mouth on him, sucking him hard, and it's too soon and then it really isn't, at all. He closes his eyes against it and that just makes everything more. The heat and wet of Dick's mouth. The dirty sounds Dick's making around him and the sweet-salty smell of sweat and all the sex that happened on this bed and all the sex that's happening right now. The slick weight of Kory on top of him, and if he opened his eyes he wouldn't be able to see Dick, but he'd be able to see --

Kory grinning down at him, rubbing at his wrists with her thumbs and just... soaking him in. He knows it. He can almost feel it. "In -- inside you --" And he just means all the ways she's drinking him, knowing him, but her eyes flare and she lets go, and turns, and the feel of Dick's mouth sliding off him makes him whimper, but they're moving, and Kory jacks him hard.

The only reason it isn't rough is because his dick is still wet and shiny with Dick's spit. And then she rears up and takes him. Inside for real -- "oh God --"

"Yeah," Dick says, crawling up beside him and cupping his face, stroking his mouth with his thumb in almost the same rhythm as the way Kory's riding him. "Can you feel her, Jason?"

Kory flexes around him once, twice, and then on every downstroke.

"I -- I can't --" Speak. Think. Do anything but stare into Dick's eyes and watch him watching him.

"She's a force of nature," and Dick's voice is so low and sexy that it's almost like he can feel it, too. Right now, and in more than just memory. He moans when Jason does, and Jason knows he won't be able to look at Dick without seeing him like this. Hungry and turned-on and just --

Kissing him hard, stabbing into Jason's mouth with his tongue and making him taste himself. Smell himself, and Kory's rocking the bed and Dick is playing with Jason's nipples again, twisting one harder and harder before moving to the other and back again.

Jason groans and whimpers into Dick's mouth, and it's like...

He was attracted. He'd been attracted, but that was to the man who walked around like an Elvis-related nightmare and fully expected people to take him seriously. And then made them take him seriously, with every punch and kick and just.

He'd never thought Dick would be more
dangerous with his clothes off, but now Jason can see the way every muscle shifts and moves the way Dick wants them to. Now he can feel them, and the terrifying grace in everything, right down to the way he's fucking Jason's mouth.

And Kory is growling again, flexing harder around him, making him crazy, and Jason couldn't stop bucking his hips if he wanted to. If he tried. He can't breathe even when Dick pulls out of the kiss and slides an arm between Jason's head and the pillow. All he can do is watch Kory throw her head back and sweat and move.

And then he feels Dick moving beside him, and looks down and -- it's a problem. He can watch the way Kory's breasts bounce or he can watch Dick jerking himself off with fast, even strokes, or he can try not to make too many embarrassing noises because it feels so --

Smells so --

Dick grins at him again, and Jason feels his heart thudding in his chest.

"Lick your hand, kid."

And it's like his hand was just waiting for an excuse, because he doesn't really feel himself moving it, but it's right there, and he licks his palm and moans against his own skin and --

"Ah -- God. Yeah, jerk me off --"

Kory whips her head forward, and she almost looks angry, but mostly she looks fierce and gorgeous and -- taking him. Showing her teeth in nothing like a smile, and Jason squeezes Dick, and Dick calls Kory's name, and she throws her head back again and yells. And it sounds exactly like a war-cry, and she's -- she's fucking milking Jason's dick.

He feels himself losing the rough rhythm on Dick's dick and feels himself arching half off the bed, pinned down by the hot, sweaty weight of Kory and coming hard.

"Fuck -- you --" But Dick doesn't finish whatever he was going to say, just twines his hand with Jason's own and squeezes almost hard enough to hurt, making it almost as fast and hard as it was for Jason, and he wants to see it, but he's barely even breathing.

He manages to open his eyes and turn his head just in time to see Dick shooting off in a brief arc, some of which lands on Kory's long, golden thigh. She wipes it off with two fingers and brings them to her mouth and... pauses.

And leans in to brush it over Jason's mouth, looking at him and seeing into him, and now that he's closer to being able to think... he can think about what that means, and about everything she probably knows about him now that Dick just doesn't. And won't.

He licks his lips and swallows, tasting salt and faint bitterness and watching her strange eyes narrow. Like Bruce's.

"Mmm," Dick says, and turns enough to throw an arm over Jason's waist. His smile is even lazier now, but his gaze focuses in on Jason's fast. No time for anything like a poker face.

Dick squeezes him. And then Kory squeezes him, and Jason whimpers.

"You okay there?"

Jason nods and smiles back. It'd be harder not to.


Kory leans in and rests over him, crushing Dick's arm between their bodies. She's heavy enough that her full weight would be a little uncomfortable, but she's bracing some of it on her elbows. And nuzzling him.

"How long before we have to send you home?" Dick asks, from somewhere beyond Kory's hair.

"Hunh? I mean... uh. A while." He can feel Kory purring against his cheek.

Dick laughs, and somehow manages to squeeze him again. "Also good. Because you're not going anywhere just yet."

Jason snorts. "Got it."

He's covered and mostly surrounded, warm enough that he'll be hot soon, and every breath tastes like sex. And it's not like he doesn't like it -- fucking love it -- back in Gotham, but he doesn't get to spend too much time with the Titans.

It just kind of seems like a good idea to make the most of it.


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Fandom:  Teen Titans
Title:  Warm light on a winter's day
Author:  Te   [email]   [website]
Details:  Standalone  |  NC-17  |  het *slash*  |  21k  |  05/27/04
Characters:  Jason, Dick, Koriand'r
Pairings:  Dick/Jason/Koriand'r
Summary:  Jason likes visiting the Tower. A lot.

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