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Three Tequila

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From Elizabeth on 09/05/2006
That was the best Sirius/Hermione/Remus fic I have read so far (trust me, I've read quite a few of them). The fact that the story was grammatically accurate was just a bonus. It was nice being able to read a sex scene without being compelled to search for a red pen. The conversation with Harry and Ron at the end was hilarious!

From XxXDarkGoddessXxX on 08/14/2006
I for one, think that the story was beyond brilliant withOUT pictures. I've re-read this story many times and it still amazes me. Wonderful job!!

From alice ttlg on 07/30/2005
pictures cannot be archived on this site, only text

From steven on 07/30/2005
2 other people agree with me to have pictures i c

From steven on 07/30/2005
Good story, but no gay stuff and maybe have some drawings or pictures on the side of the story so to better see what is going on.

From Billy on 07/12/2005
The story was great but I would have like to have seen pictures or like little cartoons on the side of the story.

From kris on 07/05/2005
have pictures

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