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Just what you do to me

by Te

[Story Headers]

Just what you do to me
by Te
July 19, 2004

Disclaimers: So very not mine.

Spoilers: Not a one.

Summary: Kon keeps it simple. Tim approves.

Ratings Note: NC-17.

Author's Note: I think kissing snippets are a good idea, don't you?

Acknowledgments: To LC for audiencing.


Kon totally has a plan.

Normally, this would be a cause for alarm -- he's learned about himself and plan-making -- but he's also learned that when he keeps it simple, there's way less trauma. Proportionally, even.

And while this is still a little more complicated than "wait for Robin or Cyborg to tell him what to punch and/or dismantle," he's got it under control.

After all, he already knows the important stuff.

Tim's door is closed, but that doesn't really mean anything. He's never actually seen Tim leave a door open, unless he was thinking he might have to escape at some point. Kon knocks and waits.

"Come in."

And... hunh. Kon does it and -- yes, definitely -- closes the door behind him. "You didn't know it was me?"

Tim's sitting cross-legged on the floor, cape folded around himself. He's got that twitchy little smile on his face and he isn't actually looking at Kon. "How do you know I didn't just decide not to say your name?"

Kon leans back against the door and grins. "Because you always say my name. Everyone's, because you live to fuck with us."

"I do have a few other interests, Kon," Tim says and rolls his head around on his neck just a little too easily.

Kon's used to the fact that Tim's disturbingly flexible. Tim's given him a lot of reasons to... focus. He can do that. "Not many. So why didn't you know it was me?"

Another smile directed at the room in general, and Tim stands. "I was meditating."

And... okay, one, obvious much, Kon? Two... damn. "Jesus. Sorry --"

Tim waves it off. "Nothing big. If I really hadn't wanted to be disturbed --"

"You should put a sign on your door or something, man."

"Mm." Tim stretches and this smile is actually focused on him. "Probably. What's up?"

Plan-time. Right. "Uh... I kind of need you to do a favor for me." And see, the absolute best part of this plan is that it couldn't have been designed better for Kon's strengths if Robin had come up with it. He's already blushing and staring at the floor, and he knows what that does --

"Tell me."

And Tim hesitates for a second, long enough for Kon to wonder just how much of what he's thinking is coming out in his voice, but then Tim moves, pulling the chair out from under the desk and spinning it around.

And the look on his face is more curious than anything else.

Kon locks the door, and feels his heart starting to beat faster. He isn't sure if it's the sound or the way Tim's really obviously raising an eyebrow behind the mask. He thinks very, very seriously about asking Tim to ditch it, but even though he probably would without asking any questions...

Too much to risk.

Because if Tim says something, Kon knows he will answer. And talking to Tim is, like, the world's best way to distract the hell out of him.

So he doesn't say anything, just gets into position, and man, it's possible that Clark has a point about him needing a non-superhero life, because he probably shouldn't be getting off on thinking of this in mission terminology.

As opposed to just the fact that he's kneeling between Tim's legs -- spread nice and wide before he so much as touches Tim's knees -- and feeling around until... there. Belt off.

He sets it down on the floor gently and starts hiking up Tim's tunic --

"This is the favor?" Tim sounds incredulous and amused, and that's another thing Kon's gotten to learn the really long, frustrating, and good way --

You can't just look at Tim's face when he's talking to you, and sometimes you shouldn't at all. Because Tim puts almost nothing where you can see it, but if you listen... "About forty percent of it," Kon says, and curls his fingers under the waistbands of Tim's shorts and tights.

"And the other sixty?"

The smile in Tim's voice and the smooth lift of his hips so Kon can, fuck, strip him and... yeah. Distracting. "Getting there."

"Uh, huh. Kon..." And Tim reaches for him, and it's so hard not to just lean into it, into the way he knows Tim will pet and scratch at his head, pet with the gauntlets on, that Kon's pretty sure he grabbed Tim's wrist a little too hard.

Tim's tense all over for just a second, that scarily sensitive fight-or-flight thing he has in full effect, and Kon stares up into. Into Tim's eyes, and he will never figure out how Tim manages to get those lenses up all the time when Kon's not paying attention. He has no idea what he was going to try to say.

"Don't move," Tim says, and looks at him. "Right?"

"Yeah," and it comes out so choked that Kon swallows and tries again. "Yeah."

And Tim's eyes just flare at him for a second, this trick of the light that even humans who aren't ridiculously well-trained can do when they're... motivated enough, and he twists his wrist out of Kon's grasp.

And very, very deliberately sits on his thumbs, fingers curling beneath the seat. Kon can smell him already. It feels like he can smell him getting harder behind his jock, like every single one of his senses is just zeroed in on what Tim's feeling.

It's something...

He's getting stronger, and more, well, sensitive. But those are the powers he was never sure he wanted, the ones he never really tried for as much as he used to try to spontaneously develop x-ray and heat vision back in the day. Because it's actually a little scary, or would be, he thinks, if it was anyone but Tim's heartbeat making him deaf, anyone but Tim's rising, sharpening scent making him...

And unless Tim's wearing an even-more-armored than usual jock, Kon's already way harder than Tim is.

So very much not a shock.

He licks his lips and tugs on the jock, flexing at the way Tim's heartbeat sort of trips for a second, at the way he lifts up for that, too. Kon licks his lips again and breathes in deep, letting it all just drown him for a second, and watches Tim get harder.

"Can I... did you want me not to talk, too?"

Kon blinks, because that's... and okay, maybe he has kind of made this sound like... but he didn't mean...

Not entirely, anyway.

He isn't sure whether he wants to laugh at himself or just choke himself on Tim's dick in, like, a fatal way. "You can say anything you want, man." He strokes Tim's thighs for emphasis, and because the insides are smooth and sleek against his thumbs while the hair tickles and scratches his fingers.

"Kon," Tim says and flexes his thighs under Kon's hands.

Kon takes another deep breath and squeezes. "Yeah."

"Kon." Tim's voice is low and full. Hungry and satisfied at the same time and...

Jesus, yes. Kon wraps his hand around the base of Tim's dick and manages not to start jacking him, but can't stop himself from squeezing a little. Tim's breath hitches and he spreads his legs even wider.

Kon can feel Tim looking at him, and he loves that, he loves it so much that it's fucking hard not to just look up and let himself get lost in whatever brain-killing look Tim has in his eyes, but...plan.

"I like kissing," he blurts, before he can get anymore tangled up in everything he wants. "I like kissing you."

He listens to Tim's breathing hitch and steady itself again, and leans in until he's close enough to rub the head of Tim's dick over his lips. Close enough that Tim has to be able to feel every breath he's taking.

"All over," Kon says, and feels Tim's thigh tense again under his hand. His heart is beating so fast already, and Kon can't decide whether to be grateful for it or not. It's amazing to listen to, but it makes it harder to focus on the smell.

The taste, because he licks his lips again without thinking about it, and winds up swiping his tongue over the slit.

"God, Tim --"

"Kon --"

"I love kissing you so much," and Kon does it, and Tim makes this sharp, strangled sound that almost gets lost to the rock-hard feel of Tim's thigh and the pound of his heart and the feel. So smooth and so soft-hard and fucking -- fucking vulnerable, and for a long, long minute he can't believe he hasn't done this before.

Every time he's just swallowed Tim greedily feels like a lost opportunity, because Kon loves kissing Tim so much, and this... this...

It's not his mouth, and it's painfully, stupidly obvious and it's also just not, because Tim can't drive him crazy with his tongue and his teeth, because Tim can't do anything but take this.

And he can kiss Tim all he wants.

"Oh --"

He can suck the head of Tim's dick and just lick him over and over again, like he always plans to do to Tim's tongue but never manages.

"Oh God --"

In a way, it's not perfect. He can slide his tongue the way he does when he's first slipping in to Tim's mouth, but the slit's too small to get fancy, and he doesn't think Tim would really appreciate Kon tongue-fucking it as hard as he does Tim's mouth, but then it's also completely perfect, because Tim is tensed so hard he's shaking, and Kon can feel him needing to thrust.

And not doing it, because Kon told him not to move.

He moans into it and squeezes the base of Tim's dick, and Tim's still panting, but every few gasps it comes out sharp and high and sweet.

He sucks hard on the head, and this time Tim bucks for real --

"Kon --"

And makes a completely unrecognizable sound when Kon reaches back to cup his hip and hold him.

But Kon's dick is painfully hard in his jeans and he really has to let go. Tim twitches under his hands and stops and shudders and stops again when Kon pulls back all the way. And Kon stares and... God.

Tim's dick is hard, dark and leaking as he watches. He reaches for his fly and looks up and it's such a mistake, because Tim is staring at him like he's shocked, like Kon's just done the hottest, freakiest thing ever.

His cheeks are flushed beneath the mask and his lower lip is swollen. Bitten.


Tim squeezes his eyes shut and he looks... he looks that kind of hurt that means "please" and "don't stop," and Kon swallows and yanks the buttons of his jeans open on the best freaking reflex he's ever developed.

"I just. I won't stop. You... if you keep bucking like that I'm going to need you to fuck my mouth --"

"Please --"

Kon feels himself shoot more -- a lot more -- pre-come into his shorts and groans, kneeling up to shove the jeans and shorts down as far as he can get them without moving, and Tim's still wearing the gauntlets, so Kon can barely see his arms, but what he can see is tensed and shuddering. "You want to touch me --"

Tim's low, moaning growl makes Kon's dick flex, and he was just going to stroke Tim's thighs a little, maybe soothe him or something, but he winds up squeezing too hard and shoving, pushing them even further apart, and Tim bucks forward and he's half off the chair, spread and open and -- "Please, Kon --"

"You... you're the sexiest thing --"

He shakes his head and gets his hand back around Tim's dick, and this time he can't keep himself from jacking it once, a few times, and the growl turns into these rhythmic little grunts, and Kon needs -- he needs this so bad.

He sucks hard on the head of Tim's dick, going down a little -- not enough --

"Yes -- yes --"

And it hurts to pull off, but it makes Tim yell, and it's so sexy, so incredible to just be in this, because he knows just how badly Tim needs him to suck him off. Knows it in his blood and knows it in his dick, and when Kon starts kissing him again --

"Your mouth -- Kon --"

"Tell me. Just..." And licking Tim just turns into nuzzling him. Rubbing the head of Tim's dick over his lips and over his cheek -- "C'mon, tell me, man --"

"Suck me, Kon, fucking -- yes --"

Down and down, too fast, just fast enough that he gags himself on it, and then Tim bucks in and Kon groans and maybe whimpers,
because powers don't matter with Tim. Because Tim's got so much control it's fucking scary, but he's not using any of it.

He's not using anything but Kon's mouth, slapping Kon's hands away from his hips and grabbing Kon's head and, fuck, standing up and pulling Kon's face in until his nose is crushed against Tim's mound, until he can't breathe in more than useless, helpless little gasps, and Tim's driving into his throat.

Fast, brutal little snaps of his hips and these sharp little 'nn' sounds and --

"Kon, you -- oh fuck --"

Kon groans again and grabs for his dick, but he can barely get his hand around it before he's coming, grunting and swallowing and he can't see and he can't think. Come on his hand and Tim's gauntleted fingers digging into his scalp and come in his mouth, slicking Tim's last few thrusts.

And Tim's making noises like someone's punching him in the gut, over and over, and Kon strokes Tim's legs and feels them buckle and shake.

He steadies Tim as best he can and feels those hands settling on his shoulders. Squeezing and... fuck. The feel of Tim resting his weight on Kon makes his dick twitch again, makes him groan again, and Tim whines and rocks back out of Kon's mouth before dropping to his knees.

Tim's forehead is hot against Kon's shoulder, slick with sweat. Tim squeezes Kon's bicep with one hand and reaches up with the other. His fingers are trembling, and Kon presses his mouth to them and gets petted.

No, not petted. It's a shaky-fingered
examination for two or three surreal heartbeats, and then it's petting.

Kon bites Tim's fingertips lightly and reaches around to pull Tim closer, until he's spread over Kon's lap.

And then he kisses them.

Tim tenses and moans.

"You okay, man?"

"That... was the favor." Tim's voice is breathless and hoarse.

"Yeah. It... yeah."

Tim shifts and settles in a little closer and Kon squeezes him and strokes his back.

Listens to Tim's breathing, and buries himself in the pound of Tim's heart. He can feel it and he can hear it and he thinks maybe he can taste it, and --


Kon blinks. "Okay?"

Tim drags his face over Kon's shoulder, and it's this amazing and weird experience to be able to feel Tim smiling before they both pull back enough that he can see it. "Okay," Tim says again, and reaches down for Kon's other hand and just...

Pets it. Runs his fingers through the come on Kon's fingers and looks at him. "Tim."

"Yeah," Tim says and leans in and kisses him. Hard and slick, and of course it's okay, because Tim knows exactly how he kisses, and he knows that Kon can't do anything but open up and feel himself getting ripped into happy, mindless little pieces by Tim's tongue. And try to remember how to breathe when Tim pulls back enough to bite Kon's lip and hold it between his teeth for a long, hot moment before letting go.

"Jesus, Tim."

Tim tangles his slick fingers with Kon's own and squeezes.

And waits for Kon to squeeze back before leaning in to breathe against Kon's ear.

"Kiss me again."


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Fandom:  Teen Titans
Title:  Just what you do to me
Author:  Te   [email]   [website]
Details:  Standalone  |  NC-17  |  *slash*  |  15k  |  07/19/04
Characters:  Kon, Tim
Pairings:  Kon/Tim
Summary:  Kon keeps it simple. Tim approves.

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