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Dangerous Cargo

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From Natalie on 03/04/2007
That was so Good! And funny.

From Lauren on 02/18/2007
I came online looking for Firefly slash after I started rewatching the series, and all I can say about this is that if the rest of the fandom are as good at writing as you are, then it's gotta be one hell of a fandom. I felt that your characterisation was spot on -- I could totally picture Jayne and his puppy -- and I'll be looking for more!

From Caitlin on 09/25/2005
I really liked this story! Your portrayal of the characters was excellent. And Jayne and the cargo made me laugh...and will continue to make me giggle whenever I think of it. Good job!

From Laura on 07/01/2004
An excellent story, with some nice bits of humour in it too. I also thought that the characterisation was spot on for all the characters.

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