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Drought (155 words)

by Kelly Keil

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She is the hard sky above parched ground. Doggett knows skies like her, has seen them ruin the red earth beneath them. "I have no rain to give," they say, indifferent, unapologetic. "It's nothing personal."

He needs her like the crops need rain, wants her like lemonade on a hot day. She smiles at him, and it reaches her eyes (those hard blue eyes), and maybe....

But then she looks away and he knows he's a fool for even thinking that she might --

"Good night, Agent Scully." He watches her leave.

--turn and see him. Really see him, as the sky never sees the ground below.

"Good night. Was there something you wanted?"

'Yes,' sticks in his throat. He wants to push her up against the wall and kiss the indifference right out of her.

"Nope," he lies.

A cloud of doubt crosses her eyes before she turns and shuts the office door.

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Fandom:  X-Files
Title:  Drought (155 words)
Author:  Kelly Keil   [email]   [website]
Details:  Standalone  |  PG  |  0k  |  04/17/04
Pairings:  Doggett/Scully UST
Summary:  "She is the hard sky above parched ground."
Notes:  Timeline: Somewhere between Within and Dead/Alive
Classification: Doggett/Scully UST, angst, 155 words
Disclaimer/Other:  The X-files characters portrayed in this story belong to Fox, 1013, and Chris Carter.
Acknowlegements: Thanks to Vanzetti for drive-by beta, and to Bardsmaid and Muridae for giving a collective thumbs up.
Archive: Anywhere, just keep my info attached.
Feedback: Please, sir, may I have another?

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