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And take me worlds away

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From anthony on 02/23/2007
what a beautiful story. I have never read stories that are better than yours. the intensity of the emotions_how you can bring to life these you breathe life into these characters. i have seen your stories at other sites; and they are always among the best. I would love to know if you have an archive that you have all your stories at; so i don't have to hope that i find one of your stories at other sites. The only thing that drives me crazy is that Tim doesn't say i love you to Kon when he obviously does. and hated that he could not even take his mask off. And for Kon to put himself out there with his heart on his sleeve with almost no fear...Kon deserves better from Tim. Sometimes actions are not enough. especially for someone as sensitive as Kon; i believe he needs to hear "I love you". and he deserves to hear it as well.

From timarach on 11/07/2005
So hot and sad. A great combination!

From min on 03/22/2005
Please write more like this. This has got to be absolutely the most erotic, interesting, in-depth ficlet I've read concerning the tim/kon pairing. Logically, the source material makes fanfic interesting, right? Well, I say that fics like this make the SOURCE MATERIAL more interesting. I read this, then re-read me some Teen Titans, and the experience was that much richer for it.... Well, I'll stop babbling like an idiot and leave you alone now.

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