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The honey we made

by Te

[Story Headers]

The honey we made
by Te
April 2, 2004

Disclaimers: They are so not mine, dude.

Spoilers: None, really.

Summary: Just start singing "I Think We're Alone Now." That's close enough.

Ratings Note: NC-17.

Author's Note: Lots of people have been poking me to write schmoop. So I wrote schmoop. Intended as part of the Connection series, taking place sometime after "In Your Room."

Could be read as a standalone.

Acknowledgments: Lots of love to Weirdness Magnet, Jack, Livia, and L.C. for holding my hand.


Tim's smirking at him. "You look like you're hiding from someone."

Kon's willing to admit Tim has a point. He is kind of... pressed back against Tim's door. But. "I'm not hiding."

"No?" Tim stops juggling the small, innocuous pellets that are probably small nuclear warheads. Three in one hand, two in the other. "Then what?"

"It's..." Really phenomenally stupid, actually. Even for him. Still. "Nothing."

Tim gives him a look, and shifts until his back is against the wall. He's sitting cross-legged on his bed, just like he's a normal kid, instead of someone who sees nothing wrong with hanging around in pajama bottoms and a mask. "Nothing," he says.

Kon settles a little more of his weight back against the door. "Maybe something."

"Mm-hm." Tim rolls the pellets around in his left hand, then the ones in his right. He isn't quite smiling.

"It's just."

Eyebrow raise. And...

"Doesn't that ever get uncomfortable?"

"Not since the time I accidentally ripped one off."

"You ripped off an eyebrow?"

"Not all of it." Tim gives him another look, and then bends to stick the pellets... somewhere. The line of his back is long and... nice. Really nice.

Kon's pretty sure he'll get used to seeing Tim half-naked... never. He's okay with that. Some things deserve appreciation.

And when Tim sits up again... "Are you going to tell me?"

"We spent all day yesterday playing taxi service for supervillains. After which we pretty much all passed out." Or, well, he did. For all he knows, Tim had stayed up to build Alcatraz better security or something.


"We spent all day today cooped up in that stupid classroom getting quizzed on supervillains no one has seen or heard from since, like, Nightwing was your age."

Another one of those not-quite-smiles. "You're building to something. I can sense it."

"Oh, don't be an asshole. We haven't gotten a chance to... be alone. In a while."

"Five days. Dana says I should give that nice Conner boy a hug for her, by the way."

"I like her. Tim --"

"What I don't get... is why you're over there."

"Well..." I'm kind of savoring the we're-alone-now. He's not actually saying that.

What he's doing, mostly, is watching Tim... unfold himself. His legs. And it's not like he's suddenly Gay Porn Robin, Now With Extra Weaponry or something. He's just got his feet flat on the bed and his knees bent up and spread a little and okay maybe it's totally porn.

"Jesus, Tim."

That smile actually exposed teeth.

Kon likes that smile. A lot, actually. And --

"No. Wait."

Kon waits. "Why am I waiting?"

More teeth. He's being spoiled. "Well. Since you're there..."


Tim looks down at the bed. "I've been thinking."

"I like your thoughts."

A brief look, and... okay, porn or no porn, Kon wants the mask off. He knows that look.

Tim's eyes are a perfectly normal blue, right up until they pick up a glittery little shine that... says a lot, really. "Tim..."

"You talk a lot. About jerking off."

"Uh. Not as much as I do it?"

Tim laughs, a little. And. "Yeah. I... you know it turns me on. Thinking about it."

And... yeah he does. Facial expressions and everything. "You... uh. Want to see me jerk off?"

Tim... shifts. "Yeah."

Kon nods, and thinks maybe he's nodding too much. He has to think about where his off switch is, because... of course he would. He's Robin. Watching is who he is. Kon takes a breath and starts working on his fly. "But... um. Why am I over here?"


He watches Tim watch him push his jeans down to his thighs. And his shorts. And... he wonders how much Tim has to be narrowing his eyes for Kon to be able to tell through the mask. And he also... "Because...?"

He kind of knows.

He knows more when Tim reaches up to flick back the lenses and... "Tim."

"Yeah. Show me."

And okay and also absolutely. He's been half-hard for... he doesn't even want to think about how long he's been half-hard, because it's painful and ridiculous and also evil. And his own hand is just his own hand, but it's also something that Tim seems to think is really nice to look at.

Or maybe it's just his dick.

Kon leans his shoulders back against the door and spreads as much as he can with his jeans around his thighs. "Is this... what you wanted?"

"It's... yeah." Tim licks his lips.

"No, tell me. Do you want..."

Tim looks him in the eye, and it's like... "I want to see how you do it. When you're... thinking. About us."

Us. It's exactly like being hit. Kon bites his tongue and rubs his thumb over the head until he starts leaking. Breathes. "I think... I think about it a lot."

"Yeah..." Tim's not looking at his face anymore.

Tim looks... really damned focused. And it kind of makes him wonder if he should be
embarrassed, but... it's Tim.

And Kon likes seeing him turned on. And also... 'Tim' and 'whim' only sound alike.

"How long... were you thinking about this? About me doing this?"

"Since the first time."

"Fuck." Kon's dick flexes in his hand and Tim licks his lips. Not slow or anything, just this fast little pass with his tongue.

Tim looks him in the eye again. Steady, just like he's about to say something important about a mission, instead of -- "Think about it. Right now. What you... want to do to me."

There's a thud and Kon knows his head just hit the door. He tries to spread a little wider, and then just reaches down with his other hand and gives his balls a squeeze.


"Yeah, Tim --"

"What -- tell me. Tell me what you want."

He has to open his eyes again, just a little. Just enough to see Tim, and watch those eyes flicker all over his body and... it's weirdly like being photographed. His chest, his face, his thighs when he flexes. His pumping hand.

He'd so totally let Tim do it if he didn't know exactly how good Tim's memory is.

"I want your mouth."

Tim makes a sound. A quiet one and --

"Yeah. You make these sounds. You're
always -- fuck, Tim --"

Tim's fingers are curling into the sheets. A little.

"It's like you think you're only allowed to be really loud when my dick is in your mouth."

And Tim just flushes. Like the blood is rolling up to the surface of his skin and all the way down. Right over his chest and Kon squeezes himself harder and pumps faster.


"What else?"

"Take it out, man. I want to see how hard you are --"

"Kon --"

"Show me, please, Tim --"

And Tim whimpers, so loud Kon wants to catch it in his mouth, and he lifts his hips and shoves the pajama pants down past his knees and --

"Oh, fuck, Tim. Spread your knees... oh fuck." He's so not gonna last. Not if 'lasting' means staying way the hell over here, instead of over on that bed, where Tim's dick is hard and dark and just a little wet at the tip.

Wetter as he watches.

"I think -- I'm thinking about fucking you. Wanna be inside you."

Tim's panting, and he's got the sheets balled up in his fists.

"Wanna do it... do it slow --"


"Hard. You like... you like everything so hard, Tim --"

"I like feeling you. When you're not there."

And Kon has to lock his knees, because that's just... "You're so hot. You drive me fucking crazy, Tim..."

And Tim's looking at him, and Kon isn't sure he's blinking, and Kon starts fucking his own fist and Tim's dick just twitches. More precome. Jesus. Jesus.

"Tim. Let me come over there. Let me touch you --"

Tim moans and his knuckles are white.

"Rub my dick all over you. Fuck your mouth --"

"Don't stop --"

"I can't. I can't -- I want you."

"Yeah --"

Kon rolls his balls in his hand and his dick is almost too slick, it's too good, and Tim's getting just as slick. "You're so fucking hot, Tim. I'll do whatever you want, I'll do it hard for you, Tim, I'll --"

And Tim makes this noise, this hot, strangled whine, and Kon hadn't even realized he'd closed his eyes, but when he opens them, Tim's coming on himself.

"Oh fuck, Tim."

All over his own chest and his head is thrown back and it looks like every muscle in his body is flexed and Kon doesn't really register that he's moving until his jeans do their damnedest to trip him, but it doesn't matter. Bed. Tim.

On Tim. Has to push him down, and just... working his balls is nice, but sliding his hand through the come on Tim's stomach is even nicer.

"Don't stop --"

"Yeah. Yeah, Tim. Gonna -- fuck. Come on you --"

And it's awkward, like maybe he's going to fall on Tim before he does anything else, and he can't brace himself on Tim's stomach, even if he wasn't just slipping, but Tim is staring at him and Tim is covered in his own come, and Tim likes to watch.

"Oh God --"


And when Tim says his name like that, like he's something different and special and sexy, when he looks at him like he's never worn a mask at all -- Kon's mouth falls open on a groan and he comes all over Tim, driving himself down so the next shot is between them, and Tim grabs his head and yanks him up into a kiss.

Kon moans and gives it right back, rolling them over until his shoulder smacks the wall and Tim's mostly on top of him. And he wants to kick his jeans off and one day he'll remember to ditch his boots first, but this is more important. Sucking Tim's tongue and touching him
everywhere he can reach.

Slick, sweaty skin and the constant, terrifying and hot little interruptions of all Tim's scars. And then he just has to get his hands up to Tim's face, and just... feel him. He's so hot. Literally hot, and Kon knows that at least some of that is a blush, and that's even sexier. The mask is cool and smooth and Tim just isn't. Tim bites his mouth and makes little growling sounds and sucks on Kon's neck and rocks against him like he didn't just come.

"Tim. Tim..." He doesn't have the words that come after that, but Tim doesn't seem to need them.

Tim kneels up over him and strokes him through the shirt and his eyes are wild, even with the mask shadowing them, and Tim curls his fingers and scrapes Kon's chest.

"Fuck, yeah --"

"Kon, I want --"


And Tim laughs, one of those two-syllables-andout things that usually just mean he's too busy to be amused, but this time it feels more like he can't.

Kon reaches up and cups Tim's face and just... holds him. Until Tim looks him in the eye again, and his mouth looks soft and... he was totally going to say something. He has no fucking clue what.

"Kon," Tim says, and turns his face halfway into Kon's palm. Just enough that he can feel that mouth against him while Tim is still looking at him.

"I want you," Kon says, and it's nothing like enough.

"Yeah. I..." And Tim turns his head a little further and just breathes against Kon's palm for a long, hot second before kissing him there.


And then Tim grabs his wrist and holds on just long enough to swallow two of Kon's fingers into his mouth and suck before pulling off again. "You want my mouth."

"Fuck. Always."

Tim smiles at him, just one of those little, quiet things that always make Kon want to tell the world to shut up or something, because he doesn't want to miss them, and... fuck.

He... has it bad.

Tim squeezes his wrist. "I want... I want you to tell me. What you like."

"You get off on that."

The smirk is familiar, and way easier to deal with. "Think of it as a feedback loop," Tim says, and moves down Kon's body. All the way down to his boots.

And maybe he'll remember to take them off when Tim stops doing things like bending and twisting himself to do it when his pajama bottoms are still tangled around his knees. Maybe freaking never. "Feedback loop?"

Tim looks back over his shoulder. "I get off, you get off on me getting off, I get off again on you getting off..."

"I like feedback loops."

"Mm. You..."


Tim bites his lip. And squeezes Kon's ankle.

"Tim --"

The look on Tim's face is a little shadowed. "Do you ever... get scared?"

Kon blinks. "Of this? All the time."

Tim turns back around and yanks off Kon's other boot. "I can't tell."

"Yeah, well. You usually make me scream for other reasons." Like the fact that your ass is right there and... yeah. Smooth. Kon sits up and digs in with his thumbs and just... rubs.



"I want to suck you."

Kon squeezes. "Fuck, Tim."

Tim pushes Kon's pants and shorts all the way off. Bending to do it and --


Tim kneels up again, and looks back at Kon over his shoulder. And it's a serious look. "I want you to fuck my mouth. And then... whatever else we do, I don't want you to leave tonight."

"I won't. I..." He wants to say he hears Tim, that he gets it, and that he's thinking about... just anything. Everything. "Tim."

Tim smiles at him again and turns around, pressing Kon's hands against his own hips for a second before pushing them off again. "Yeah." And he pushes a hand back through his hair, until it's spiked and messy and...

"Me, too," Kon says, and pulls his shirt up over his head and off.

And Tim looks at him, and it's the look that makes Kon want to be naked all the time, especially with Tim bending in to kiss him, and press him back down to the bed, and kiss him more, and kiss him all the way down his chest.

I love you, Kon doesn't say, and pretty much only because it would probably be stupid to do it right when Tim slips his mouth over the head of his dick. And then because moaning is much, much easier. He shoves the fingers of one hand into Tim's hair, mussing it more. Spiking it, because he wants to focus on something other than how good Tim feels, how hot and wet his mouth is. How familiar, in this weird way like he knows he won't be able to recall the exact feeling tomorrow, but he knows that the next time Tim does this it'll feel just like this.

Slow, thick waves of feeling rolling up through his belly and down his legs, making his thighs tremble and his breath catch.

Tim hums around him and clutches Kon's thigh with one hand and wraps the other around the base of Kon's dick, and Kon remembers that he's supposed to be talking.

The first attempt is just another groan, and another when Tim shoves his tongue hard at Kon's slit and --

"Jesus, Tim..." He can't stop pushing and tugging at Tim's hair. "You... like that --"

Another humming sound, and it's a question.

"You want me to be specific?"

An entirely different sound, and Kon braces himself on his other elbow and looks up to find Tim smiling around his dick.

"You're gonna kill me."

Tim just looks at him, and strokes his thigh.

"Yeah... yeah, I --" Never want you to stop. You -- "Your tongue --"

Tim closes his eyes halfway and licks him slow, all around the head, and Kon can feel Tim making noise, but he can't hear him over his own gasps.

"Fuck, Tim, don't stop. That wasn't -- but don't stop --"

Tim stops.

Kon clutches Tim's hair and he knows it's too hard, but Tim just looks at him more. "Gah."

Tim licks his lips. "'Gah?'"


"Tell me what you like."

Kon forces himself to breathe, but can't stop himself from trying to thrust into the fist around the base of his dick. "Your tongue. In the slit. You ginormous perfectionist control freak."

And he gets a narrow-eyed smirk for that, but there's no time to respond before Tim's on him again, sucking him in, sucking him hard, and then pulling back to fuck the slit with his tongue.

"Oh Jesus Tim yes --"

It's good. Of course it's good, but it's also... he gets this, too. They've never really settled into giving blow-jobs, as opposed to getting each other off with their mouths. There's a difference, but Kon doesn't actually think he's capable of being specific right now, because he can feel himself sweating and he can smell Tim sweating and it's --

"So fucking good, Tim..."

"Mmm," and it's around him, all through him, and Kon feels himself shooting pre-come and he knows he could come like this, but there are so many other things Tim does really fucking well, and Tim wants to know.

"Teeth. Scraping -- fuck --"

All the way down to his own fist and all the way up again, and Kon's pretty sure he would not like this that much if he was more than half-human -- he never does it to Tim -- but he can't imagine an entire life without it. Like fingers. Nails and heat and on the next upstroke Tim flickers his tongue and --

Looks up. Looks at him and sees him and Kon knows he must look exactly as turned on as he is, because Tim's eyes just burn.

And it's just another wordless sound, but Kon knows it's his name, and it makes him jerk and thrust.

"Suck me. Just don't stop. Suck me off, Tim, I need you --"

And Tim squeezes Kon's hip hard and goes down, giving his dick one last squeeze before moving his hand and swallowing him and --

He means to say something, even just Tim's name, but the only thing that comes out is noise. Which would be fine, but it makes it harder to hear Tim, and feeling him moaning around his dick isn't enough. Kon bites his lip and fucks up into Tim's throat and that's...

Fuck. Every little noise cut off with his dick, and Kon cups the back of Tim's head and tries not to pull him in, tries not to just hold him there, because even though Tim's nose is pressed right to him, it's not enough.

Or it's perfect. He can't --

He can't think.

"You feel so good. You feel so -- oh --"

Noise, just noise, and Tim pulls off enough to catch a breath, pushing up hard against Kon's hand, and when Kon pulls him back down he groans, like Kon's done exactly the right thing.

So he holds on and fucks his way in, over and over, and he can't tell which of them is making what noise anymore, and it doesn't matter. It's never been this good, and the fact that he thinks that every time is just one more reason why he can't stop clutching at Tim's hair with one hand and the sheets with the other.

Why he's going to come, right down Tim's spasming throat. Just like this and --

"Tim --"

And Tim just digs in with his thumbs and swallows while Kon shakes. And he has just enough willpower to yank Tim off his dick and up into a kiss before he has to fall back on the bed. Tim coughs into his mouth and never stops kissing. Not once. Just cups Kon's face and licks his tongue while Kon tries to get slightly less of a death-grip on Tim's hair.

He pretty much has to make a bargain with his body before he can, though -- agreeing to roll them over until Tim's under him, grinding up against Kon's stomach and starting to bite.

"You always bite when you want more."

"You always respond," Tim says, and his voice is rough and low. Used.

Kon pulls back enough to stroke Tim's throat with two fingers, and it seems strange that there are no marks except for those few, old scars. "You know I'll do anything you want."

"But what do you want?"

"Everything." And it's not a surprise when Tim cups his chin and squeezes. "I know, you want specifics." Kon grins. "It's hard, sometimes."

Tim frowns a little. "You never seem to have trouble saying... things. Like that."

"Oh, well... it's not that. I just... have a hard time deciding." He grins a little wider. "You're kind of distracting when you're not saying 'no.'"

Tim raises an eyebrow. "I don't say 'no' that often."

"My point."

Tim strokes the line of Kon's jaw with his thumb, and then his mouth. Kon resists the urge to suck Tim's fingers into his mouth, and the urge to close his eyes. There's something about Tim's eyes when he's petting Kon in a not-directly-aboutgetting -him-off way. A different kind of focus, and maybe fascination.

Kon shakes his head in small motions, dragging his mouth against the motion of Tim's fingers. "I could suck you," he says, and Tim's fingertips tap against his teeth.

Tim takes a deep breath that still looks sharp.

"I like it when you fuck my mouth. Maybe almost as much as you like it when I fuck yours."

Tim's eyes narrow and his mouth twists into this hot little snarl.

"Oh, yeah, Tim..." He presses more of his weight down, pushing Tim into the mattress. Tim's dick is a slick-sticky bar of hot and hard against his stomach. "Is that what you want?"

Tim shoves two fingers into Kon's mouth and pushes down on his tongue, and pulls out again.

"Tim --"

"I want to know what you want, Kon."

"Stubborn --"

Tim grins at him. "Yeah. I am."

Kon rocks a little. He's got a little while before he gets hard again, and maybe another few minutes after that before he needs to get off. But Tim is starting to flush a little. And it's... it's not that he doesn't like playing with Tim.

He's too well-trained not to feel that every minute of Tim-at-play is some kind of reprieve from the universe. It's just...

"You've got too much control."

Tim's eyes widen for just a second before narrowing again. "Do I?"

Kon laughs. "That's not even a serious question, right?"

Small, sharp little smile, and it's something Kon should probably worry about, because it's one thing to be trained for Tim, and it's another thing to get off on everything he does -- especially since all the Bats he's met have a lot of the same... quirks. But.

It's not like he wants to fuck Batman's mouth anytime soon. The guy probably has Kryptonite fillings. And that's... a horrifyingly funny thought, and he can't quite bite back a laugh.

Tim reaches up to pet his mouth again. "What?"

"Thinking about taking my life in my hands."

"Why don't you think about fucking me, instead?"

And that's both an excellent idea and the closest he's likely to get to finding out what Tim wants. "I can do that. Think about that."

Another glittery look. It's almost a shame Tim wears a mask. He could probably scare the hell out of people with a few well-placed looks. Not that Kon's scared, per se. And... he knows exactly what he wants to do.

He pulls back, kneeling up over Tim, and spreading his knees. Tim strokes Kon's thighs, up and down, and never looks away from his eyes. Kon catches Tim's hands and moves them, squeezing them for a second before pressing them back down to the mattress. "Turn over."

Tim opens his mouth, and it's halfway between a gasp and something unspoken. And he does it, thrusting once against the mattress. Just once, and Kon can see him holding back.

Tim's all pale skin and lean muscle and scars. It wouldn't matter if Tim had been artificially aged, too, before being sent off to be a Batkid -- he'd still look older. Sometimes Kon thinks that's the biggest attraction. How worn Tim is, and how all that experience is just written all over him in a way it'll never be on him.

Mostly he just thinks about getting his hands on Tim, all over, just like this. Stroking him and squeezing his shoulders and lifting him enough to play with his nipples, and then lifting him so that he's up on his hands and knees and petting him some more. Tim makes him feel like a teenager, like this is exactly how sex is supposed to feel if he was normal -- only better.

Neither of them are normal.

And Tim's quiet except for his breathing, but Kon already knows what that means. Every breath is another moan, every moment of hard, flexing tension is just...

"I love touching you, man."

"Molesting me."

Kon grins and pulls back so he can reach between Tim's legs and play with his balls a little. "Want some candy, kid?"

Tim snorts and gasps. "I don't know, Mister. Batman said never to take candy from superheroes."

Kon snickers and gives Tim a little squeeze, rubbing his back with the other hand. "He totally did, didn't he?"

"Mm," Tim says, and that's so a yes.

Kon takes his hand off Tim's back and sucks two fingers into his mouth, rolling Tim's balls in his other hand and watching Tim react.

Probably more to the sounds than to anything else. Kon sucks hard enough that pulling out makes a nice, dirty little 'pop' sound and narrows his eyes at the flush spilling down Tim's back.

"But you like candy. Right, Tim?"

Sharp little exhale. Kon squeezes Tim's sac one more time and moves that hand up to cup Tim's cheek and spread him a little. And pushes in with his wet fingers. Not slow enough. Tim groans and tenses and shakes. Just for a second.

"You like it a lot."


"Don't breathe. Don't relax or get yourself under control. Just..." He pushes in deeper, as deep as he can get.

"Oh God --"

"Yeah. You..." Tight and hot. Flexing around him. "I want you to come like this, Tim."

There's a weird, cloth-intensive noise, and Kon looks up just in time to watch Tim uncurling the fingers of one hand out of a claw.

"Tim. This is what I want. I want to fuck you like this. I want --"


Kon squeezes Tim's hip. "I want to watch you come."

"Please -- fuck --"

Kon straightens his fingers out of the crook. And then crooks them again. He's too deep to really thrust, but he can sort of rock his fingers.

"Oh God --"

He can definitely do that. Especially with the way Tim's just rocking right back. Taking it. Wanting it. Hard. He likes it... Kon bites his lip and pulls out slow, holding Tim as still as he can without using the TK, and listening to Tim pant. "Jesus, you're hot --"

"Kon please --"

"Yeah, I --" He shoves in hard, swallowing back a groan when Tim shouts. Like they really are alone, instead of in a Tower full of people with enhanced senses. "Hard..."


Kon pulls out again and licks his lips. He's a lot less sure of what he wants now. He's getting hard and he shoves in again and Tim shudders and... "Yeah. Yeah. I said I would, right?"

Tim just moans and... it's a shock every time. That Tim's letting him, that Tim wants him, and it should be stupid, but it isn't. Because it's one thing that Tim wants him, and something entirely else that he wants him like this.

Everything Kon can think of, everything Kon wants to do to him, and it's not until Kon registers the rhythm of Tim's moans that he realizes that he's fucking him for real. One short jab after another, and Tim spreads his thighs and drops down to his elbows and takes it.

Every stroke, every twist.

Every time Kon pulls out far enough to make the thrusts long, and the sounds are muffled now. He looks up, and Tim has his face in the pillow, shaking his head back and forth and gripping the sheets.

"Tim --"

"Don't. Don't stop."

Kon moans and reaches for Tim's balls again with his free hand, and... fuck, he does want to see Tim come like this, but it almost seems unfair. Like taking something, like using Tim, in a bad way, and he just -- he can't.

He reaches further and wraps his hand around Tim's dick instead, and he's wet with pre-come, hot and heavy in Kon's hand and whimpering.

"I've got you, Tim --"

"I know. I know --" Tim gasps and rests his cheek on the pillow. His mouth is swollen and soft-looking and his face is damp and flushed.

"God, you're the hottest thing I've ever seen --"

"Don't stop --"

Kon squeezes Tim's dick and strokes him hard and fast, harder than he normally would, but Tim's so wet. The hardest thing is trying to catch a rhythm and keep it, but Tim catches it for him, rocking back and forth between Kon's hands, fucking Kon's fist and fucking himself back on Kon's fingers.

Every exhale is a groan, and it's starting to hurt. The need --

"Tim, I have to be inside you --"

"Do it --"

He pulls out too fast, and Tim turns his face into the pillow again and shouts and growls when Kon pushes in. One straight thrust, and it makes Kon's eyes roll back in his head, makes him squeeze Tim's dick again, and he's back to having no idea who's making what noise, and it's back to not mattering.

He pulls Tim up away from the pillow and against him, sweat and heat and motion, and Kon wraps one arm around Tim's chest and gets a better grip on Tim's dick and buries his face against Tim's neck, licking and sucking because kissing requires too much thought. And biting, because he'd meant to pause a little bit, but Tim just drives himself back and down on him and --

Likes it hard. Likes to feel it, and he can do that. Kon bites the hard muscle between Tim's neck and shoulder and rocks in, in, and there's nothing like rhythm and he'd have better leverage if he grabbed Tim's hip, but he needs to hold him, and there's no way he's letting go of Tim's dick.

"Kon, yes..."

Kon bites him a little harder, and Tim makes a noise that sounds like pain and reaches back to hold Kon's head, hands slipping in his short hair and hips moving.

Never stop. Never even --

Tim grunts and spills all over Kon's hand and the sheets, digging his fingers into Kon's scalp and shuddering and -- he doesn't stop. He rocks back faster, and Kon moans into Tim's throat and closes his eyes.

And gives up on doing anything but fucking him.

"Come on, Kon..."

So hot. So tight --

"I need you, too."

It's not enough. It's so fucking much, and Kon squeezes Tim's chest and --

"More." Tim's gasping again. Ragged and --

Kon's squeezing too hard, and fucking him too hard, and he can't stop --

"I do like candy," Tim says, and he's actually laughing, and Kon feels himself seizing inside, feels himself just burning down to stupid, needy ash at the feel of Tim stroking his face, gently and awkwardly, even as Kon does his best to fuck his way into him --

"Tim --"

"Me, too," and the laughter is gone.

"Oh God --" And Kon shoves in hard and loses it, coming and listening to Tim groan over the sound of his own helpless panting.

Tim keeps stroking his face.

He should probably let go. His body wants him to know what a deep, terrible sacrifice it had been to stop biting, and also wants to know if he's insane. It's another one of those bargain things. Kon pulls back enough to bend his head and press his forehead against the back of Tim's neck and push.


Kon pushes again. Speech is a little too complicated.

Tim snorts and leans forward and Kon leans with him and eventually they hit the bed. Tim grunts and Kon's dick twitches weakly and fervently. He rolls them onto their sides and Tim makes a humming sound and pets the arm Kon still has locked around his chest.

He should really let go. He has to...

Go absolutely nowhere. Kon blinks. Tim shifts a little in his arms and makes a different sort of noise.

"Are you... okay?"

"Gee, Mister, I think so..."

Kon snorts against the back of Tim's neck and feels it prickle with gooseflesh. "You... really need to stop that."

He's pretty sure he can feel Tim smirking. "You started it."

"I..." And he was going to say something witty and to the point like 'what?' But really, he knows. Tim's... playing. Still. More.

For whatever reason, Tim's about as relaxed as Kon's ever seen him when not actively
unconscious and... happy.

The only reason Kon isn't squeezing him harder is that he'd actually like Tim to continue breathing. And petting his arm. Still. "So... you want me to stay?"

"If... yeah."

If you want to, Tim was going to say. But he didn't. "I want to. I always... um."

Tim strokes his way down Kon's arm and twines his fingers in Kon's own. And squeezes.

Kon breathes. "Are you... comfortable?"

"Mm. Eventually I'm going to have to move a little, but... yeah."

Kon closes his eyes and kisses the back of Tim's neck. A few times. Tim shivers and squeezes his hand again.

Kon presses a little closer, just because he can.


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Fandom:  Teen Titans
Title:  The honey we made
Series Name:  Connection
Author:  Te   [email]   [website]
Details:  Series  |  NC-17  |  *slash*  |  31k  |  04/02/04
Characters:  Kon, Tim
Pairings:  Kon/Tim
Summary:  Kon, Tim, schmoop, porn, and porn.
Sequel to:  In Your Room

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