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From Christine on 01/01/2007
Oh the BEST Tim/Dick story out there. Love, caring sweet and beautiful! I only wish there were more.... Thank you!!

From timarach on 11/06/2005
OMG. This was so very very hot. I love how self assured Dick was and how embarassed Tim was. My favorite part must have been when Tim was all "I used you!" and Dick was all "oh yeaaaaa" Use me again! It was awesome and funny and I really really like it. Do you have a personal website?

From VZG on 08/17/2005
That... was awesome. Seriously.

From katie on 08/10/2005
"Tim's eyes pop open and he thinks about having a panic attack."

This is the most perfectly *Tim* reaction imaginable. He would so think before indulging in panic. *smirk*

I love this story. dick/tim, sex pollen, ahh, happy

From Moira on 11/03/2004
I suppose one should take advantage of these comment thingies and occasionally let the author know you appreciate the contents of their brain in the written form. Truly, I found it a VERY good read, just the right amount of amusement and in character portrayal. While I prefer my stories a bit darker I have no complaints with your efforts and I'll probably spend the next hour of my life reading more things written by you. I am officially skiving off more pressing work. I hope you're satisfied.

From Leana on 04/04/2004
This was really cute.. I liked it alot.. I had a very good laugh.. Crazy sex plants huh.. Sounds like they should be marketed...

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