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Midnight at the Oasis (A Prequel)

by Mice

[Story Headers]

Posted: Saturday, September 27, 2003 3:22 AM

     Mice: what i really wanna know is how scully
     found out and what she thought of the
     situation ;)
     Mice giggles
     Mice: i'm thinking fro had a couple too many
     one night before she got to the offices
     looking for some info, and langly wasn't home
     so he let slip where langly was
     Mice: and of course, langly and skinner about
     wanted him shot when they heard about it
     Mice: "it was an accident, i swear!"
     Amazon X: hee!!!
     Mice: "yeah? accident this, doohickey!"
     Amazon X: "I was drunk!"
     Mice: "frohike i swear to god, i'm going to
     kill you. after you get me the information we
     Amazon X: "You're an officer of the law!"
     Mice: "i'm on vacation"
     Amazon X: hee!
     Mice: langly, of course, would have told
     byers everything from the beginning
     Mice: byers would never have had to guess
     Amazon X: "Dude, guess who fucked me in the
     Mice: snerk
     Mice: uh, no, not even langly would say it
     quite that way ;)
     Mice: "like, uh, byers, i was out  at this
     club and... well
     Mice:  ... i ran into somebody we know..."
     Mice: "oh?" byers gives him the tilted
     Mice: "yeah. uh..."
     Mice: "well? who was it?"
     Mice: "it was, like, skinner."
     Amazon X: hee!
     Mice: "at your kink club?"
     Mice: nod nod
     Amazon X: hahahahahahahaha
     Amazon X: you're terrible
     Mice: "oh. my. god. what did he say?"
     Mice: hehehe
     Mice grins evilly
     Mice: of course i am!
     Mice: "he, uh, said like 'langly?'"
     Mice: byers looks at him
     Mice: "and then?"
     Amazon X: keep going
     Mice: "he said 'suck my dick, slave.'"
     Mice: byers stares at him
     Mice: "well, what would you do, dude? it
     was HUGE"
     Amazon X: Byers wouldn't wanna hear it, LOL
     Mice: byers slaps his hand over his eyes "i
     do NOT want to think about this."
     Mice: well i don't think byers was expecting
     quite that ;)
     Amazon X: no
     Mice: but that would be totally langly
     Mice: and it does sound like something
     skinner would do ;)
     Amazon X: so, go on
     Mice: you want more? ;)
     Mice: i'm not sure byers does
     Mice: hehehehehe
     Amazon X: yes!!!


"Like, uh, Byers, I was out at the club last night and... well... I ran into somebody we know..." Langly looked excited by vaguely embarrassed.

"Oh?" Byers tilted an eyebrow at him.

"Yeah. Uh..."

Byers let the uncomfortable silence continue for a few minutes, then asked, "Well? Who was it?"

"It was, like, Skinner." Langly flushed bright red.

"At your kink club?" Both of Byers' eyebrows shot up. Langly nodded mutely. "Oh my god," Byers said slowly. He paused. "What did he say?" He wasn't sure he wanted to know.

"He like, uh, said, 'Langly?'"

Byers looked at him. "And then?"

"He asked me what I was doing there."

Byers waited for the rest of it. There was always a 'rest of it.'

"I told him I was looking for a scene. Wanted a top."

Byers shifted his glance. He was afraid of what was coming next. Langly took him there.

"Then he said, 'suck my dick, slave.'"

Byers stared at him.

"Well, what would you do, dude? It was huge." Langly's face lit through the red glow of embarrassment.

Byers slapped his hand over his eyes. "I do not want to think about this." He could hear Langly's chuckle in response.

"Oh yes you do, John. You always wanna hear. If you weren't too damned chickenshit to go out there yourself, you wouldn't have to get off listening to my stories."

"Liar." Byers blushed. Langly was right. He wasn't willing to take the risk of going out himself, and Langly's adventures did satisfy a need in him. He would listen, and he'd enjoy it. He always did.

Langly grinned when Byers looked back up at him. "Skinner's got this huge cock, man. It's immense. He told me to suck him and he, like, just whipped it out. There was another scene goin' on, some guy had this chick in suspension bondage, and it was totally hot, but, like, she was a chick, you know? I was way more interested in gettin' some dick."

Byers could see the gleam in Langly's eyes. "And you just did it? Just like that? I hope you at least used a condom."

Langly gave him an askance look. "Of course I used a condom. I'm not stupid." He slapped Byers' shoulder. "So you gonna shut up and listen, or what?"

Byers nodded and leaned back into his chair. Frohike was gone for the day, and he and Langly had been left to do the layout on their own. It would be quiet for hours.

"So," Langly said, "I pulled a condom out of my pocket and said, 'I'll suck you, but first you gotta tell me what else you got in mind. I ain't doin' no scene without knowing where it's going first.'"

Byers could almost see it in his mind as Langly spoke. Langly had described the club to him often enough. It wasn't an exclusively gay venue. Langly would frequently talk about scenes he'd watched, and it seemed that almost anything could happen. He let himself drift into the story, following Langly's voice and letting it carry him away.

The Oasis was nothing to look at from outside. There weren't any neon signs or windows. It wasn't really any more than a warehouse; plain painted brick, the sort of place a guy might find a rave on a random Saturday night. You had to know where it was to find it, to know someone inside to get in.

In the middle of the mundane, it was a strange oasis of sexual exploration, a haven for men and women with desires that stepped outside the ordinary. Langly loved the place.

The music had been loud, with a trancy beat. Not what Langly usually favored, but decent enough, and the crack of a single tail whip snapping over in the suspension bondage scene tore through the thick soundscape. He stared at Skinner, waiting for an answer.

"If we're gonna talk first, then let's grab a table," Skinner said, tucking his dick back into his pants. "I never would have suspected you of coming to a place like this."

Langly nodded and followed him. "I been comin' here for years, Walt."

"Don't call me Walt." The big man glowered down at him.

Langly grinned. It looked like he might get lucky and get laid tonight. He was looking forward to a monster like that to play with.

They found an unoccupied table in a corner, where the view of the suspension scene wasn't very good. Langly figured that was why it wasn't occupied. Most of the straight guys were hovering near the scene like flies. Most of the women were over there too, actually. The bondage fetish types didn't really care as long as the knots were elegant. The ones that weren't wishing they were in the ropes were admiring the bondage top's work.

Another snap rang in the air as they sat. They stared at each other for several minutes, assessing. Sitting across a table from Walter Skinner wasn't entirely alien, but the idea that Skinner fucked guys, and hung out in places like this had set Langly's mind spinning. Once the kneejerk 'maybe I'll get laid tonight' response passed, he realized he was terrified.

"Well?" Skinner said.

"Uh..." Langly blinked, his mouth opening and closing. He played with the condom packet in his fingers, tapping it on the table top.

"You wanna use that thing, or should I go find myself a more cooperative bottom?" Skinner asked.

"No! I mean, uh, yes! I mean -- aw fuck. Yeah, I'm interested. I just..." he paused and swallowed. "I never thought you were gay, dude."

"I never thought you did anything but jerk off at your computer."

Langly cringed. "Oh, man, that hurt."

The ice in Skinner's brown eyes melted a little and his lips moved, allowing just a hint of a smile. It caught in Langly's gut. The bald man was buff, to be sure. Langly had watched him from time to time, but he'd known Skinner had been married. No margin there, so there hadn't been any reason for even a fantasy. But this? It was a revelation.

"So yeah," Skinner said. "I fuck men. Do you want to be one of them, or am I wasting my time?"

Langly's heart raced. He'd liked what Skinner had shown him. "Yeah," he said, almost inaudible over the music. "Yeah, I wanna be one of 'em. What you got in mind?"

"You'll need more than one condom."

Langly's heart skipped a beat. "Condoms, dude. I got condoms."

"And if I play with you, it's not 'Walt' or 'dude,' it's Sir. And you'll say it like you mean it."

Langly thought his heart was going to gallop out of his chest. Skinner? God, he might just be the hottest top Langly had ever seen. Bald or not, that chest -- oh man, he filled that white t shirt like it was a sin in forty two states. "Yes, Sir," Langly said, nodding.

"I like it rough," Skinner said. He waited for Langly to respond.

Langly swallowed again, nervous. "How rough, Sir?"

"A lot rougher than I'd be on you right now," Skinner replied. "I doubt you could handle it as rough as I usually like."

Langly took a deep breath. He had fantasies, but finding somebody to trust with them wasn't easy. Lots of guys who were into the rough stuff were just too psycho for him. Still, it was tempting. He knew Skinner; knew who he was, what he did, where he lived. Byers knew Langly was out clubbing and that he was supposed to call in by a certain time or Byers should call the cops.

"What kinda rough?" Langly asked. He gestured to the suspension scene going on. The top's use of the whip was almost a caress on the woman in the ropes, but the snaps of the single tail were wicked when they hit. She was carrying at least half a dozen marks. "That kinda rough?"

"Sometimes, but the bondage isn't my focus."

Langly looked into Skinner's inscrutable brown eyes. "Please tell me it's not needles or cutting or anything. I totally squick on blood, Sir."

Skinner shook his head. "No, no blood. I like power. I like Master/slave play, take down scenes. Things that edge on violence, but have control to them. I like a man in a collar. I like my bottom to fight, to struggle. I like taking him hard. I like marking him. "

Langly put his arms around himself. "Take down scenes? You mean, like rape fantasies and that stuff, Sir?"

Skinner nodded. "Does that bother you?"

"Kinda like LARPing, but with kink, Sir?" Langly asked, hesitant. He could feel himself breathing harder as the conversation went on and wondered if Skinner noticed.

"Larping?" Skinner looked confused.

Langly nodded. "Yeah, Sir. Live Action Role Playing. Like, people dress for a game, maybe they're vampires or something, and they get together and play it live. No dice, no computers. They say and do everything in role. Talk about their vampire stuff, hunt their victims, pretend to bite people, stuff like that. Everybody knows what's going on. Nobody hunts people who aren't in the game."

Skinner thought for a minute, then nodded. "Yeah, I guess you could say it's like that, but it's a lot more than just a game. I'm not gonna negotiate anything too rough with you, Langly. I don't know you very well. The last thing I need is for you to freak and go running to your pals so you can all make my life miserable."

"Right, Sir," Langly said. "If it's like that, you know -- it's about the scene, not about really going too far or really hurting somebody, then it doesn't freak me out. I mean, you can safeword out, right?"

"Like anything else, yeah," Skinner said. "But with this, you don't use a safeword unless you're stopping the scene entirely and you're not going back into it. You don't play like that and safeword because you're a little uncomfortable. You react to what's happening as though it's real, unless you think you're genuinely gonna get hurt."

"Then no, it doesn't bother me." He was intensely curious now. "So, like, what do you want from me? Sir. Tonight, I mean. If we're gonna play."

Skinner looked at Langly, a long, serious gaze that was more a question than anything else. "To be honest, Langly, I'm not sure you're what I'm looking for."

Langly's mouth opened, his disappointment a palpable shock. "What?" He took a deep breath. "I mean, I thought we were negotiating for this, Sir?"

Skinner leaned on one elbow, resting his chin. "We are, but I'm not sure I'm looking for a one nighter. I just can't see this being anything else."

Langly blinked. "You're looking for a partner? In a place like this?"

Skinner snorted. "You think I'm gonna find somebody who's into this somewhere else?"

He had a point. Langly sighed. "Can I tell you somethin'?"

Skinner looked skeptical. "What."

"Um, like..." Langly wasn't sure he was ready to say it.

"Come on, Langly, spit it out, whatever it is."

Langly took a deep breath. "That... that fantasy stuff. The collars, you know. The Master/slave thing. The take down stuff..." His heart was beating too hard. He'd never admitted it to anyone. He'd hardly dared admit it to himself. He'd always worried that people would think he needed a shrink. Byers, especially. Byers would never understand. Byers was way too vanilla to understand.

Skinner tilted his head, locking his eyes on Langly's. "Say it, Langly," he said. "I don't really have all night."

Langly licked his lips. It might be his only chance. "That stuff, what you like. I'm like... the Master/slave stuff, Sir, lots of people are into that, but the take downs. I haven't met anybody who was into that. I mean... I mean, I just..."

Skinner's eyes narrowed. "Langly, are you trying to tell me that you're actually interested in that?"

Langly nodded, silent.

"You?" Skinner shook his head. "No way, I can't believe that. Don't fuck with my head. You hide behind Byers every time something goes down. I've seen it happen."

"Yeah," Langly said. "I know. But this isn't... it's different. It's... like you said, it's controlled. It wouldn't be real, it would just... it would be totally intense, but it wouldn't be real. God, that could be so hot." His entire body reacted to the idea. He was breathing hard, his body radiating heat. He was hard enough to drive nails at the thought of Skinner dragging him to the floor and forcing him to submit to that kind of power.

Skinner sat, staring at him for a few minutes. Langly was sure Skinner was staring straight through him. He could feel the man's eyes boring into him like lasers. Langly waited. Finally, Skinner leaned back into his chair and crossed his arms.

Langly was afraid of losing Skinner's attention, afraid the older man might get up from the table and walk away, never looking back. He had to say something, but what?

"It's the game, man. It's totally about the game, the role play. It's like me, but not me, you know? I wouldn't have be, like, Ringo Langly, total geek. You wouldn't have be who you are most of the time. It's totally about the game. Honest, I get this. You can't believe what this is doing to me, just thinkin' about it."

"You really do want it, don't you?" Skinner said, astonishment in his eyes and the angle of his body.

Langly nodded with enthusiasm. "Yeah, I really do. I mean it. Serious as a heart attack, Sir."

Skinner leaned forward in his chair, elbows on the table. "Have you ever done a scene like that before?"

"I've done some Dom/sub stuff, Sir, but not like that, no." The corner of Langly's mouth twitched. He didn't want the opportunity to vanish into Skinner's stone wall of Assistant Director chill. "But don't blow me off because I don't got any experience. I never met anybody who talked about wanting that before. I could play Master/slave, but nobody ever wanted to go further, Sir, you know? Nobody wanted to push. Nobody wanted to play that kind of power game. Most of the guys I played that with, they were into the bondage, or they liked whips and shit. I mean, that stuff's okay sometimes, but..."

Skinner relaxed. "Maybe I'm not wasting my time then."

Langly's fingers resumed their absent fiddling with the condom. "So, like, you're not gonna get up and walk away, Sir?"

Skinner shook his head. "No, I'm not. But we're not going to play with that tonight. We'd need to arrange it in advance with the staff, and I don't have any idea yet about what you can handle. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to games like that."

Langly grinned. "What did you want, then, Sir?"

"I still want you to suck my dick, slave. And I think I'll fuck your ass while I'm at it." Skinner's grin was cold and dangerous.

Langly felt a shudder flow from his gut to every cell in his body. God, he wanted this. "Like, are we doing any bondage or anything else with it, Sir?" He was a little afraid to ask, but he needed to know what would happen in the scene. He wasn't sure he trusted Skinner to tie him up just yet. Fuck him hard, sure, but tying him? That was another sort of scene altogether.

Skinner shook his head. "No. No rope, no impact play. Just a good, hard fuck to see what you can take. But for this, you'll wear a collar."

Langly swallowed. "I, uh, don't have one, Sir."

"Since when is it a bottom's responsibility to come to a club with a collar?" Skinner chuckled. "You think I came looking to play and didn't bring any toys?"

Langly looked around. He didn't see a bag or anything. "Where are they?"

"In one of the lockers. I don't like cruising and having to watch my bag. Come on, let's go in the back." He stood and took Langly by the arm, pulling the condom from his fingers.

Skinner's grip was strong, almost bruising. Langly drew a quick breath. He closed his eyes for a moment as Skinner led him through the crowd. The atmosphere was close, pulsing, the music closing in around him and penetrating his body with deep percussive waves. His cock was throbbing, and the flashing lights of the dance floor were hypnotic when he opened his eyes.

Langly's head was swimming as Skinner shoved him through the door into the back dungeon. It wasn't a large space, and voyeurs weren't allowed without an invitation. Some nights, Langly had seen people wait for hours to get into the room, but he knew that most people were still out in the front, dancing or watching the end of the suspension bondage scene. Their timing was lucky.

Skinner handed him a key. "Get the bag." He shoved Langly toward the lockers and put the 'Do Not Disturb Under Penalty of Dom' sign on the door.

Langly took the key and found the right locker, then pulled Skinner's duffel bag from it. It was heavy, but not unreasonably so. He wasn't sure what Skinner kept in the bag, but he wanted to find out.

"When I give you an order, you answer me with 'yes, Master,' slave." Skinner's eyes were dark, huge black pupils in the sea of brown. Langly could almost feel the lust coming off him in waves.

"Y-yes, Master," he said. He carried the bag over to Skinner and held it, waiting for another order.

"Put it on the table there," Skinner said, pointing.

"Yes, Master." Langly did as he was told. Skinner followed him.

"What's your safeword?" Skinner asked.

"It's, uh, it's 'safeword," Master."

Skinner shook his head. "Not likely to forget that one. I'll give you a bell for when my cock's down your throat. Things go too far, you drop it."

Langly nodded and watched as Skinner opened the bag and started pulling things out. There were ropes and several floggers. A short single tail whip like a black bull snake made an appearance, but Skinner set them all aside. "Here it is," he muttered.

Langly's pulse was strong in his throat. He wasn't sure what was stronger in him, lust or fear. The glint of metal on the leather collar in Skinner's hand had him panting for breath. Skinner turned to him.

"On your knees, slave." He shoved Langly to the floor.

Langly barely felt his knees hit the rug. "Yes, Master," he gasped.

Skinner held the collar in front of his face. It was broad, supple black leather with small, flat chrome studs in rows. The back of the collar had a series of slits in it, and a d-ring that would slip through, allowing it to be locked shut. On the front, another d-ring where it could be attached to a leash, or anything else a Master might have in mind.

"Kiss it, slave," Skinner demanded. "Demonstrate your submission."

"Yes, Master." Langly leaned forward and kissed the collar. He knew it meant he accepted the position of slave willingly for the duration of the scene.

Skinner took his hair and pushed his face sharply toward the floor, pressing his forehead into the carpet. Langly yelped and slapped his hands down in front of him as Skinner slipped the collar around his throat and fastened it. It was tight enough to let him know with absolute certainty that he was collared, but loose enough that he wasn't likely to have any trouble --breathing.

"Master --"

"What, slave?" Skinner clicked a lock into place at the back of Langly's neck.

"I have asthma, Master."

Skinner pulled his face up from the floor, on one knee beside him. "Do you have your inhaler with you?"

Langly nodded. "Yes, Master. It's in my pocket."

Skinner released his hair. Langly looked up and saw his hand outstretched. "Give it to me. I'll make sure it's where I can reach it if you need it."

Langly put his hand into his front pocket and pulled the inhaler out, handing it to Skinner. "Yes, Master. Thank you, Master."

"Do you have any other medical surprises I should be aware of, slave?"

"Uh, I'm allergic to peanuts? Master?"

Skinner's face lightened, and to Langly's amazement, he laughed. "Give me your glasses. Let me get them out of the way so we won't break them."

Langly handed his glasses to Skinner as well. "Yes, Master."

"You're not supposed to break the mood like that." He opened up a sheet and spread it over an expanse of the floor.

Langly shook his head. "No, Master. Maybe we should, like, start over?"

Skinner scowled, trying not to laugh. He shoved Langly down onto the floor on the sheet again and slapped his ass, hard.


"When I strike you, you thank me, slave," Skinner growled.

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master," Langly said.

Skinner slapped him again, harder this time.

Langly gasped. "Ah! Thank you, Master."

"Mean it this time." Skinner hit him again, and this time it stung his ass and left it burning.

Langly yelped again. "Thank you, Master!" He was panting now, cock hard again, all laughter gone. Yeah, this was what it was about, why he came to the Oasis. He could feel the tension building again as Skinner grabbed him by the shoulder and dragged him to his feet.

"Strip," Skinner ordered.

"Yes, Master!" Langly pulled his Dead Kennedys t shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor, then shed his jeans. He rarely wore underwear, and never when he went to the club. He couldn't see very well, but he could tell Skinner was looking him up and down.

"Don't forget the shoes."

Langly looked down at the black Chucks on his feet and kicked them off.

"Put your clothes on the chair in the corner, slave."

"Yes, Master." Langly picked up his shirt and jeans and laid them over the back of the chair, tucked his sneakers under it, then returned to stand on the sheet before Skinner. He could still feel the warm tingle in his ass where Skinner had struck him.

Skinner grabbed Langly by the hair and threw him to his knees. Langly yelped, taking hold of Skinner's thigh to balance himself. The black jeans were too tight for a good grip, but he broke the momentum of his fall.

Langly's heart was pounding. Yeah. He wanted this.

He heard the click before he realized what was happening, and the tug at his neck told him he'd been leashed. He saw the glint of chain taut under his chin, then felt Skinner jerk on it, forcing him to look up. Langly's cheek was tight against Skinner's hip, and he fought to pull back.

Skinner grinned. The look in his eyes scared Langly, but it was the best kind of fear.

"Yes," Skinner hissed.

Langly could smell Skinner's arousal thorough the denim. He was nose to cock with the immense bulge in Skinner's pants.

"Open my pants, slave."

"Yes, Master." Langly reached up with trembling hands, pulling at the buttons. He fumbled in his nervousness, and Skinner took his hair in one hand and tugged his head back. Langly gasped as Skinner shoved his crotch in Langly's face.

"Try it again."

Langly got the buttons open quickly this time, and watched as Skinner pulled his cock out. 'It looks a hell of a lot bigger from this angle,' Langly thought. He wondered how he'd manage to take it all when Skinner fucked him. That was a good kind of fear too. He leaned in to lick at the long shaft.

A sharp jerk at his leash and he was tugged back. "I haven't given you permission to touch my cock, slave."

"I'm sorry, Master." Langly leaned back as he knelt and looked up at Skinner's face.

"Put this on me." He handed Langly the condom packet.

Langly ripped it open and started rolling the latex over Skinner's erection. "Yes, Master." It was half hard and hot in his hands. Langly wanted it in his mouth. His cock twitched as he stroked the latex down Skinner's thick length. He really was big. Langly licked his lips. He wanted a taste.

Skinner's hands fisted in his hair as the already huge shaft started thickening and throbbing. As Langly's fingers stroked the condom out to Skinner's root, Skinner took him roughly by the jaw.

"Open, slave," he ordered, his voice harsh. Langly opened his mouth and the next thing he knew, it was full of Skinner's rod. "Get me hard." There was a slight tinkling at Langly's ear and Skinner slipped a hard, cold metal ball in his hand. "Drop this if you need to safeword and can't speak."

Langly moved, trying to get a good angle to suck, but Skinner tilted Langly's head and thrust in to the back of Langly's throat. It was almost deep enough to make Langly gag, but he'd deep throated men too many times before to react. He adjusted and started sucking in earnest, stroking Skinner's shaft with his tongue. His tongue slipped around the girth, and he made sure the back of his tongue stroked the head of Skinner's cock. He was rewarded with a groan.

"Unnnnh. Suck it, slave." Skinner pulled him forward by his hair, thrusting deeper. He could feel the cold metal of the chain links pressed into the side of his face.

Langly stroked the length of Skinner's shaft that didn't fit into his mouth. Skinner slapped his hand sharply.

"No. Only your mouth." Skinner grabbed him by the wrist and twisted his hand up to the back of his neck. "Keep your hands here." He thrust again, and Langly moaned, moving his other hand up to join the first. "Right hand around your left wrist. Keep them together, slave."

Elbows spread, Langly closed his eyes and leaned into Skinner's shaft, threading his fingers together. He was really getting into it. With his arms spread like this, he could feel the stretch in his chest muscles. It felt good. Skinner's hand went back to his hair, fingers tightening, pulling on it. That felt good too. He wanted it rougher, wanted to feel used.

"Unh, yeah. Suck harder." Skinner slipped out until only the head of his cock was in Langly's mouth.

With a sigh, Langly licked and sucked at it, squeezing the tip tight, then moving up and down the shaft with his tongue, bathing it everywhere.

"Down to the balls," Skinner said, guiding Langly's head with sharp tugs on his hair or the leash.

Langly's mouth followed the order, slipping down the length. He nuzzled and mouthed, not sure whether to use his teeth, but deciding not to. Skinner's dangling balls were big too, covered with wiry hair, softer than Langly had expected. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of aroused male.

First one, then the other, he sucked and licked at Skinner's nuts. Langly would swear they were the size of eggs. He was careful not to suck or tug too hard, unsure whether Skinner was into rough play with his own equipment. Skinner moaned from deep in his chest. His fingers pressed harder into Langly's scalp, not quite a scratch but harder than any caress.

Langly's moan brought a gasp from Skinner.

"Yes," he hissed. "Do that again."

Langly made the same sound, feeling it vibrate in his own chest, knowing it must be shooting pleasure up Skinner's body as he sucked. If his mouth hadn't been full, he would have grinned.

"Oh, god, yes." Skinner pulled back then slipped his cock back into Langly's mouth and thrust hard. This time, he didn't stop at the back of Langly's throat. "Take it, slave. Oh, yeah. Take all of it, slut. You know you want every fucking inch."

Langly groaned around Skinner's moving shaft, relaxing his throat as much as he could while Skinner pushed into him mercilessly. He swallowed again and again, taking more with each thrust. The hands in Langly's hair tugged, and the sharp pain combined with the hard, deep thrusts made his eyes tear up. Another thrust, and his lips met Skinner's body. He could feel the huge cock moving in his throat. He'd need air soon, but it was hot, so fucking hot.

Skinner pulled back then, seeming to know Langly needed to breathe. Langly gasped and panted. "Nice, slave," Skinner said. His own breath was unsteady. "Glad to see you don't choke on a decent sized cock."

Langly just leaned against Skinner's leg, panting. Decent? Skinner must be half out of his mind. Langly was sure he could frighten livestock with that thing. Another couple of breaths and Skinner was down his throat again, thrusting harder this time.

Skinner was getting rougher, and Langly was into it. He wanted it faster, even harder. Skinner had said he liked a slave who fought him. Maybe that would get a response, Langly thought. He shifted his weight, moving away from Skinner's body, pulling against the hands in his hair. The little metal bell was clutched tightly in his hand. He didn't want Skinner thinking he wanted to stop.

Langly closed his eyes tight when Skinner slammed into his throat. Yeah, that was what he wanted.

"Unh, unh." Skinner jerked on his collar, holding Langly's face tight to his groin as he pumped. "So you wanna fight it?"

Langly kept struggling, loving it.

"Oh, yeah. That's right, slave, fight it. Fight me when I fuck you." Skinner pushed him away, letting him breathe again, pulling him up by the collar.

"Angh --" Langly gasped. "No, Master, don't! Not so rough!" He opened his eyes to see a feral grin on Skinner's face. The tactic was working, in spades.

"You'll take it and you'll like it, slave!" Skinner snapped. His cock was throbbing, huge and purple in Langly's face. Langly could smell Skinner's musk, stronger with his excitement. Langly was sweating already, his body burning with need. Another breath, and Skinner slammed into Langly's mouth again, thrusting with punishing intensity. Langly could feel his lips swelling from it.

Skinner was moaning now, hips pumping, and Langly was losing himself in the sensation. Half off balance, he fought against Skinner's thrusts, savoring the pressure on his collar, the harsh hands in his hair. He was so ready. God, he wanted Skinner to fuck him soon.

It would hurt at first; he knew it would. That was part of what made it so good, though. Skinner probably wouldn't use too much lube, just enough to do the job. Langly liked the friction. The size, though, that would be amazing. If they were playing rough like this, Skinner probably wouldn't bother with too much preparation beyond what it took to get the lube in.

Skinner pulled out of his throat again just as Langly's breath was running out.

"Gonna fuck you, slave," he growled. "Give me your ass."

Langly let the bell roll away. "No, Master! Please don't hurt me! God, you're so big, you're gonna rip me up." Langly's cock was throbbing so hard with want he was sure it would burst before they were done.

Skinner pulled on the leash and took him by one shoulder, pushing him toward the floor, but Langly shifted his weight and twisted away. The sudden movement left Skinner off balance, and he let the leash slip from his hand. Langly grinned, still panting for breath. He staggered to his feet. If Skinner wanted a struggle, he'd give him a good one.

This was a hell of a lot more fun than he'd expected to have tonight. He knew Skinner, knew this wasn't going to end up with broken bones. They might not know each other that well, but he could trust him a hell of a lot more than any stranger he'd ever meet at a place like this.

When Skinner grabbed him by the back of the neck, he yelped. The big man's bulk bore him to the floor, folding him to his knees, the side of his face pressed to the sheet. Langly's body was so charged with adrenaline he could swear he was vibrating.

"Yes," Skinner hissed. The fabric of his shirt dragged, rough, across Langly's back as Skinner moved over him. There was a soft, squirting sound, and cold gel at Langly's ass. "God, such a hot ass."

Langly howled as Skinner shoved two fingers into him. "Please, Master, no!"

"You want it, slut, you know you want it. You want my cock in your ass." Skinner was panting as he spoke, his voice tight with lust and heat. "Gonna fuck you so hard."

Langly melted into it, took the rough fingers as Skinner shoved a leg between his thighs. "Agh, agh, oh god oh fuck yeah."

"Take it, slave." The broad, blunt head of Skinner's lubed cock pressed hard against Langly's ass. Skinner shoved hard and Langly cried out, as much in ecstasy as in pain. Skinner roared as he pushed his way inside. "Oh yeah! God, take it, you want it, god so fucking tight --"

Langly wailed, surrendering to Skinner's hardness. "Oh god, so big, so -- fuck oh fuck, aah, ahha, yes Master, fuck me fuck me!" He bucked back against Skinner's clothed body as much as he could, held under the bigger man's hard, muscular bulk. It was amazing. He'd never had a cock that big in his ass before, and he knew he had to have it again. He'll he'd crawl to Skinner's place in Crystal City on his hands and knees to get fucked like this again.

He was still moaning and shouting when Skinner's slick hand took his cock and started pumping. That was all it took, and Langly shot his load, unable to make his mouth do anything more than cry out senselessly. It was as though every drop of liquid in his body came pouring out of him through his dick as he came.

Skinner didn't stop when Langly came, though. "God, fuck yeah, oh shit." Skinner moaned and swore as he pounded into Langly. Almost exhausted, Langly kept struggling, knowing Skinner wanted it. "Take it, take it," Skinner growled. A moment later, there were no more words as Skinner's balls slapped against Langly's and he came, thrusting blindly.

After the fury, they both knelt, curled together as they'd fucked, panting for breath. Langly could feel Skinner's chest heaving above him, pressing into his back. Langly was soaked with sweat, his skin slick.

"Jesus," Skinner whispered.

"God damn," Langly agreed.

Skinner pulled out much more carefully than he'd entered Langly's body. He sat heavily next to Langly. "Let me get that collar."

Langly collapsed on the floor, still gasping, and nodded. He rolled to his side, so that Skinner could reach the lock at the back of his neck. A few moments later, condom disposed of, collar lying off to one side, Skinner got water for both of them.

Langly drank greedily. He must have sweated out half an ocean, but damn, it was worth it. His ass would be sore for a couple of days. Oh well.

Skinner made Langly pick everything up and put it back in his duffel, and they left the back dungeon to let the next scene start. Skinner led Langly to the quiet room, where he wrapped him in blankets and held him on the bed while they both came down.

"So, uh, you wanna do this again sometime?" Langly asked.

Skinner looked at him. "You know, when we started this tonight, I thought the answer was gonna be no, but you were pretty damned good."

"Is that a yes?"

Skinner smiled. "Yeah. That's a yes. I think we're going to have a lot to talk about before we get past this, but you do have potential. You might be able to handle what I'm into."

If Langly hadn't been so exhausted, he was sure his heart would have skipped a beat.

Byers sat staring at Langly, not sure whether he was ready to come or appalled. He swallowed and leaned toward Langly, resting a hand on his wrist. "Are you sure you're okay? Ree, I'm not sure that kind of fantasy is good for you. Maybe you should talk to a counselor."

Langly shook his head. "I thought you were too vanilla for this one," he said. Langly sighed. "No, Johnny, honest. It's not real. It's not like I really want somebody to rape me or anything. It's not about that. I don't want some stranger to mess me up, or Skinner either. I don't wanna get hurt, not like that. You gotta look at it like a game."

"A game? What kind of game is it where you pretend somebody's raping you?" Byers tried to understand. He'd never spoken to Langly about it, but he did understand why somebody might want to be bound or flogged. He could even understand and even appreciate a certain amount of roughness with a partner, but this? He shook his head, looking into Langly's eyes.

"What kinda game is it where you pretend you're fighting dragons with magic swords, Johnny? It's the same thing. It's not any more real than that fantasy."

"But dragons don't exist, Ree."

"Yeah, but I can tell the difference between a fantasy with rough sex and rape. One's a game, and there's rules and you got control. You can stop, just by saying the word." Langly covered Byers' hand with his own. "I'm not gonna get hurt, and anyway, right now that's still just some fantasy stuff. Me and Skinner, got a lot to talk about before anything happens, dude. Like, you know me. You know how I am when the dangerous stuff is real. This ain't reality, Johnny."

Byers sighed. "I worry about you."

Langly nodded. "I know, Johnny. This is part of the reason you and me can't be more than we are. We're wired too different." A shadow passed over Langly's eyes. "You know if things were different..."

Byers nodded. "Langly, would you at least just consider talking to a counselor?" He wondered what else was hidden away in Langly's head. Why would a rape fantasy appeal to him? Why would he want to wear a collar, to be treated like another man's slave, even in a game?

"You don't understand, Johnny. Can you at least trust me? Give it a little time and see what happens?" Langly ran the back of his fingers along Byers' cheek. "Just wait and watch, okay? If you still think this is all freakin' you out when the game gets heavier, if you really really think Skinner's gonna hurt me, or I'm gonna let him hurt me, then I'll listen, okay?"


Langly smiled at him, soft. "Besides, I know you were all hot while I was telling you about it."

"I was getting not all hot!" Byers blushed and crossed his legs, hoping to hide the still fading evidence.

"Yeah, right." Langly snorted, looking pointedly into Byers' lap.

"Uh, you know Ree, we have work to do. Frohike'll kill us if we don't have the layout done when he gets home tonight."

Langly laughed.


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Fandom:  Lone Gunmen, X-Files
Title:  Midnight at the Oasis (A Prequel)
Series Name:  Well-Kept Man
Author:  Mice   [email]   [website]
Details:  Standalone  |  NC-17  |  38k  |  02/14/04
Pairings:  Langly/Skinner
Summary:  Langly meets Skinner in a very strange place.
Notes:  This is AU for the XF universe. This series departs from canon/timeline about the time Mulder was abducted. This story comes a couple of years before the main body of the Well Kept storyline, and Doggett isn't even on the scene yet. This is ALL Amazon X's fault. All of it. Every single word.
Warning: serious consensual BDSM kink
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