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In Your Room

by Te

[Story Headers]

In Your Room
by Te
February 18, 2004

Disclaimers: They aren't mine. I'm just clinging desperately.

Spoilers: Ha! No.

Ratings Note: NC-17.

Summary: Kon pays Tim a visit. Porn ensues.

Author's Note: The real note could possibly be considered -- choke -- a spoiler, so this is just to say that I own my 80s childhood.

Part of the Connection series, sometime after "As a whirlwind:"

Acknowledgments: To Jack and Livia for
audiencing and helpful suggestions. To Molly for finding the song for me.

Feedback: Always.


It's yet one more thing to be ridiculously, painfully excited about. He's flown over this house countless times -- even more before he knew Tim actually lives here. He's picked him up from this house as Conner Kent, friendly, random, and not-at-all-super buddy-from-school.

He's had the absolutely hilarious -- and panic-inducing -- experience of sitting in the living room while Tim's brain-meltingly normal parents did brain-meltingly normal parent things and Tim just completely failed to deal.

Except for how he totally did, because as near as Kon could tell, Tim's parents hadn't really picked up on anything but "Tim is embarrassed" as opposed to "Tim is justthisclose to losing his shit. "

Probably a function of spending so much time trying to make out expressions when Tim was wearing that mask. Every time the guy's eyebrow twitched Kon could feel his body trying to jump into fight and flight mode.

Which would've been bad.

Still. They'd managed, and now he's... here. Holiest of holies. Tim's actual bedroom. And the brain-meltingly normal parents are... "Where?"

"Dinner and a movie," Tim says from somewhere behind him.

"So your parents are on, like, a date?"

"For a few hours, anyway."

He gets it. Not too much time. And it's not like he's a girl or something. He's not feeling the need to sit calmly and talk about his feelings or some crap. But... "I've never seen your room before," he says.

Tim snorts, and then there are hands on his hips, warm and hard. "I still haven't seen yours," Tim whispers against his neck.

He rocks back into Tim before the words really register. "What, in Smallville? You know you can show up anytime, in costume or out. The Kents will probably bake you a pie and knit you a new freaking cape or something."

He can feel Tim smiling against the back of his neck, and those hands start sliding up his chest.

"It's not... it's not really my room, you know?" He catches one of Tim's hands in his own.

Tim squeezes it. "Neither is this. Not as much as... you know."

He does. And Tim has about six hideouts and fully-stocked lairs that he knows about, and it's still...

It makes him want to buy posters and stuff for his room at the Tower, and maybe start leaving things -- not presents, really, but... things -- in Robin's room. Just so maybe they'll have places that are theirs.

Not Superboy's or Robin's and not Conner Kent's or Tim-Drake-the-perfectly-normal-if-really-freakingsmart -kid's.

"Is it... weird? For me to be here. For... this."

"In a good way."

And that's... yeah. That's exactly right, in the way he has to drag Tim's hand up to his mouth and bite his fingers to keep from saying something even stupider.

Tim sighs against the back of his neck and wraps his other arm around Kon's waist, taking that last step closer and pressing himself all along Kon's back. Kon spreads his legs and Tim slides one of his own between.

Just that good.

He sucks two of Tim's fingers into his mouth and bends his knees enough to get Tim's thigh in a good place.

"You know..." Tim's voice is low and breathy.


"I've got a bed right there. We can..." He rocks against Kon's ass and Kon sucks harder for a moment before tugging Tim's fingers out of his mouth.

"What do you want to do?"

"A lot."

Kon grins. "That's good. 'A lot' works for me, surprisingly enough."

And Tim slides his hand from Kon's stomach down to his jeans, cupping him and kissing his neck.

"Really... really works for me."

And Tim's riding him with the heel of his hand and Tim's biting the back of his neck, but Tim's also pushing him. Bed, yeah.

Kon crawls onto the perfectly-made-up and normal little twin bed and groans as soon as his face hits the pillow. He's never... "Smells like you."

"I do sleep here five days a week." And Tim straddles his thighs and slides his hands up over Kon's back.

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah. Just... don't move for a second."

Kon grins into the pillow. "Whatever you say, man." And takes a deep breath.

"You're... sniffing the pillow."

"I like the way you smell."

"You've been spending too much time with Krypto."

Kon uses the TK to hold Tim still -- for just long enough that he won't be able to move before Kon reaches back and smacks him.


Kon grins a little more. "You should be proud of me. Applied use of superpowers."

Tim strokes his way up Kon's back, using just enough pressure to ruck his t-shirt a little. "We could just practice."

"So long as I get to watch you do those stretches."


"Hey, those stretches put good, practical ideas in my head."

Tim shifts a little and pushes Kon's t-shirt up for real, digging in with his thumbs on either side of Kon's spine and stroking down slow.


"You just want my legs on your shoulders."

Kon blinks. "Right fucking now, actually --"


Tim's palms are flat on his back, and even if he didn't trust Tim to come up with some good ideas of his own -- which he absolutely does -- it would give Kon pause. He doesn't get enough of Tim's bare hands on his skin. It's a kink in its own right, and just as soon as he can come up with a non-dorky way to say "your calluses are fucking sexy," he'll let Tim know.

With more than just the sound he makes when Tim starts... petting him.

Hard, even strokes, all over his back.

"I think... you need a dog." It doesn't come out as teasing as he wants it to.

"I'm content. Besides, your noises are better than barks."


Tim presses in with his fingertips and slides his hands down until they curl under the waistband of Kon's jeans. It doesn't tickle so much as make him squirm.


"Mm. Hang on a sec."

The mattress dips and rises as Tim moves, and then there are hands on his ankles, working on the fastenings of his boots. Kon thinks about pointing out that he's more than capable of taking off his own boots, but there's something about the way Tim strokes his ankles through the socks that's just...

This isn't just the annoying necessary stripping before the Good Stuff. Whatever Tim's plan is, this is part of it.

Kon nuzzles the pillow and lets Tim go for it, mattress shifting more until Tim's stroking his way up Kon's calves, pausing at the backs of his knees before moving up his thighs, slower and harder.

Tim gives his ass a hard, lingering squeeze and then cups his hips. Kon lifts up, moving onto his knees long enough for Tim to open his fly and drag down his jeans and jockeys before lying back down again. The comforter is dry and too soft on his hardening dick. He takes a breath and Tim pulls his pants and jockeys all the way off and... nothing.

Or... not nothing.

He's known Tim long enough to pretty much always know when he's being watched, and he's being watched right now.

It's not cold in Tim's room, but it's still... really obvious that he's naked except for the t-shirt bunched up in his pits.

"Can I turn over yet?"

Tim digs his thumbs into the backs of Kon's thighs and works his way back up again. "Not yet."

Those calluses feel even better on his ass. "Yeah, okay..."

"I just..."


"Remember when I was... when I was sucking you back at the Tower?"

Kon groans and tries to stop himself from humping Tim's bed. And then remembers that there's absolutely no reason not to. "Yeah, I do. You were so..." Hungry. He doesn't think there's anything hotter than Tim sucking him off. He hasn't managed to last long enough to get past the sounds Tim makes and the general sense of 'oh Jesus yes.'

"Yeah..." There's a throaty undertone in Tim's voice that isn't a growl or a purr, and he slides his hand between Kon's thighs and starts playing with his balls.


"I want..."

"Tell me."

Tim takes a hitching breath and squeezes Kon's balls before pressing up behind them with his thumb. And sliding up and back.


"You liked it... when I did that." Tim circles Kon's hole with his thumb, not -- quite -- pushing in.

"I like it now."

Tim's laugh is a little shaky. "I know, I just --"

"Fuck me." He feels himself blushing, and lifts up on his elbow enough to turn around. Tim's eyes are zeroed in on his own. "I mean --"

"I want to."

"God..." He's so hard he has to move. And then just hump against the sheets a little more.

"Kon." Tim grabs his hips. "I want to do... I mean, I think --"

"Anything." Kon can't look at him. "Tim, you can -- I want everything from you."

Tim doesn't say anything, just squeezes his hips hard enough that it would probably hurt if he was normal and moves, pressing himself down against Kon's body and grabbing and sliding one hand down Kon's arm until their fingers are twined. Tim's other hand is on the back of his neck, still for a second before he presses his thumb down against the base of Kon's scalp and slides it up, quick and hard enough to make him jerk.

And Tim's mouth is on his own just that fast, a messy, searching kiss that... really says a lot.

When Kon opens his eyes Tim is looking at him again, eyes wide and teeth digging into his own lip.

"I meant it. I want you. It's just..." Huge and a little scary how much.

Tim nods and squeezes his hand, and Kon knows he heard everything he did and didn't say.

And probably thought it first. He grins. "So you want my ass."

"It's a nice ass."

"I've... uh. Had the same thought about yours."

Tim tenses and rocks against the base of Kon's spine, obviously hard even through his jeans. And just... he's thinking about Kon fucking him which just... He cranes his neck as much as he can and slips his hand out of Tim's, groping up and back until he can pull Tim into another kiss.

Tim sucks his tongue and moans, short and sharp, not quite thrusting against Kon's back. So good. So hot, and he thinks he might have to kill someone if they don't get a whole night for this soon.

Maybe in the Tower. There has to be some kind of hidden basement or something, or maybe Tim can just coach him on his heat vision well enough for Kon to weld one of their doors shut.

"Come on, do it. I --"

Tim bites his lip hard enough to almost hurt and holds on, staring into Kon's eyes for a long moment, a hot moment that makes Kon start to sweat, before he lets go.

"Jesus, Tim."

"Yeah. Don't move."

And Tim twists out of Kon's hold and slides back down his body, cupping his ass and mouthing a hot, slow kiss to the base of his spine. Every touch of Tim's tongue twists something tighter, pulls him tense and makes him shiver until the feel of Tim spreading his cheeks is a weird kind of relief.

And then it's just not, at all, because Tim's licking him, and on the one hand it makes things make a lot more sense -- Tim was hesitant to ask, but Kon thinks he might have swallowed his own tongue if he'd tried -- but on the other hand... there is no other hand, because both of his hands are tangled in the sheets and Tim is...

Tim is holding him open and licking in, licking like the first really serious kiss, the first dirty kiss and --

"Fuck, so wet --"

And Tim makes a little humming sound from right there and Kon's thighs fan open completely without his direction. Tim makes another one of those noises and digs his fingers into Kon's ass and starts fucking him and it's...

It's nothing like his finger had been. It feels deeper, even though it can't be, it feels... Kon's face is hot and his dick is so hard it hurts, and he hears himself groaning the way he usually doesn't unless his face is pressed to some part of Tim's body. Like the way Tim's face is pressed to his ass.

"Good. Oh God, Tim --"

And Tim slows down, and he can't stop his hips from bucking, can't stop himself from tearing at the sheets a little and moaning into the pillow. He can feel it more. Every flick of the tip and the slick, muscular slide of the rest.

It's a tease and it's a promise, and he'd only thought he wanted everything before. He wants it now and he wants it hard and if he could just...

He reaches back blindly, clumsily, and Tim doesn't even pause. Shoves his tongue in deep and lets go of one cheek long enough to grab Kon's hand and drag it down. Kon gasps and holds himself open and Tim strokes his wrist and forearm, pets him and goes back to tongue-fucking him.

"God, please."

And Tim reaches up and in and pushes hard on that spot behind his balls.

"You... you're gonna make me come..."

Tim growls against him and presses harder, tongues faster. Tim wants him to come, God, on his bed. Five nights a week. Five...

"Oh fuck -- oh fuck --"

Tim shoves in deep and Kon whimpers and shoots, clawing at the mattress with his free hand and shoving his face into the pillow. Tim kisses him slow, in a way that would probably be sweet and comforting if he wasn't still making love to Kon's ass.

Kon gasps and whimpers again, dick twitching.

Shivers when Tim pulls away.


Slow, hard stroke over his ass. "Mm."

"I think you broke my brain, man."

"You came on my sheets." There's a smile in his voice. "And my tongue feels..."

"Really good. Just trust me on that. Jesus."

"I want to make you do it again."

"Oh, fuck --"

"I want to smell it even after I change the sheets. And then I just want to... I want to know you came right there, even after everything is gone."

And Kon gets an image, vivid and real, of Tim pressing his face to the mattress and taking a deep, slow breath and that's it, he's hard again. "Tim."

"Me, too. I just... let me --"


"And if you say that again, I'm going to come in my pants. Jesus, Kon..."

He squeezes his eyes shut and rocks into the wet spot, and bites his lip at the sound of Tim's unzipping. Slowly. And he knows it's probably not supposed to be a tease -- if he had to deal with his pants right now, he'd be careful, too -- but it feels like one. A good one.

Tim bends over Kon, one palm flat between his shoulder blades, and... reaches under the mattress.

"You keep your slick under the bed? You?"

Tim snickers. "Strategy. If there's something incriminating in an obvious hiding place..."

"... then there might not be non-obvious hiding places. Fuck, I love your brain."

"Good to know." And Tim moves back again, pausing with his hands on Kon's ass before leaning in and licking a hot, wet line all the way up Kon's spine.


"I think I could do that all day."

"I think I'm okay with that."

Tim's smile is slick and hard against Kon's back, and then he's up and spreading Kon again, pushing in with one finger and making him tense. "Sorry --"

"No, it's... don't stop."

"Okay. I..." And Tim pushes in all the way, and Kon can't tell which of them is gasping.


And Tim starts thrusting, and Kon's body can't really classify how it feels, beyond hot and strange and a little wrong and hot. The first time Tim had done it Kon had been too busy coming to register anything. Which is just proof that they need to keep having sex at least until he can make it five minutes without losing all brain function.

Or just... never stop. Tim slips out and comes back with two, pushing in slow and twisting.

"Oh man..."

"You... you're so tight."

"Jesus. I think that's the hottest thing anyone's ever said to me."

Tim's laugh is choked and he doesn't stop, twisting and bending his fingers and spreading Kon with his other hand and --

Breath, hot and damp and Kon flexes around his fingers and Tim licks him again. All around his own fingers and pushing in just a little between, and Kon watches his vision try to white out and bites the fucking pillow. "Tim --"

"You have no idea how hot this looks."

"You don't know how it feels --"

And Tim groans against him and keeps licking around and around with the briefest dips in and Kon can hear the sheets ripping and he knows he's supposed to be more careful, but he can't.

Too good. Much too good, and he can't wait for more and he can't wait to do it to Tim. Legs over his shoulders... fuck, he could do this against a wall. He could do this in the sky.

And Tim pulls back with a gasp. "I can't... I have to be inside you, Kon --"

"Do it."

Tim whimpers and slides his fingers out, and there's a wet sound behind him that Kon knows is Tim slicking his dick and it's just too hot for words. The first push is even hotter, with Tim bracing himself on one hand and Kon can see it.

The way he has to be holding himself, guiding it in, and Kon groans and pushes back and Tim groans and Kon's mind doesn't even exist anymore. Tim's pushing his dick into his ass and they're in Tim's bed --

"Kon --"

He rocks back harder and Tim groans again and grabs Kon's shoulder like he's about to fall over.

"I waited. Too long..."

"Oh God, are you gonna come?"

And Tim makes a sound like he's dying and slams in, all the way, balls slapping against Kon's ass and Kon can't even shout. It's not that it hurts, it's just... it's Tim. Inside him and --

Kon breathes, and feels Tim shaking. He reaches back and strokes Tim's hip, but he just shakes harder.

"Can't -- I have to --"

"Don't. Don't try to control yourself -- fuck --"

Tim's biting his shoulder and yelling and, God, fucking him hard and fast and crying out on every stroke. Or maybe Kon is. Kon wants to be on his back for this, he wants to see this, but it's almost enough with the way he can feel Tim losing it, with the way there's just no rhythm, nothing to hold on to but shredded sheets and the way Tim is cursing and apologizing and fucking him.

Using him. "Tim... oh Tim don't stop --"

"I can't --"

And Tim sounds angry and he sounds lost and Kon feels himself shooting pre-come into the mess he's already left behind. He holds on to the mattress and takes it, groaning when Tim stops.

He can feel him coming. Coming in his ass, and he clutches Tim's thigh while he rides it out and wants. Squeezes harder when Tim makes a choked sound into his shoulder, and tries not to squirm too much.

And shivers when Tim presses a shaky kiss to his skin.

"I meant. To make that better."

Kon snorts into the pillow. "I'm sorry, you screwed up so badly that I'm never going to let you do it again. God, you freak, that was hot."

"I don't think I've come that hard since... ever."

"You were pretty wild."

"You... make me crazy."

Kon takes a shaky breath. "You know it's mutual, right?"

"Yeah." Tim plants his hands on either side of him. "I think this is going to feel weird."

"Okay, I -- fuck."

Tim pets up his back and down his sides. "Okay?"

"Yeah, I... really need to come."

"Mm. On my bed."

Kon smiles into the pillow. "You're pretty focused."

"It's one of my good qualities."

"Do I get to turn over, at least? This is kind of... sticky."

Tim slides his hands under Kon's shoulders. "Come up here..."

"I should make you lift me." Kon grins at Tim's snort and plants his knees, sitting up.

And Tim wraps his arms around Kon's chest and tugs until Kon's kneeling over Tim's thighs. "Like this," he says, and slides one hand down until it's wrapped around Kon's dick.

"Mm. I want to kiss you."

"Lean back..." And Tim licks a stripe over Kon's cheek and into his mouth. He tastes --

Kon blinks and sucks Tim's tongue because that's dirty and wrong and he hadn't even thought --

And Tim grins into the kiss and fucks his mouth and jerks him hard. Tim licks his tongue, and it's just... it's like there are layers to this whole thing, and he hasn't found the last one yet. Or maybe like he'd jumped in a puddle and wound up in the ocean. It doesn't make any sense and he doesn't want it to.

Tim is dirty and porny and sexy -- and apparently likes it from the back -- and he's just going to go with that. He twists his head to get a deeper kiss and wraps both hands around the arm Tim has around his chest to keep from reaching down.

He wants Tim to get him off.

He's... really just not going to get tired of that. Or of feeling Tim register what he's doing in the way he tightens up all over and tightens his hold on Kon. On Kon's dick --

"Fuck, yeah --"

And Tim bites hot little kisses all over Kon's cheek, down to his jaw and throat, and then just... rests his chin on Kon's shoulder.

"You're watching yourself jerk me off?"

"I want to see you come."

"Fuck. Just keep... just keep saying stuff like that --"

Tim nuzzles his ear and breathes, making Kon shiver and tense. "It's... not always easy."

Kon hears himself whine high in his throat.

"You turn me on so much. I..." Tim trails off, breathing hard.

"Say it. Tell me what you want."

"What you do. Everything. I want everything from you and --"

"God. Fuck -- more --" He thrusts into Tim's fist and Tim bites his ear.

"I told you. I jerk off thinking about you. Right here in this bed..."

"Oh, fuck, Tim --"

"I've wanted to fuck you for so long, Kon --"

Kon's fists clench and Tim hisses in pain. He rips his hands away from Tim's arm and clenches them at his sides. "S-sorry --"

"Don't --"

"Tim --"

And Tim shoves his tongue into Kon's ear and scrapes short nails over his nipple and squeezes. Kon hears himself moaning, hears himself sobbing, and can't stop fucking Tim's fist.

"Please --"

"I need this," Tim whispers, and Kon arches and comes, eyes squeezed shut and something like helpless.

And then everything is just sensation. The sweat they're both covered in and the smell of them. Sex and Tim and himself and Tim's come drying on his thighs and Tim's mouth against his ear.

He feels like he's just a badly connected set of body parts, and Tim's the only solid thing in the world, and he can't. He pulls away and turns, shaky and clumsy enough that he nearly falls off the bed before he can get his TK back under control. And then he just wraps himself around Tim and holds on, resting his lips against Tim's throat in something too messy and awkward to be a kiss.


"I've got you," Tim says, and it's just the most obvious thing in the universe.

Kon groans and pulls on him until they collapse mostly on the bed. His cheek lands in... dammit. He hit the pillow? "You're so next in line for the wet spot, man."

Tim snickers at him.

"I'm not kidding."

Tim keeps snickering. Right.

Kon grabs Tim with his hands and the TK and eventually wrestles him down. And keeps him there.

Tim completely fails to stop snickering.


"Hmm." Tim grins at him over his shoulder, mostly with his eyes, and then licks the pillow.

"Are you trying to kill me?"

"Well. We should have at least another hour..."

Which means 'an hour before Tim thinks they have to get dressed,' as opposed to 'an hour before Tim's parents get home.'

Kon grins back at him.

He can work with that.


Author's Note: This story exists because there are now two lj icons floating around with Robin rimming Superboy. I'm not made of stone, dude.

Please post a comment on this story.

Fandom:  Other (Teen Titans)
Title:  In Your Room
Series Name:  Connection
Author:  Te   [email]   [website]
Details:  Series  |  NC-17  |  *slash*  |  23k  |  02/18/04
Characters:  Robin, Superboy
Pairings:  Robin/Superboy
Summary:  Kon pays Tim a visit. Porn ensues.
Sequel to:  As a whirlwind

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