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Not Your Average Mikado

by Mice

[Story Headers]

Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 2:41 AM


Doggett wasn't thinking about sex when he opened the door. Unfortunately, Byers stood on the other side.

He was wearing the Armani.

Seeing Byers in that suit guaranteed there would be nothing on Doggett's mind but leather wrist restraints for the rest of the night. Doggett swallowed and licked his lips, his NASCAR plans forgotten. "J-Johnny?"

Byers smiled, apologetic. "Am I interrupting anything?"

"Uh, no, no, come on in." He waved Byers inside and closed the door after them, then leaned back against it. He realized it might look suspiciously like he was attempting to block the escape route, but hoped Byers wouldn't notice. "Did, uh, you have plans for tonight or somethin'?"

Usually, Byers called before visiting, if for no other reason than to be sure Doggett was dressed in something a little more attractive than the old sweats he had on now. Doggett had told him any number of times that he didn't really have to call first, but Byers was one of those guys who stood on protocol. At the moment, it was Doggett's nether head that was standing. Byers in that suit was all but irresistible.

Byers pulled two tickets from his pocket. "Want to go to a show?" He grinned. "Last minute deal."

"A scalper?" Doggett asked. He leaned harder on the door. "What show?"

"Langly. The Mikado."

"Uh, that Rodgers and Hammerstein stuff isn't my thing, Johnny," he said. Leather restraints. Leather restraints.

"That's Gilbert and Sullivan, Jack." Byers looked at him as though he'd recently had a brain amputation.

Leather restraints. Yep, Doggett figured brain amputation was a happenin' thing. He leaned on the door even more heavily, attempting to appear nonchalant.

Byers watched him, looking vaguely amused. "You're not fooling me, you know."

"About what?" Doggett crossed his arms over his chest.

"The door."

Busted. Doggett sighed. "Okay, you got me there."

Byers moved close, a hand against the door on either side of Doggett's shoulders. He leaned in and kissed Doggett thoroughly. That was about all Doggett could take. He wrapped his arms around Byers with a growl and kissed back with everything he had.

Several minutes later, they came up for air. "You ain't leavin' here, you know," Doggett said.

"Hey," Byers said, "I paid good money for these tickets!"

"With Langly involved? If you paid one goddamn red cent for those things, I'll eat my shorts."

Byers blushed. Doggett knew it. He grinned, triumphant.

"I'd like to see that," Byers said. "But I know you don't wear shorts under those things."

"I'd rather show you other things anyway." Doggett grinned. Leather restraints.

"But what about--"

Doggett snagged the tickets. "We don't need these to have a good time, Johnny." He stuck them in his pocket.


"On your knees, boy," he snapped.

Wide-eyed, Byers dropped in front of him. Oh, yeah. Definitely leather restraints.

"Yes, Sir," Byers whispered, then swallowed.

"That's better." Doggett stroked Byers' hair. Byers rubbed his head against Doggett's hand for a moment. "Much better." Doggett saw anticipation in his sub's clear blue eyes.

"You know what seein' you in that suit does to me," he said, his voice low and sultry. He could feel Byers tremble minutely under his hand. "Why did you do it?" He could feel his interest rising with the lightning beat of his heart.

"I rather hoped we'd get through the show before you'd want this, Sir," Byers said, his voice soft. Doggett could see the flush of arousal start to color him. "You've said I'm welcome to come over any time. I just -- I wanted to surprise you."

Doggett smiled down at Byers. "Oh, you did, little cub. And it's a welcome one, too. Just not in the way you expected."

Byers waited, silent. Doggett ran his hand down Byers' cheek. He passed the tip of his finger over Byers' lips, and felt Byers' tongue brush wet against it. It was his turn to shiver from their contact.

Byers slipped his tongue out and licked Doggett's finger. Doggett suppressed a moan and slowly slid the finger into Byers' mouth. Byers closed his eyes and suckled it with a contented sigh. It felt good. Byers' mouth was hot and his tongue soft and agile. A thrill of sensual delight went straight to Doggett's shaft, already hard and starting to throb.

"Good," Doggett whispered. He slipped a second finger in with the first. Byers treated it with the same diligent, erotic attention. Doggett caught his breath, riveted to the spot. He knew what this would feel like on his rod and he wanted it, but not yet. No, he had plans now. Leather restraints were just the beginning. Byers wouldn't be in that Armani a whole lot longer. He pulled his fingers from between Byers' lips.

"Get up and come with me," he ordered. Byers rose and followed him. Doggett could hear his sub's breathing coming more quickly with his anticipation. Doggett led them to his basement. Byers had been here before. He'd know what it meant.

When he opened the door to his play room and turned on the low lighting, he could see Byers' eyes had dilated into wide pools of darkness.

"What do you want, boy?" he asked.

"Whatever you desire, Sir," Byers answered, breathless.

"Excellent answer, little cub. Take off your shoes."

"Yes, Sir." Byers nodded and toed them off, leaving them in their assigned space near the door. He stood silent, awaiting his instructions.

Doggett smiled. Walking around the room, he lit the candles, then turned out the dim overhead lights. The flames flickered with a gentle glow, releasing light scents of musk and sandalwood.

After that, he turned to examine the trunk that held their toys. They'd both been busy lately, and there hadn't been time for play. One of them would be out of town, or they'd both be exhausted, or an assignment would come up suddenly. He was glad they were finally able to see each other for this. He'd missed it. From the look in Byers' eyes, so had he.

Wrist and ankle restraints first, Doggett thought, pulling them from their place. He knew Byers would be happy for a while with that, and it meant Doggett wouldn't have to remove any other equipment in order to get his sub naked when he was ready. He stuffed a few condoms in his pocket, and a tube of lube.

Stripping Byers down was a thing he greatly enjoyed. The man's submission and vulnerability always made it very appealing. He loved giving Byers what he needed; loved that he was the one his lover trusted enough to give him physical power over him. Restraints in hand, Doggett looked back and watched Byers shift his weight slightly, obviously both nervous and horny. He grinned. Byers let out a quiet gasp, eyes widening.

Doggett stepped toward him and Byers bolted. A couple of long strides and his arms were around Byers' chest, pinning his arms. Byers fought, when he did, because they both enjoyed it; it was about giving himself up to the pleasure rather than a genuine attempt to escape his bonds. Doggett discovered early in their relationship that Byers liked being overpowered, but it had to be safe and controlled. Doggett used his weight to drag him to the floor as they struggled.

"Yes," he hissed, reveling in the feel of his lover's resistance. "Fight me." He pressed his hard dick against Byers' ass, only to hear a gratifying moan in response. The struggle made it better, the desire sharper, the pleasure more intense.

Their wrestling went on until Byers was almost exhausted. Doggett forced Byers' arms behind him, careful not to hurt him. He strapped the leather restraints on Byers' wrists one at a time, then clipped them together. Doggett turned and sat on Byers' back then did the same with his ankles. Done with that task, he clipped Byers' wrists and ankles together.

Byers lay helpless on his stomach, unable to free his limbs, panting hard. Doggett ran his hands over Byers' slim body, enjoying his victory. He rolled Byers onto his side and let his hands wander under the expensive suit jacket to caress the silk beneath, pinching lightly at Byers' nipples. It pulled a moan from the bound man. He'd let Byers catch his breath, then the tease would begin. He knew Byers was already hard, waiting for whatever Doggett decided to do with him.

He squeezed Byers' ass with one hand. "Unh, uhn, unh..." Byers gasped for breath.

Doggett picked Byers up under his shoulders and lifted him gently to a kneeling position. His wrists bound to his ankles would help hold him upright, chest forward. "Spread your knees," he ordered. It would make the kneeling more comfortable, as well as being a more open, exposed position. He enjoyed the view of his vulnerable partner greatly.

"Yes, Sir," Byers said, still panting. He lowered his eyes to the floor.

Doggett put a hand under Byers' chin and raised his face. "No," he said. "I want you to watch me." The rough play was over for the evening. He wanted to savor his lover tonight, looking forward to slow, gentle play that would take time, but sate them both.

Byers' eyes lit. "Yes, Sir."

Doggett tugged off his t-shirt, tossed it aside, and caressed his exposed skin, watching Byers' face. It felt good, and Byers' eyes glimmered in the flickering light, starting to glaze over with lust. Doggett tweaked his nipples, enjoying the feeling it sent to his groin. He could see Byers' eyes fixed on the tent in his sweats.

"You like it, don't you?" He stroked himself through the cloth. "I know you want to touch."

Byers nodded. "Yes, Sir. Please." Doggett could hear the desire in his voice.

"You fought me, little slut," he said softly. "Why should I reward you for resisting?" Doggett moved a little closer, until he was just out of reach as Byers tried to lean in and kiss him. "None of that," he said.

He reached into the pocket and pulled out the condoms and lube, letting them fall at his feet. Slipping his sweats off, he tossed them over to join his t-shirt. His stiff, leaking rod bounced mere inches from Byers' face.

"I'm sorry, Sir." Byers' voice was intense, needy. "I deserve to be punished."

Doggett nodded. "You do." Though he was hard enough to ache, he'd wait a while yet. He loved the look in Byers' eyes. He bent down to get a condom and rolled it onto himself, Byers watching all the while, the tip of his tongue tracing his lips. Taking a fistful of Byers' soft hair, he brought the head of his dick close to his sub's moving tongue.

Byers opened his mouth but Doggett tugged at his hair. Byers hissed.

"No. You don't get to suck. This is punishment. Close your mouth."

Byers looked up at him, pleading with his eyes, but did as he was told. Doggett traced the tip of his cock along Byers' lips, barely touching them. The softness of his mouth and the tickle of beard and mustache made him throb, wanting to thrust.

Byers whimpered, closing his eyes and trembling with his effort to remain still.

"Kiss it," Doggett ordered.

Byers pressed his lips against the head of Doggett's shaft, caressing it with them. Doggett could hear Byers' ragged breath betraying his intense need and desire. He knew how much Byers loved to suck.

"Good boy, Johnny," Doggett said. He ran his other hand along the line of Byers' jaw, then trailed his fingers along Byers' throat to his silk collar. Byers whimpered again. "Hold still. Don't move."

Byers swallowed and held perfectly still.

Doggett sank to his knees in front of Byers, dark hair still in his fist. He leaned in slightly and licked Byers' lips. They were warm and sweet. He couldn't help the moan that rose from his chest.

Byers shook, but didn't move or open his mouth. Doggett would open it when he was ready. His sub was taking the punishment well -- and Doggett knew how difficult it was to receive this kind of touch without being able to move or actively accept it. Byers was trembling from the effort. It was one thing to be bound so you couldn't move. It was another to obey your Dom when you were able to move but ordered to stillness under the onslaught of soft, sensual pleasures.

Doggett kept licking, then kissing gently. He could feel Byers growing more needy and frustrated with every touch. He bit softly at Byers' lips and Byers moaned but didn't budge.

"Beautiful," he whispered, his lips moving against Byers' closed mouth, "so beautiful." He took Byers' lower lip carefully in his teeth and tugged, letting him open his mouth enough to breathe more deeply. Byers moaned again, a little louder. "It's gonna be so sweet tonight," he said.

Doggett let one hand slip down and brush against Byers' straining cock. He felt Byers shiver, trying to maintain control and not buck into his hand at the touch.

"Good boy," Doggett said, kissing Byers' closed lips again. He let both hands drift to Byers' chest, sliding them up his chest to his shoulders. He leaned down and kissed Byers' throat just above the knot in his tie. Letting his nails scratch just a little as his fingers crossed Byers' chest, he slowly tugged at the half-windsor knot. All he could hear was Byers' harsh breath and his own, and the whisper of silk on silk as he slipped the tie from around Byers' neck.

He kissed lower, where the top of the knot had rested, unbuttoning the top button of Byers' shirt. Doggett nipped, soft, at the hollow of Byers' throat.


"That's right, Johnny," he whispered. "Just hold still." He loosed another button and nipped a little lower. Byers wasn't wearing an undershirt. Good. He licked at the exposed skin as he brushed his fingernails across Byers' nipples. Byers moaned, shaking, then forced himself to stillness.

Another button, another nip. Another button, another lick. Doggett stroked Byers' body between each advance, now and then moving up to pass the tip of his tongue across Byers' slightly open, panting mouth. The warmth and softness of his skin on Doggett's lips and tongue was incredibly sensual, his moving breath, incredibly arousing. When enough of Byers' chest was exposed, Doggett traced his lips over Byers' pebbled brown nipples, eliciting gasps.

Wanting more, he nipped, then sucked, and Byers groaned loud, his head falling back.

"Oh, you love that, don't you?" He sucked again.

"Ahh ahh, mmmm..."

Rendering Byers speechless was one of Doggett's favorite activities. He caressed Byers' shaft again; a long, lingering stroke from tip to balls and back again.


He sucked at Byers' lower lip and stroked him again, slower but with a bit more pressure. He could feel Byers struggle not to kiss back. When he rumbled a half-wild sound from deep in his chest, Doggett's rod jerked in response. Patience, he told himself, refusing to slip his tongue into Byers' waiting mouth. Teasing his sub was always more than worth the wait.

Byers was panting heavily. Doggett knew he was starting to lose himself in sensation. He tugged the tail of Byers' silk shirt from his pants and slipped it and the jacket back over his shoulders. Byers sighed.

Doggett kissed his way down Byers' throat to his chest. Licking and nipping, he tugged on Byers' hair lightly, bending him back in a slight arc so he could get to his belly. Byers moaned, hardly stopping for breath.

He nipped at Byers' nipples again, then sucked each of them hard as he opened Byers' pants. Slipping a hand inside, he pulled Byers' cock out. It was hard and dark, beautifully erect, and weeping with need. Doggett bent down and licked the fluid from its tip. Byers wailed and tried to thrust.

Doggett chuckled as he wrapped himself around Byers, forcing him back to stillness. "No, little slut. You don't get to move yet. You're still being punished." He refused to admit aloud that he was just as horny, though when his shaft made contact with Byers' body, it took all he had to resist rubbing up against him. He wanted to rut against the man like some humpy dog. His dick was leaking as much as Byers' was.

Once he had Byers back under control, he lowered his head and licked again. This time, Byers only shuddered and gasped. "That's better, boy. You only move when I tell you to move." He'd let him soon. Kneeling was beginning to get uncomfortable. First, though, he wanted to suck.

Crouching before his bound lover, he licked the length of Byers' exposed shaft, balls to tip. Byers moaned loudly, then shouted as Doggett engulfed him. He tasted good and Doggett sucked just hard and deep enough to make Byers scream from the tease. Not enough to make him come; Doggett didn't want that. Not yet, certainly. He loved doing this to Byers, loved how he reacted. He loved the control he had over the man. It was seductive, intense. Everything about what they had together was intense.

After a few moments, he pulled his mouth away, leaving Byers wailing, damp cock twitching and throbbing. 'God,' he thought, 'I need this man so much.' He reached up and tugged Byers' jacket and shirt down his arms to his wrists. Putting his arms around Byers, he held his wrists with one hand while he unclipped first one wrist restraint then the other, pulling the clothing off over them. He didn't want to get the suit more messed up than it already was, so he stood and hung it on the back of the door. He did the same with Byers' pants, unfastening the ankle restraints one at a time. Byers' boxers and socks he tossed into the pile with his own clothes.

He helped Byers stand, ankles bound together, his wrists still clipped together at his waist. "Over here," he said. With one hand, he steadied Byers as he moved slowly and very carefully toward a spanking horse set near the middle of the small room.

Doggett heard Byers' breath catch.

"That's right, boy. I'm gonna play with your ass tonight. I know how much you like it. Your punishment's over, and it's time for us to play." Pulling Byers into his embrace, he kissed him, soft and deep. Byers groaned and kissed back, passionate. His hips moved slightly, rubbing his cock against Doggett's groin. Doggett groaned too. He slid one hand down to capture Byers' ass, squeezing and pulling them tight together.

Doggett's other hand joined his first, kneading the globes of Byers' ass. A moment later, he pulled them gently apart and ran a finger down the cleft between them, passing it over the pucker of Byers' ass. Byers jerked against him, moaning into his mouth.

Doggett broke their kiss.

"Uhhh, please, Sir," Byers panted. "Please, yes, in me."

"Oh, not yet, Johnny. I have other plans first." He pressed his finger harder against the sensitive bud and Byers groaned, deep and wanton. He wondered if Byers had any idea how hot he was like this. Doggett wanted to fuck him, slip his rod into the tight hole and thrust, but there were other things he wanted first. He kissed Byers softly. "Don't worry. You'll get my shaft in that sweet ass soon enough. Now, get on the horse." He slapped Byers' ass, and Byers clenched his eyes shut and gasped, cock leaping.

"Yes," he hissed. "Yes, Sir."

As best he could with wrists and ankles bound, Byers positioned his body over the main support of the horse. Doggett buckled his ankles to the leg supports first, then bound his wrists to the arm supports. Byers shifted a bit, making himself comfortable.

"That's right, boy. You'll be here a while. Get cozy." Doggett strapped Byers' waist to the horse so he couldn't move enough to hurt himself or fall from the heavily modified sawhorse. Going back to the toy chest, he pulled out Byers' favorite cock and ball harness.

Returning to Byers, he showed it to him.

"Please, Sir," Byers begged. "Put it on me." He shifted his hips and lifted his ass to expose his shaft and balls for Doggett.

Doggett sighed, pleased at the display. He ran a hand over Byers' tight balls, pulling them gently away from his body to stretch them enough so he could get the harness on him. Byers moaned and abandoned himself to the touch, bucking a little as Doggett bound him fairly tight. He tied Byer's shaft to a ring on the horse with a quick release knot.

"Oh god yes fuck oh."

Doggett grinned and pressed a finger against Byers' pucker again, a reward for his enthusiasm.


Byers would be unable to come now until Doggett allowed it. He ran a hand slowly over Byers' ass, then moved away, bringing an ottoman to the front of the horse.

Byers watched, curiosity in his lust-drowned eyes.

"This is for me, Johnny. You're gonna service me with that sweet, hot tongue of yours." Doggett felt his heart pound with his own anticipation. He'd been wanting this for a while. He knelt low on the ottoman, legs apart, then spread his cheeks before Byers' face. "You know what I want."

He backed up slightly until Byers' nose bumped his ass. "Lick, boy. Rim me."

He felt Byers touch his opening with his soft, wet tongue. Doggett moaned, quiet, as the gentle exploration began. He pushed back a little more against Byers' face. He felt as much as heard Byers moan as his tongue probed and caressed with more pressure.

"Yeah," he whispered. "Gimme more, little slut. Lick my ass. Fuck me with your tongue."

Byers' hot breath tickled Doggett's ass as his tongue moved in earnest. Nipping, licking, sucking, Byers gave Doggett intense, sensual service. When Byers sucked his balls, Doggett moaned and grabbed his rod, squeezing hard at the root so he wouldn't come.

"Oh, yeah boy," he groaned, "more. Gimme more. Harder. Put your tongue in me."

Byers moaned, then thrust with his tongue, penetrating and wringing a cry of lust and desire out of Doggett. "Augh, yeah!"

Byers' tongue moved, following Doggett's every demand, obeying every order. Doggett bucked against him hard, fucking himself on Byers' mouth. It felt magnificent; soft and stiff at the same time, wet and hot and oh god, so satisfying. It was just deep enough to make him crave more. He wanted to be filled, needed a deep, hot fuck. He'd have one from Byers. It was all part of the plan.

With a groan, Doggett pulled away from the pleasure before he came. He'd reward his lover well tonight.

Byers panted, catching his breath. "Please, Sir, please. Want the flogger."

"Not yet," Doggett said, moving around behind Byers. "I'll give you everything you want, everything you need, but not just yet. You're gonna satisfy me first. I'm gonna take you off the horse, then, when I'm done, I'll put you back on and make your ass red as a cherry."

Byers nodded, still panting.

Doggett's own voice was harsh. He'd been so close to coming on Byers' tongue. "So good tonight, Johnny." He pulled at the knot binding Byers' cock to the horse and it came away instantly. He ran a finger down the edge of the leather separating Byers' balls, and his lover keened. "I'll give you such pleasure." Doggett pressed his finger against Byers' hole again, penetrating just slightly and Byers howled, trying to buck back onto it.

"Please, please!" Byers shouted. "Oh, god Master, please!"

"I know you want it, little slut. I have other plans for you first." He unstrapped Byers' waist, then his ankles and finally his wrists. "Can you stand by yourself?"

Byers nodded and got to his feet carefully, teetering. He braced himself against the horse with one hand. Doggett slipped an arm around him and pulled him over to the small bed nearby. He dropped Byers onto the mattress and shoved him onto his back, panting with anticipation. A few quick motions left Byers spread-eagled on the bed, his shaft straight and throbbing. Another strap added to the bondage, and Byers' slim waist was bound to the bed as well. It would keep him from thrusting, held firmly to the mattress.

Doggett left him there, going back to his clothing, and picked up the tube of lube and a condom. He went to the toy chest and pulled out a cock ring for himself.

"Please, Sir, don't leave," Byers moaned.

Doggett didn't answer. He sat for a moment on the ottoman and ran a finger lightly up and down his shaft, letting his own and his sub's anticipation build. A moment later, he fastened the cock ring around the base of his rod, binding himself so he wouldn't come from letting Byers fuck him. He watched as Byers tested his restraints.

"Please," Byers begged.

"I'm still here," Doggett said, quiet. 'He's really gone deep,' he thought. It wouldn't do right now to leave Byers long. He didn't want his lover to panic. Doggett rose and returned to the bed.

"Here I am, Johnny," he said gently. He ran a hand from Byers' throat to the wiry thatch of hair at his crotch and felt his lover shiver under the touch.

"Unnnh, yes," Byers muttered. His eyes were closed, breath ragged. Doggett leaned down and kissed him softly.

They both moaned, quiet, as they kissed. Byers opened to his tongue, tasting of Doggett's earthy musk. Doggett let his hand slip down to Byers' thigh, exploring between his open legs. Byers whimpered and pressed against the searching hand.

"Sweet," Doggett whispered, breaking the kiss. He caressed Byers' entrance with a finger, appreciating the way he writhed. "I'm gonna have you, Johnny, gonna have your cock in my ass. I'm gonna ride you, gonna make you fill me."

"Ohhh. Yes yes yes."

"You're so hard, little slut." He stroked Byers' shaft, knowing it tugged at his bound balls. He'd have to remove part of the harness so they could join, but the straps that stretched Byers' sac and separated his balls would be enough to keep him from orgasm. "So hard. So hot. Want you in me. You're gonna fuck my ass, boy."

"Yes Sir, yes Master."

It was the work of moments to loose Byers' shaft. He slipped the condom over it and lubed it well, then prepared himself. Byers groaned and writhed next to him. Doggett wanted him with a blazing intensity -- fucked by but utterly in control of his sub. The thought itself almost made him shoot his load.

The cock ring was tight but felt so good. He moved and knelt over Byers, rubbing their bodies together and kissing him. Byers moaned again. He stroked Byers' rod with a tight grip.

"Unnnnnh, unh." Byers struggled, trying to thrust up into his hand. It was obvious he wasn't going anywhere. Doggett was pleased with the effect. He was hungry for Byers, starving for cock in his ass. He kept stroking his writhing lover until he could stand no more.

With a groan, he lowered himself onto Byers' hardness, opening himself to the penetration. Byers shouted as he entered Doggett, suddenly losing what tiny thread of control he had left. He fought hard, trying to thrust, shouting obscenities. Doggett rode him with slow intensity, moaning with pleasure.

Byers' dick was slender, like the man himself, but long enough to fill Doggett. "God, Johnny, oh god, so good, so deep."

He fucked himself slow and gentle with Byers' shaft, both of them crying out. The heat and desire within him roiled, rising and flooding him. He loved it, loved Byers. Moaning, he held his lover tight, riding him as Byers wailed under him, helpless. He kissed Byers' face and throat, caressed his lovers' sweat-slicked body with both hands as he thrust himself onto Byers' throbbing cock. It stroked inside him, shooting him through with intense pleasure.

"Johnny, god, oh baby oh fuck oh god yeah like that..." Doggett wanted to scream, filled with his lover. It was so good, rising in him, the friction in his ass driving him to the edge and past as he pushed them both harder and faster. He came, dry, not so much as a drop of come shooting from him, and god, he was still hard as a granite column. He couldn't stop fucking, impaling himself on Byers as his lover bellowed, lost in his own ecstasy.

He clung to Byers, panting, finally slowing his pace. Once he was in control of himself again, he kissed Byers everywhere he could reach without releasing Byers' shaft.

"Oh god Johnny," he muttered between kisses, "so sweet, so hot. God, you're so good, such a hot fuck. Need you, need you. Gotta have you."

Byers' chest was heaving and he moaned. "Please, please, need to come, oh god, so good, so tight."

"Soon, baby, soon," Doggett whispered, caressing Byers' face. He needed more. "I'll put you back on the horse when I can stand up and get you there. Redden your ass. Fuck you. Make you come."

"Unh, yes, please Master, yes."

Byers' eyes were still closed. His voice was hoarse and dreamy. Doggett knew he was lost in his sub space, needing completion. They'd both have it. It would be so good. Byers was always so good. God, he loved the man. Doggett just wished he could screw up the courage to tell him. At least he never had any trouble showing him.

He squeezed Byers' cock, tightening down on him and making him moan again. It was a wonderful sound. Doggett's already impossibly hard dick jerked. The throbbed against the cock ring. "God, what you do to me, Johnny."

He didn't want to move, didn't want to let go of Byers, but they both needed more. They wouldn't get it like this. Doggett shifted his weight and Byers moaned again.

"Please, more."

"You'll get more. I gotta get up first." He caressed Byers' face and slipped a finger between his lips. Byers' mouth was nearly dry. So was his, now that he thought about it. "Get you water in a minute, little cub."

First he had to free Byers from the bed. That was a matter of moments. He let Byers stretch. "I'll be right back. Stay on the bed. Rest."

Byers nodded, eyes still glazed. Doggett knew how he felt. It was only the fact he had to care for both of them that kept him together right now. He wondered how they'd make it up two flights of stairs to the bedroom after this. There was no way he'd let Byers drive home.

He wobbled when he stood. His rod was painfully hard. He wanted it in Byers' ass, but that had to wait. Water was a lot more important. If he'd been expecting the visit, he'd have laid everything out in advance. As it was, he had to get to the head and bring back a cup without spilling it.

God, he wanted in Byers' ass. He wanted slow and deep, wanted to make Byers shudder like fever when he came.

He drank down an entire cup, then filled it again for Byers and brought it back to the play room.

"Here," he said. He raised Byers' head and held the cup to his mouth.

Byers nodded and sipped, then leaned up on one elbow. He held out a shaking hand.

"You ain't in any shape to hold this, little cub. Just drink. You need it."

Byers drank, then leaned back. "Thanks," he said. He stroked his shaft. The condom was already gone.

Doggett leaned down and kissed the hot, dark tip of it. Byers moaned softly.

"So good," Byers whispered. "Need to come." He looked up at Doggett, still half out of it. "Please, Sir."

"You'll come soon, Johnny, promise. Let me help you get up."

They stood together, still shaky. Doggett could feel himself steadying already. He'd need to be together when he used the flogger on Byers. Striking in the wrong place could harm him instead of causing an arousing amount of mild pain. He never wanted to hurt his lover.

Once Byers was secured to the horse again, Doggett lubed his lover and got one of the short floggers from the toy chest. It was soft, of deerskin. The initial strokes would be more like caresses, stimulating rather than painful. The shorter strands were more controllable, and Doggett preferred not to take any chances right now.

"You sure want this?" he asked.

"Yes, Master. Please." He could hear Byers' near-exhaustion. It wouldn't be long, but they both wanted this, needed it.

Doggett ran his hand over Byers' ass, stroking gently at first. After a few minutes, he began mixing pinches and nips into his play. Byers' breathing quickened again and he shifted on the horse, trying to raise his ass into Doggett's strokes.

Soft slaps with his palm came next. Byers moaned with pleasure. It was as though the stimulation re-energized him. "Please, Master, more. Harder."

Doggett leaned down and kissed Byers just above his balls. He licked as Byers whimpered, letting his tongue stray to Byers' trembling pucker.

"Please," Byers groaned. "Oh god please fuck me. Need you, need to come."

Doggett slapped Byers' ass harder, gratified at his jerk and moan. He let the soft deerhide strands of the flogger float across Byers' cheeks, producing more whimpers.

"Please please please unnnnnh please." Byers struggled against his bonds.

This time, Doggett struck him with the flogger.

Byers yelped.

Doggett struck him again, then again, each time a little harder, leaving rosy stripes on Byers' pale ass. Byers tried to fuck the padding under him, to no avail. Doggett grinned and stroked himself, panting as he watched.

Another blow with the flogger, and Doggett reached down, slipping a finger into Byers' ass.

"Aaahhhhh! Yes!"

Doggett gave Byers five more hard strokes in quick succession, then dropped the flogger. He stepped in close between Byers' legs and slid his shaft into him with a long, devastatingly slow stroke. Byers howled, tried to buck back and force Doggett to enter him faster, but he could barely move. Doggett moaned, holding Byers' hips down with both hands.

He stopped when he was about halfway in and forced himself to keep still, savoring the feeling of Byers' struggle. His heart was pounding, and he gasped for breath, willing himself not to slam into his lover to the root.

"God god fuck me god please aaahhh unh Master oh god please!"

He started again, slow as before, pushing until he was in as far as he could get while wearing the cock ring. With agonizing deliberation, he moved in and out, an inch at a time, barely thrusting. Byers kept screaming. Doggett bit his lip to keep from joining him. He was so hot, so tight. Doggett stroked his sweat-drenched sides.

Byers was incoherent now, babbling, making animal noises.

Doggett picked up his pace a little, this time thrusting with the entire length of his hard, pulsing cock as he entered Byers again and again.

"C-come please aaaahhhhhh please let oh god aahhhh."

Doggett pulled almost entirely out of Byers, then released his ball bondage and slammed into him fast and hard, over and over.

"Aaaah! Fuck!" Byers shot as Doggett fucked him, leaned over his body, holding him tight.

His own cock ring too tight to let him come, Doggett kept thrusting. He was going to make Byers keep coming until he was drained before he let himself finish.

Byers shuddered under him, gasping and shouting as waves of pleasure drowned him. Doggett kept fucking until all Byers could do was grunt each time he thrust.

With a swift movement, Doggett pulled at the ring around his root, and it came away. The pressure he'd built up slammed through him and he fountained into Byers, screaming his own orgasm. He thrust senselessly until he was exhausted, almost unable to move.

Shuddering, he forced himself upright and released Byers, then sank to his knees next to the horse. Doggett kept one hand on Byers' leg as they both panted, breathless and drained.

Eventually, they both stirred. Doggett tugged the full condom off his dick and dropped it on the floor. He was too damned wiped to bother with the idea of cleaning up the play room tonight. It would be all he could manage to make sure he and Byers got themselves clean and up to the bedroom without incident.

Byers' hand slipped through his hair. He raised his hand and took it, looking up at him.

"Sweet," he croaked. His voice was gone from shouting so hard.

Byers smiled and nodded. "Yeah." The clear tenor was rough and whisper-soft.

He sank down next to Doggett. Byers lay his head on Doggett's shoulder. They wrapped still-shaking arms around each other and moved close, limbs tangling. Breath finally steadying, they kissed, long and tender.

"Bed," Doggett said, once they both stopped trembling.

It took longer than either of them expected to make it upstairs and clean up. When they finally collapsed together under the covers, holding each other, they sighed with relief.

"Thank you," Byers whispered.

"You should drop by like that more often," Doggett said, smiling.

Byers chuckled. "Yeah. Too bad about the show, though."

Doggett grinned. "Well, that's okay. We got tickets for tomorrow afternoon anyway."


Doggett laughed. "Yeah. Wanted to surprise you. I was gonna call you in the mornin'."

Byers tried not to laugh. "Bitch."

Doggett kissed him.


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Fandom:  Lone Gunmen, X-Files
Title:  Not Your Average Mikado
Series Name:  Well-Kept Man
Author:  Mice   [email]   [website]
Details:  Standalone  |  NC-17  |  35k  |  02/09/04
Pairings:  Doggett/Byers
Summary:  Plot? What plot? Everyone needs a good dose of smut now and then.
Notes:  Spoilers: Do they even have those anymore? JTS does NOT exist.
Disclaimer: We deserve 'em more than CC does. They still belong to him, though.
Author's Notes: Peja's merciless with the challenges. Stop that! This is another first line challenge. It crawled between my brain cells and nested. This takes place at some unspecified time after WK3: Metal & Bone. I mean, all those plot bunnies have to go somewhere when they breed.

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