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From Alexis on 05/10/2006
I liked the story, very good. Better than the others i have been reading throughout, so I give you kudos for that, lots and ots of kudos for the first GOOD fanfiction of Remus/Hermione for me deary! :)

From Andrian on 04/08/2004
Excellent wonderful read. I love the emotions you have captured. We have posted a link to this story on my yahoo group dedicated to remus and Hermione

From shelley on 04/08/2004
This is beautiful! Just lovely and perfect. I saw it recced on a H/R yahoo group, and I really enjoyed it. The idea that these two can find a sort of relationship based upon need rather than love--and that it can work for them--is just... lovely. (Whoops, I already used that word. Sorry, but it just fits this story so well!)

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