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by Mice

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Date: Friday, July 25, 2003 2:15 AM


Broken -- why did he always feel that way? Byers sighed and rolled onto his stomach. He thought maybe he'd felt that way ever since Susanne had walked into and out of his life, transforming it forever. For a long time, he thought the brokenness was his heart, but after he'd met John Doggett, he realized it was really his entire life that had broken that day.

The world had shattered around him in one strange night. Nothing had been the same after that. He'd lost everything -- his job, contact with his father, his sense of self. There had been times when he'd wondered if his mind had broken too. The man he'd once been would never have seriously considered the existence of aliens, clones, interstellar conspiracies, the genetic manufacture of super soldiers or a thousand other things. He had to admit that Langly's speculations about Smurfs and the impending heat death of the universe were a little over the top, but still.

He lay next to Doggett, his Dom asleep and snoring quietly. This powerful man had broken him in other ways, though these were good ones. A smile touched his lips as he considered their time together. Tonight had been good. The muscles of his ass were still ringing with the body memory of the flogger, and it felt delicious.

Doggett had broken his resistance to pleasure, his resistance to the idea that he could be happy despite the life he lived. He was coming close to breaking through all the barriers Byers had built around himself over the years. Though it was frightening, Byers knew he wanted it.

For the first time in a long time, Byers had someone who not only cared about him, but willingly involved himself in the strange life he and his friends led. And it wasn't just that; it was the way Doggett forced him out of himself, thrusting him into ecstasy with an expert combination of pain and pleasure, of demands and permission and restraint.

He could still feel where the ropes had bound him only an hour or so before. He rolled to his side and traced a finger along his chest where the body harness had held him secure, pressing slightly where the knot in the center of his chest had rested. It was still slightly sore, but it was good. It reminded him of how Doggett had held him by the harness, arms bound behind him, had ridden him hard and deep until he begged for mercy.

Mercy was a soul-burning orgasm.

His body ached with it, ached for it. He wanted to touch his Master, unsure if he should wake him. He would beg again; he always did. His pride was another thing Doggett had broken --another breaking that had helped him, that had given him the precious gift of pleasure and the ability to ask for what he needed. His Master had given him back a part of himself he'd never expected to find, sifted from the shards of a broken life.

Doggett shifted and opened one eye, then focused on Byers.

"Still awake," he muttered.

Byers nodded. He brushed one finger along Doggett's cheekbone.

"You want more?" Doggett was a little more awake now, a hint of surprise in his voice.

Byers grinned.

"God." Doggett rolled onto his side. "Insatiable slut." A tired grin crossed his face.

"For you," Byers said.

"Bet you'd be a slut for Sergio too."

Byers shivered at the image. He had to admit he found the idea... intriguing. He'd never quite let go of the night they'd spent at the club in New York and the heat of Brentali's mouth on his chest and abdomen as he sat sprawled in Doggett's lap.

"That depends," Byers said.

Doggett raised himself up on one elbow. "On what?"

"On whether you ordered me to serve him, Sir," Byers said, his voice low and husky. The more he thought about it, the more the idea appealed to him. He'd been emailing Brentali about once a week since they'd met. Every now and then, the Italian would offer some fantasy, written to appeal to his need for domination. Byers had always responded with hesitant interest, not ready to cross that line just yet, though he loved reading Brentali's seductions. It was Doggett who would make the ultimate decision. They'd talk about it, of course. Doggett would know when he was ready.

Doggett's grin broadened, clear in the darkness of the bedroom. "You always know just what to say, don't you boy?" His arousal was as apparent as the white of his teeth.

Byers rolled onto his back and Doggett moved closer, leaning in over him. Yes, Byers liked him like that. He could feel his Dom's heat radiating like a forest fire. Doggett's mouth found his, kissed him with fierce urgency. It was electric. Byers thought of leather restraints as Doggett's hand slipped behind his neck and fisted roughly into his hair. He was hard and throbbing before the kiss ended.

Doggett shoved him toward the side of the bed. "On your knees," he ordered.

Byers slipped out of the bed, eager to comply. It usually meant he'd get to suck Doggett's thick cock. His heart slammed against his ribs and he panted as he knelt. It always felt so good. Byers slipped his hands behind him, clutching one wrist to hold them together. He could hear the sounds of a condom being unwrapped.

Doggett sat on the edge of the bed before him and offered him the condom. "Put it on me," he said. Byers took it in his mouth and rolled it on as he slipped his lips down over the heated shaft. Doggett groaned appreciatively, his hands running roughly through Byers' hair. "Uhhhh, yeah. That's it boy. Take it deeper."

Byers' tongue thrust down along Doggett's cock as he sucked his Dom in hard.

"Aaaah!" Doggett's hips jerked in answer to Byers' ministrations. "God, yeah. Swallow it."

Byers shifted his angle a little and swallowed Doggett down, his own cock throbbing with his excitement. He wished his Master had bound it before they started, but this was hot just as it was. Doggett stood slowly, pulling Byers' head with him, then started thrusting slow and hard. Byers couldn't suppress his own moan, and Doggett shuddered at the sensation.

Reaching down, Doggett pinched Byers' nipples hard. Byers cried out as best he could with his Master's shaft down his throat and Doggett's pubic bone met his lips. Another rough thrust or two and he pulled back enough for Byers to catch a breath. Byers panted as he licked and sucked at the head in his mouth. Doggett's head went back as he groaned.

"Unh, Johnny, fuck, you're good." Doggett's hands were on his shoulders and he backed away from Byers' mouth then tugged him to his feet. The kiss was almost brutal in its intensity.

Doggett broke away after a few moments, both of them gasping. He pulled Byers over to the dresser. "Gonna fuck you again," he growled. "Can't get enough of that tight ass of yours."

Byers whimpered, knowing it would be good and hard. "Please, Sir," he groaned.

"Present your ass, boy." He shoved Byers between the shoulders.

Byers put his hands down on top of the dresser and lowered himself quickly, spreading his legs, ass held high. His cock throbbed, balls tight against his body. He could hear Doggett shuffling around in the room, unsure what was coming next. He wanted Doggett's touch.

Suddenly, there was a hot, broad hand on his ass. He could feel Doggett squeezing and kneading the muscle mass. It was good. The hand slipped between his legs to squeeze his balls, pulling gently. A moment later, Doggett's fist was stroking him, and he thrust into it with a wild, horny sound. "Unnnngh, yeah."

The hand let go and slapped his ass. "Don't move," Doggett snapped.

Byers shivered at the sting on his still-sensitive flesh but steeled himself against giving in to the sensation. "Yes, Sir," he groaned. His Master's hand returned, firmer than before, drawing another long moan from him.

"Beautiful ass," Doggett muttered.

Byers felt hot, soft lips near the cleft between his cheeks and whimpered again. Smooth teeth grazed him and he forced himself not to buck back against the touch. The stroking continued, and Byers gritted his teeth, knowing he'd come soon if Doggett kept up this pace and this pressure.

"What do you want, boy?" Doggett said, then nipped him.

"Aaangh, fuck--" he gasped, "fuck me, Sir."

Doggett laughed, but Byers could hear the catch in his breath. "Tell me what you want, slut." More stroking, and Doggett's tongue slipping down toward his hole.

"Tongue," Byers said, trying to keep his voice steady enough to speak. He was in an agony of bliss, and the tease was unbearable. The muscles of his entrance were twitching, desperate. He needed to be filled.

"That's right boy, say it. Beg for what you want. Tell me you want my tongue in your ass." A kiss on his perineum. "Tell me you wanna be fucked like a whore." That burning tongue over the pucker of his anus and Byers cried out, speechless. "Tell me how you want it deep and hard, little cub. You don't get shit until you beg for it."

Byers wailed, his body trembling under the verbal onslaught and Doggett's merciless hand. "S-sir, please -- rim it, oh god --" He gasped as Doggett's tongue traced the ring. "Fuck me... tongue, aaaaaaahhh, in me god in me."

He was losing his mind as Doggett's tongue slipped in and he groaned, his fists clenching on the edge of the dresser. For a moment he lost the power of speech, but Doggett's voice pushed him again.

"Talk, damn it!" Cold lube slicked his ass and one thick finger invaded him. "Beg!"

Byers was sure his cock was about to burst. "Yah god fuck." He gasped for breath. "Cock, in me, god hard fuck me fuck me deep, shove it in," Byers moaned, babbling. He didn't even recognize his own voice, and didn't care. His body was screaming for release. "M-master please, take me, god fuck me, I'm your slut your whore need your cock please hard god jesus do me damn it." He was so close.

Doggett slapped his ass again and Byers grunted, the flow of words stopped by the tightening of his balls.

"Please please make me come, unnngh, god Master take my ass, mark me, I'm yours oh god oh fuck oh--"

Doggett slammed into him with a grunt, stabbing hard and deep into Byers' body and he came, screaming as his cock exploded. He was vaguely aware that his fingernails were digging lines in the wood of the dresser, but nothing mattered to him except the hot, glorious fuck he was getting.

It was everything he needed; he submitted to the pounding, groaning his ecstasy. He could feel Doggett come inside him, using him for his own pleasure, his Master's mouth on his neck, weight on his back, hot breath in his ear.

"Fuck you Johnny, love to fuck you, unh unh, love your ass, love your heat." Doggett's hands gripped his shoulders hard, bracing them both as he slammed home.

The release was bliss. He hardly noticed as Doggett carried him back to the bed, cleaned him up and tucked him under the covers. Soft kisses brushed his throat, broad hands caressed him, and he floated in a tranquil pre-sleep trance.

Doggett's touch was soothing now, bringing him down into sweetness.

"Beautiful," Doggett whispered. "You're so beautiful, babe."

Maybe it was true, he thought, that something broken could stronger after mending than it had been before.


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Fandom:  Lone Gunmen, X-Files
Title:  Broken
Series Name:  Well-Kept Man
Author:  Mice   [email]   [website]
Details:  Standalone  |  NC-17  |  *slash*  |  11k  |  02/09/04
Pairings:  Doggett/Byers
Summary:  Byers ponders his life.
Notes:  Spoilers: Do they even have those anymore? JTS does NOT exist.
Disclaimer: We deserve 'em more than CC does. They still belong to him, though.
Author's Notes: This was written for a challenge on the DoggettSlash list. The theme is "Broken," write for at least five minutes. Set an indeterminate time after the short fic "Shed a Little Light."

Sequel to:  Kept short: Shed a Little Light

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