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Frantic Thoughts at 4 P.M.

by chacha mia

Frantic Thoughts at 4 p.m.

Oh shit, Tony! Shit!
Blood. Hands covered in it. Shit!
My fault. Oh, Tony. My fault. Shit!
Damn them getting together. My fault. All my fault. If I hadn't told Tony to keep Chase out of it, he'd still be safe back at the office with Michelle where he belongs. Oh, shit! Michelle.
"Where's that damned ambulance?" screams passed his lips. So pale. So red.
Oh shit! Oh God!
Need, need, need. Needle. Shit. Release. Escape. No, no. Stupid. Insane trying to shoot up in the truck. In public. Caught. Outed. She knows.
Nicole, help him. Help Tony. Oh God!
Too slow. Everything moving too slow.
Except the blood. Spreading so fast. Too fast. Too much. Tony...
Come on, Jack! You've watched men die before. Get it together. Do the job! Oh shit, Tony... .

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