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by Scy

     Date: Thursday, May 29, 2003 2:11 PM
     Title:  Maturity
     Author: Scy
     Feedback: Pretty please.
     Disclaimer: Though I play with the pretty it is not mine.  
     Fandom: X2
     Rating: PG
     Distribution: Just tell me.
     Author's Notes:    I am hopelessly drawn to these
     characters.  Mala?  Stop laughing. I'm not the only one
     doomed here.  

Bobby is seventeen.

This has been brought home to him in a number of boring, embarrassing, or useless conversations.

He's been told: 'It's a state.' Freezing a classmate is impolite and a little control would be helpful during emotional outbursts.

He's been reassured: 'It'll pass'. Everyone needs some time to adjust to being a mutant.

He's been lectured: 'Control is the essence of mastering your powers.' So please try and avoid bringing a glacier down on the school.

Bobby listens to what they say.

He's got his own opinion of course. Dealing with being a mutant isn't all that hard, it's the whole 'teenager' thing that's impossible.


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