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By the Rivers Dark

by Lyra Sena

     Subject: SV: By the Rivers Dark (Clex, NC-17)
     Date: Sunday, May 11, 2003 7:09 PM

     Title: By the Rivers Dark
     Author: Lyra Sena
     Rating: R
     Disclaimer: Nope, still don't own them. 
     Pairing: Clark/Lex
     Summary: Lex realizes he has nothing. 
     A/N: My first venture into Smallville fic. Thanks to Nifra
     for the hardcore beta. hugs

Years, timeswept under wings, flutter on the backlight, as if the world is turning over, fire scorched, spread over layers to lay blank on canvas. A tilt of memory, fading.

Draws himself up from cold pressed tile against his cheek. Business, deals, money. Colliding in swirling half-truths consuming, ruining him. Stumbles up, finds purchase against sharp marble, dares himself to look. Sunken hollows, gaunt cheeks pulled with strain. Lifts his hand, jutting forward to obliterate the blankness, and treachery shatters, jagged cracks distorting into reality.

Rivulets of red stained cuffs go unnoticed, wetness sliding through fingers, winding stickily over knuckles, tickling across palms. Mechanically moves feet, wills legs to follow. Five more steps, he tells himself. Rewarded with soft mattress, smooth cotton under his body, and nestles into the plush surface. Curls up and drifts into security.

It's the same, always.

Taken back to another life. Where coffee shops, cornfields, and farm boys occupied vast amounts of space in his mind. Where barn lofts brought endless times of pleasure, boys panting together, need and desire flaming into the rafters. The voice is clear, always clear in these unconscious moments.

"Lex, yes...please."

Vision coming into focus, and he needs to see. Sweep of lips over his cheek, and he turns into the gesture, hands moving over water smooth muscle, fingers tangling in a fall of curls. Clear green eyes, so close to his, penetrating into his thoughts.

"I love you."

And that's all he needs to hear. Lips meet roughly, and tongues slip across each other, wet warm mouths gasping murmurs.

The hay is freshly cut, spicy tingle encircling them and his cock is surrounded by strong fingers. Clark's fingers. Moving, stroking, and Lex can't get his hands on enough of Clark's skin. Wants to feel, wants to taste. This is the only way now.

Clearness crashes through the haze, and in the fog of his dreams Lex is never sure if he's a participant or observer.

Clark is on his knees, hands wrapped around Lex's ass, anchoring him against the steady rhythm. Lex's cock is in Clark's mouth, so warm, so sweet, and Clark is open and taking him, moaning. Throwing his head back, Lex can see into the night, through the open window, and the stars are winking. Dancing for them...just them.

He looks down and his gaze meets fluttering eyelashes, revealing smoky eyes. Full red lips pursed on his cock, slick with wetness and a grin. Clark slides up his body, trails slow kisses, over his neck, licking softly behind his ear, light nips to the jaw. Clark's mouth is on his again, and it's so soft, so tender.

"I want you to fuck me."

And they are on the floor, lying on the blanket, limbs entwined and cocks rubbing insistently against one another, thrusting erratic and sweat slickened. Clark rolls over, lifts on his knees, and grins wickedly over his shoulder.

Slicks himself and his fingers are in Clark, preparing him, stretching him open. Lex drapes his body over Clark's, nuzzling into the back of Clark's neck...the sweetest part of his body. Lex slides in slowly, heat constricting around him and he moves, pushing further, and Clark thrusts back suddenly, and Lex is fully inside.


"Yes...Lex, god."

Lex falls into their rhythm, a perfected rhythm, a practiced rhythm. He reaches around and strokes Clark, pinching shut his eyes when Clark begins to moan and it's too soon when Clark is coming, heat liquid pulsing over Lex's hand. Lex grabs the hips under him, thrusting forcefully, climbing to the sounds of Clark's grunts as he falls from his orgasm. A hand reaches around and grasps his, and Clark brings it to his mouth.

A sharp bite.

Lex's eyes fly open, and he's curled in the darkness, hand around his aching cock, Clark's name falling from his lips in a strained oath.

Glass vapor in his hand, mocking him. The tilt of amber liquid mesmerizing the bleariness engulfing him. Floor rises again to meet him, offers solace. Every day, strength is mostly gone, passing with the lengthening shadows thrown through the windows.

Business deals, failed. Money, dwindling. Life...fading.

Wood rough against his cheek, scratching into flesh. Gaze unblinking, he's suddenly cognizant, crystalline thoughts floating around him.

Clark, in a tuxedo, smiling across the room at him. Clark, pressing him into the kitchen counter while somewhere a glass falls to the floor. Clark, strong hands, his farm boy, loping gait across the field. Clark, blushing when Lex kisses him, parents watching from the porch.

Memories flow unbidden, through the rush of time, and the blow is a force hammered deep.

Clark, lashes heavy and wet, voice breaking, pleading. Clark, frustrated jerks of fingers through hair, pacing the room. Clark, asking him to give it up.

Give up the lies, the games, the schemes. For him. For love.

Clark, stepping off the balcony, anguish-tinged eyes, soaring into the blackened sky.

Numb again, and darkness takes over. Warmth is around him, relief coming in shallow breaths. Prepares for nothing. Feels strong arms slide around him, propping him up, relaxes against the wall of protection.


Whispers of flesh on his face, his chest, so close they might be real.

"Come on. Wake up."

Mist clears slowly, as his eyes force open. Fingers trace his cheeks, around his jaw. Puffs of breath against his lips. He scrabbles at the solid body against his, pushes weakly.


"Shhh. It's okay. I'm here."

Slowly smiles; the dream has changed. Wraps his mind around this new one. Insistent lips against his forehead, and his hand seeks another, pressing shaky fingers into large palm.

"Lex, look at me."

Eyes drift upward, into understanding, comprehension, forgiveness. Looks into Clark's lucid eyes, tactile and piercing into him so deeply he can smell the hay again. Feels the rough blanket under his knees, sees the stars twinkling down at them. Opens his mouth to speak, as if it would turn the world right, fill in missing colors.

"I have nothing."

Brush of lips on his.

"You have me."

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