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Title: Meat
Author: Flywoman
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: BtVS
Summary: Dark Buffy/Spike quickie set during "Doublemeat Palace."
Disclaimer: Jane Espenson and Mutant Enemy made this patty; I just slapped it on the grill.

She's glancing idly out the window on his eighteenth pass; their eyes meet. He knows by the way hers widen that he's wanted out back. When she pushes the door open wearily, he's waiting there.

"Buffy-" he begins, but she stops his words with her mouth, sizzling hot and greasy and fierce.

Finally pausing for breath, she clutches his collar and hauls him to the side of the building. Her fingers fumble insistently with his fly. "Buffy, love," he tries again, and she yanks him against the harsh fabric of her uniform, one warm hand gripping his hardening cock. She stinks of rancid oil and dead meat.

"Shut up," she mutters. "I'm on break." She pulls her pants down out of the way, trusting to his leather duster to shield them, and grinds her hips against him in an offer he's powerless to refuse.

When he shoves into her, she's stale and bone-dry. He jerks back reflexively, perplexed, afraid he'll hurt her, but she growls and grabs him by the biceps, impaling herself on him. They both wince with the burn of skin rubbing roughly on skin, but she persists, rocking against him, her lips parted a little in pain, until one of them manages to produce some moisture.

She leans her head back against the wall, watching him with dull, despondent eyes even as her breath quickens into a series of small gasps. Sick with self-loathing, he continues to thrust into her, the relentless squeeze of her muscles an almost unbearable pleasure.

He braces his hands on either side of her like a suspect being patted down, feeling brutally exposed for the fraud he is. Thinking he had reached her. Thinking his love could be enough to keep her here. Even as he plunges deep within her body, he despairs of ever penetrating her heart.

Then he finally falls into the rhythm of the thing and surrenders to it, sliding in and out of her sweetness, closing his eyes to shut out the sight of her vacant face.

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