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TITLE: Elemental
AUTHOR: Kelly Keil
ARCHIVE: wherever
DISCLAIMER: In Joss we trust.
SUMMARY: air water fire earth blood sex
NOTES: at the end

He can smell her, despite air heavy with expectant storm. He could smell her anywhere, could locate her anywhere. He's told her this frequently because it bothers her and he likes her bothered.

When he finds her, rain is falling, diluting the blood on her face.

"Go away," she says. "I've got a headache."

"So you're sitting here, waiting to die? Not much fun in that."

She's cold as a corpse and he tries to warm her with brandy and blankets. He thinks that she's lost too much blood. Pity.

He runs his teeth along her neck. This might be his last chance. He doesn't think as he plunges into her, teeth and cock, ravenous. He's flooded with warmth and it's like fire, like life.

She makes no sound as she dies.

The grave he digs is anonymous. He owes her that. He wants her still, but some things are impossible.

Besides, now she's home.

Notes: This is my first 155 word piece, as well as my first Buffy fic. Keeping it down to 155 words was harder than I thought it would be, and it was a very cool exercise in restraint. Working with Buffy and Spike was quite fun. I think I'll be playing with them again.

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