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Christmas 2001
by M. Sebasky
Spoilers: none
Rating: G
Category: Scully and Christmas alone.
Archive: ask first, but why would you?
Notes: Just a Christmas 155 thought. Happy holidays, everyone.
Thanks: to Virginia and Nikki and E. Ripley and all people, like them, that make my life better just by being in it.

She should buy a tree.

It's not Christmas without a tree, her mother says. You need to have some Christmas in the house. It's important for both of you. We've all had a tough year, but you can't ignore the holidays, sweetheart. It's not good for the soul.

She should buy a

Don't push it, Doggett says, then asks her if she needs anything. She doesn't need anything he can give. She shakes her head then he asks her to perform an autopsy on the latest case.

She should buy

Reyes calls her "Dana" and tells her to take her time and do what she needs. She will.

She should

When Skinner phones, she doesn't pick up. "Just checking in. Merry Christmas," he says. There is a long pause before he hangs up.


From Mulder, nothing.

The tree is small. "Merry Christmas, baby," she says.

Will smiles, reaches for her.

This year, it's enough.


Glory to the BusDriver
Who hauleth offerings to the Slimy Archive,
That they be taken without a grain of salt.
Load, load up the Sacred Bus
And haul ass.
-- by Lee Burwasser (in memoriam, 2001)

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