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AUTHOR: Jonquil (
TITLE: Cast Away
DISCLAIMER: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own all rights to these characters. They disavow, with horror, any connection with this story.
NOTES: A drabble and a Dead Letter ( ) to boot. Thanks to cofax for spotting the holes.

Cast Away

Bet you didn't even know I could write.

Went through a lot together, you and me, after the Slayer. Took a crossbow bolt for you once; so what if it healed soon after? Swaggered through sewers, fought our way through mobs, shook off the blood and dust after a hard night's mayhem.

It all came down to a single choice. You made it. Abandoned me in this Hellmouth.

Easy for you. You've moved on. Picked something a little more modern, more suited to the new you.

You'll never be the same without me.

-- the black leather duster


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